What Did We Learn This Month? @goodhealth with OMG Jennie Garth! #FitFluential

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What Did We Learn This Month?

Health magazine: January/February 2013


Jennie Garth photographed by Andrew Macpherson

Jennie Garth photographed by Andrew Macpherson

Health Cover Star for January/February:

OMG! It is Kelly from 90210! Jennie Garth, people! Honestly this is the first time in months where I squealed happily when I saw the celebrity featured on the cover. Great job Health!

Jennie is 40 years old of awesomesauce and you can read all about her right here: http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20657806,00.html

Oh, just get the magazine (like I did!) and be happy to see her all over again. Jenny is working with pal Luke Perry on new projects but in the meantime I am going to enjoy this clip:

So what else is inside the January/February Health?

“Best Shape of Your Life”

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and Ashley Koff, R.D. created this plan to help actress Molly Sims lose 50 pounds of post-baby weight. I always love getting ideas for moves from Tracy and she doesn’t disappoint here.

Using every single one of these moves in my classes...

Using every single one of these moves in my classes…

“Soft Skin in Winter? Believe It!”

As I am typing this I am fighting the urge to scratch my elbows off. My skin is very dry & scaly being my point. (Need to read this beauty story…)

Not my arm.

Not my arm.

“Retro Diet Tricks That Work”

Some old school items (grapefruit and cottage cheese) are coming back in fashion for those who want to eat healthier and watch their waistline. They lose me with the rice cake mention, however. (Blech! Who really eats those things still?)

Bad rice cake! Bad! Bad!

Bad rice cake! Bad! Bad!

“Your Heart: A User’s Guide”

Your heart is terribly important and so many women neglect it until it is too late. Read this article and take care of your ticker!

Your Heart 001

“Beyond Donuts: Diet Mistakes We All Make”

The picture of these pastries is making me nuts. I have been (mostly) grain-free for months. I honestly can’t think about anything else now.

This picture is making me drool.

This picture is making me drool.

“7 Easy Ways to Kick Start Your Metabolism”

To keep your metabolism in gear (so you can eat all day and not starve yourself, people!) just follow these tips. A few of them being:
• Lift First, Cardio Second
• Include Intervals
• Guzzle Water

7 metabolism 001

“Live Long & Strong”

One of my goals in life is to be a cute old person and 101 year-old Ruth Kobin (and the other fabulous people featured in this story) give me hope I will be adorable in my twilight years. Ruth takes a walk after lunch every day and applies makeup every morning. (Me too!)

My new hero.

My new hero.

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Health:
“All Day Energy, Every Day” Winter can make you feel blah and run down. Here are some ideas to put some spring in your step. (Get it? Spring…in your step? Oh never mind.)
“Breathe Easier All Season” Dry elbows are not the only that plague me this time of year. My messed up sinuses go through the ringer and I was not sure what I can do about it. This article really helped. Thanks Health!
“25 Best Beauty Perk-Ups You’ll Love” I love my beauty stories and this one hit the spot. Really!
“What to Eat Now” Yummy ideas on what to match with the plain old roast chicken. Nom nom!

Follow Heath online at: www.Health.com

Overall Grade:
B+ I got my workout pages back—thank you Health! You listened to me! Now keep it up!

Did you see the new Health magazine? What was your favorite section? How awesome is Jennie Garth on a scale of 1-10? A hundred—right?

Ox ox,
Brooklyn Fit Chick
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5 thoughts on “What Did We Learn This Month? @goodhealth with OMG Jennie Garth! #FitFluential

  1. I now do not have to read magazines anymore! 😉 I have the dry body skin thing. I have found this Giavanni oil that is for hair that I actually like for the skin.

    I read Oxygen & Muscle& Fitness HER. I need to branch out! I used to read more but many have to many fluff articles in them for me. 🙂

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