Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 30: “The Shining,” “Room 237” and “Ballet Body” @AcaciaFitness @LeahSarago

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 30


Featuring: The film “Room 237”, My Next Magazine Reviews

Plus—the Ballet Body DVD Giveaway!

(This DVD Rules!)

(This DVD Rules!)


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes from last week—it made me feel very special! My big brother came out spend the day with me and I have been basically eating out every meal since this past Friday so I will be on strict “Paleo” mode this week to get back into fighting shape. Anyhoo—I have a real shirt & sweet Vlog today talking about the cool documentary I saw on my birthday plus my next giveaway which just happen to be a workout DVD from the “Ballet Body” series. (In fact, two giveaways but you need to see the video to know what I am talking about!) So enough of my yapping and let’s get to it, shall we?

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • On my birthday I decided to see a movie about a movie–Room 237 which is a documentary about The Shining. You may not know this about me but I am a huge Stephen King fan and love both the film and the novel it is based upon very much. But I had NO idea how much other people thought about this movie or what different things in it symbolize—you have to see it to believe it for yourself! I give it a “thumbs up” and say that you should rent on In Demand right away.
  • My next reviews (too many magazines are in my life people!) including SELF, Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Men’s Health, Oxygen, Men’s Fitness and on and on and on…
  •  My Ballet Body workout DVD giveaway featuring the amazing Leah Sarago.


Here is more information the “Ballet Body” DVDs:



SILVER SPRING, Md – As ballet-inspired workouts continue to gain popularity, Acacia is excited to expand the distribution for one of the most popular workouts, the Ballet Body™ series from Leah Sarago. Exercisers can lose inches while building lean muscles with movements inspired by ballet, dance, Pilates, and yoga. Ballet Body™: Upper Body Workout, Ballet Body™: Lower Body Workout and Ballet Body™: Core Workout will be released on DVD from Acacia on April 2, 2013 ($16.99 each, Designed by certified strength and conditioning specialist Leah Sarago, these workouts provide a long and lean physique by integrating traditional body-weight resistance exercises with muscle-elongating techniques. Suitable for all fitness levels, these workouts draw on isometrics, the stretch-reflex principle, and eccentric muscle-contraction training for optimal results. Each workout is sold separately as a DVD single, so exercisers can choose which section of their body they want to focus on or purchase all three to get a defined upper body, sculpted lower body, and defined abs.

CORE WORKOUT — Flatten your midsection and develop core strength with this dynamic, Pilates-inspired workout. You’ll start with standing balance exercises and movement sequences before progressing into variations on side planks and mat work. Complete the routine with exercises to support the spine and back, along with deep stretches for flexibility. If you want strong abs and a bikini-ready belly, this incredible core workout is for you! Approx. 45 min.

UPPER BODYStrengthen, sculpt, and define your upper body with this dynamic, results-oriented workout. Start with mat exercises for the arms and core, then grab a pair of light hand weights for some dance-inspired movements. You’ll improve your muscle definition, posture, and strength without getting big or bulky. It’s the ultimate workout for a sculpted, sleek, and graceful upper body. Approx. 46 min.

LOWER BODY — Get the dancer’s legs you’ve always wanted with this calorie-torching barre workout. The muscle-sculpting moves lengthen the thighs, lift the backside, and sculpt the backs of the legs for sleek definition and a slim figure. After the workout, relax into a 13-minute yoga- and dance-centered stretch. Approx. 54 min.

Leah Sarago is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® with a BS in Exercise Science and Dance. She has starred in several top-selling fitness DVDs, trained NFL athletes, and travels the country leading workshops and trainings featuring her Ballet Body™ techniques. Leah previously self-distributed the Ballet Body DVDs in 2012.


If you are interested in winning either the “Lower Body” or “Core” DVD (Continental U.S. only please!) you need to do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below (very important!)
  • Plus–Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to: @BrooklynFitChik, @AcaciaFitness and @LeahSarago

I will randomly pick one winner for each DVD mentioned in the Vlog next Monday, April 8th at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


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What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine with @JillianMichaels on the Cover!!!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Fitness: April 2013

Jillian Michaels photographed by Justin Stephens

Jillian Michaels photographed by Justin Stephens

What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Jillian Michaels

Oh boy—my love for Jillian grows by leaps and bounds with every interview. In this one for Fitness she admits that while she loves her kids to death—they also drive her crazy sometimes.  She also admits she now checks her e-mails while on the StiarMaster instead of giving 100% to all of her workouts (a big “no-no” before for the strict trainer.)

Jillian also gives us a look at her exclusive “Bodyshred” workout that is taught at Crunch gyms all over the U.S.

Jillian Michaels 001

“Spring Shoe Guide”

Ooh, do we see some cute sneakers in this issue? YES!

Sneakers 001

“Tech Support”

Fitness shows us the best new gadgets to upgrade your workouts.

Tech 001

“Walk Off the Weight”

Check out this 45-minute walk created by Danny Dreyer of Chi Walking that will help you get in a good sweat without aggravating your joints.

Walk off the Weight 001

“Hit the Spot”

Fabulous workout from Lauren Boggi (founder of The Lithe Method) that utilizes a Spri Sponge Ball (but you can switch it out with a “slightly deflated soccer ball.”

Express workout 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:

  • “Seven Ways to Save on Healthcare” Most of us spend an astounding $3157 a year on out of pocket healthcare costs. (Whoa!) Here are some tips to save some cash while remaining healthy.
  • “Have No Fear” I am big on trying to conquer your fears (not always successful at it) and this article in helping in identifying ways you can learn to deal with the things that scare you most.
  • “Eye Openers” I don’t know if my eyes look so heavy lately due to this crappy weather but I am trying some of the beauty products mentioned here to open up my peepers a bit more.
  • “Don’t Sweat It” Speaking of beauty tips—this section talks about common glam mishaps that can happen when you work out and how to avoid them.

Overall Grade:

A The April issue is a fun and informative read to get us all (finally) ready for Spring!

You can follow Fitness magazine at

Ox ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick


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@SELFmagazine 20th Workout in the Park (NYC) Details are Here! With “Pretty Little Liars” Shay Mitchell

Are you ready for SELF’s “Workout in the Park?” Then check out the details here:

2013 WIP Logo_SELF_Skirt PR



 The 20th annual event inspires healthy, happy lifestyles with high-energy exercises, fashion tips, beauty consultations,

and great giveaways

SELF Magazine’s wildly popular outdoor health, fitness, and wellness festival, Workout in the Park, returns to New York on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park from 11:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m.

SELF Workout in the Park is a transformative day of unique experiences, including invigorating classes from CRUNCH gym, beauty and fashion consultations, nutritional know-how, and tons of freebies and giveaways from SELF and additional sponsors.  For the past two decades, the well-regarded event, which sells out in New York each year, has inspired tens of thousands of women to re-energize their lives.   

A one-year SELF Magazine subscription is included with the purchase of every Workout in the Park ticket.


WHERE:           Central Park (Rumsey Playfield)

WHO:                           SELF Magazine and thousands of women seeking their best summer selves

Special Celebrity Host: Shay Mitchell, star of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars: Shay will share her fitness tips on how to shape your body, improve self-esteem and look great for summer!

  • Special Guest Appearance: Bethenny Frankel, founder of Skinnygirl Daily: Join Bethenny for a bit of health, happiness and nutrition; she’ll be hanging out with fans and maybe even joining in on a few yoga moves! 
  • Special Guest Emcee: Danielle Monaro of Z100: Danielle will bring her amazing energy to the event, giving the scoop on what’s happening at WIP throughout the day.

WHEN:                         Saturday, May 11, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.; rain or shine

COST:                          $20 in advance ONLY at (Tickets go on sale March 26th!)

Brooklyn Fit Chick “Trojans” Playlist: Macklemore, Metric, Jack White, Kanye West, Foos & More


“Trojans” Playlist 50-Minute Ride

(This is for my friend Jennifer Meyer)

(This is for my friend Jennifer Meyer)


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am trying to get better about putting up my playlists as people seem to enjoy them so let us not dilly dally—okay? Today’s ride features a few of my current favorite songs plus a 7- minute climb using an eerie Dave Matthews number from the 90s.

Do I have you intrigued? Then let’s get to it!

  • Trojans: Atlas Genius

I know absolutely nothing about this band but this song caught my attention right away and I knew I could start a ride with it.

  • Desire: U2

Desire is the prefect “second” song but it begins with a crashing guitar sound and delivers the perfect, driving beat for 3 minutes.

  • Youth Without Youth: Metric

Metric came to NYC last year and I could not get tickets—grrrrr!

  • Keep the Car Running: Arcade Fire

This might be my favorite song by them but all of their music is pretty great.

  • Thrift Shop: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The version full of cursing makes my heart soar. Most favorite new song on the list by far!

  • Elephant: Tame Impala

I like doing out of the saddle climbing with this weird little ditty.

  • Gold Digger: Kanye West

Please get the clean version if you play it in class! It is still plenty filthy, don’t worry!

  • Troublemaker: Weezer

I think the Red album is my favorite from them.

  • The Pretender: Foo Fighters

The Foos are the best with making super-fast songs that make everyone work their asses off with sprinting.

  • Crabbuckit: K-OS

Please come back to NYC K-OS!!

  • I’m Shakin: Jack White

I am starting to become sexually attracted to Jack White. What does that say about me?

  • Don’t Drink the Water: Dave Matthews Band

This song is perfect for a long, slow climb and has kind of a spooky sound.

  • Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen

It only took me about 10 months but I think I get why this tune is so popular. Yay me!

  • Madness: Muse

Everyone tells me that Muse is the ultimate live band. What do you think?

So what do you think of my list? Remember to send me your favorite tunes in the comments below.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Post 29: My @KINDsnacks giveaway plus @bridalguidemag mention & more!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 29 

Featuring: My Inclusion in Bridal Guide magazine (wee!), Marrilee Wilson & Moksha Yoga Halifax, The Dumbest Ad I Have Seen in a Magazine Yet

Plus–My KIND Snacks Giveaway!!

Preview of coming attractions!

Preview of coming attractions!


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

We are entering my birthday week (March 29th—mark your calendars!) and I am so pleased to offer a super, duper KIND snacks giveaway on my Blog this very week. Yippee! KIND snacks are not only tasty, gluten-free and chock full of healthy ingredients but also make for the perfect treat in between meals and after workouts. In order to win you must first check out my weekly Vlog and then follow the instructions to the letter. So let us get to gettin’ shall we?

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • The dumbest ad I have seen in a magazine in quite some time (and THAT is saying something!)

Jamie Pressley quote

Bridal Guide 001

Lolo Jones

  •  My KIND Snacks giveaway and what you need to do in order to win. (Good luck!)


Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!


Here is more information about KIND snacks (from their web site):

The KIND Brand™ philosophy

In 2003, after many years of working on this passion, the team launched KIND, based on two principles: a) the power of AND, and b) holistic kindness.

The Power of AND:

We pride ourselves on creating new paths that avoid false compromises. Instead of “Or” we Say “And.” We choose healthy and tasty, convenient and wholesome, economically sustainable and socially impactful. KIND Fruit and Nut bars achieve this by ensuring that we don’t sacrifice taste to achieve health, or wholesomeness to achieve portability.

Holistic Kindness:

For us “being KIND,” means to “Be KIND to your body, your taste buds, and the world.”® KIND to Your Body and to your taste buds is manifested through the use of all natural wholesome ingredients you can see and pronounce® like whole nuts and real fruit. The KIND social mission is embodied in the KIND Movement, which inspires unexpected KINDINGS – ie, unexpected acts of kindness. Here too, the act of KINDING someone else makes both the recipient of the kindness, and the person doing the KINDING, just a little happier.

Show more

Show less


If you are interested the “KIND Snacks” Giveaway (Continental U.S. only please!) you need to do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below and state how you plan to treat yourself with kindness this upcoming week.
  • Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to both: @BrooklynFitChik and @KINDsnacks

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, April 1st at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Playlist featuring Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga, Sublime, Mumford & Sons, The Pussycat Dolls–Really!


“Girlfriend” Playlist (The Four-Hills Ride)


My favorite hill/climb in Prospect Park

My favorite hill/climb in Prospect Park

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am so behind on posting these damn playlists-sorry gang. I am going to try harder. Promise!

Anyhoo—today we have a 50-minute ride with 4 medium-sized hills. Instead of my yapping about where I got the inspiration –why don’t we just get to getting’ instead, shall we?

  • Girlfriend: Matthew Sweet

I love, love, love this damn song so much and it always puts me in a great mood. Makes for the perfect warm-up tune I say.

  • Use It: The New Pornographers

A fun little ditty from a Canadian band I really enjoy.

  • What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger): Kelly Clarkson

I am not the biggest pop music fan but dammit if this song doesn’t make me want to sing along at the top of my lungs!

  • I Will Wait: Mumford & Sons

Some people are really sick of this band but I think I am finally coming around to them. Go figure!

  • Apparitions: Matthew Good Band

The first climb in this ride and has a nice slow, steady pace.

  • Americano: Lady Gaga

Now for a slight change in mood…(man is she ever skinny in this video!)

  • Doin’ Time: Sublime

The second climb and it has wee bit of ska punk feel to it.

  • 1979: Smashing Pumpkins

Another tune from the 90s I just love and always makes me long for a long, meaningless drive in my old car.

  • Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz

I am not sure if I love the song because of the video. It’s pretty cool, right?

  • Wait a Minute: The Pussycat Dolls

I heard this at the ECA NY convention and for some reason had to buy it off Shazam right away. It’s just too damn catchy!

  • My Hero: Foo Fighters

Apparently Dave Grohl wrote this in honor of Kurt Cobain.

  • Crank it Up: David Guetta & Akon

I liked to do “heavy sprints” to this song.

  • Pets: Porno for Pyros

I love anything to do with Perry Farrell, but this live performance is not my favorite thing in the world. (Sorry but I could not find the original video!) Guessing he just MIGHT be on something funny here but do not quote me on that.


So what do you think of my list? Remember to send me your favorite tunes in the comments below.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick

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What Did We Learn This Month? @BicyclingMag @PreventionMag @MoreMag @MandFHers

What Did We Learn This Month?

Recaps of Bicycling, MORE, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Prevention

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are you all doing today? Me? I am just fine thankyouverymuch. The magazine are piling up around my apartment and I need to just get more of these posts up already so today I bring four of my favorite reads of the past few weeks. Hope you enjoy them!

Bicycling 001

Bicycling: April 2013

  • “Bicycling 2013 Buyers Guide” What the hell am I doing working on a Blog post when I should be drooling over the pictures of the bikes featured here instead? (I want everything featured and I wish this damn winter weather would go away so I can actually do some cycling.)
  • “Go the Distance” A page of “must have” gadgets and cool essentials to take on your next long ride.
  • “Good Looks” Really cool items that are not all necessarily for cyclists but the bike rack will look in my new home, someday…
  • “Best in Class” Bikes, bikes and more bikes—I am really missing my rides right now!
  • “Sole Mates” Nine really neat looking shoes including  a pair custom-designed from Riivo Tekna and cost a whopping $825 clams!

Check out Bicycling online here:

More 001

More: March 2013

  •  Connie Britton: I love this woman and have been a fan of hers for ages (though I admit I have yet to check out Nashville—is it good?) Connie started her career as a fitness instructor while studying acting in New York which is one of the reasons she looks completely amaze-balls at 46 years-old. She is also a new mom and quite possibly my new imaginary celebrity best friend.
  •  “Revenge of the Handsome Woman” Women who have “handsome” features rather than culturally accepted “pretty” ones tend to age much better and get their “revenge” in the middle-aged  years.
  • “She Keeps Families Together” Great feature on Jessica Dominguez who is a Los Angeles-based lawyer who at one time an undocumented worker and now works to keep deportees form being separated from their children.
  • “The Life-Extending Diet” The things you need to eat to get healthier including Omega 3 fatty acids (unless you already eat enough meat & dairy) and cutting back on sugar.
  • “5 Top Facialists Confess” I love beauty advice and here we get the best tips from best veauty gals in the business. (Drink your water, people!)
  •  Cyndi Lauper: More talked to pop singer a(nd now Broadway composer) Cyndi Lauper who worked with Harvey Fierstein to get Kinky Boots from film to the stage.

Check out MORE online here:

Muscle and Fitness 001

Muscle & Fitness Hers: March/April 2013

  • “Must-Try Move: Quads” Expert advice to get your quads looking fierce from IFBB Fitness Pro Oksana Grishina, IFBB Figure Pro Candice Lewis and NPC Bikini Ana Delia Iturrondo.
  • Ali Lee: The singer and dancer prefers to keep strong & fit in order to keep some balance in her life and busy career.
  • “9 Serious Skin Smoothers” All kinds of price points are shown here for the best face & body exfoliators on the market.
  • Vida Guerra: A day in the life of the IFBB Bikini Pro who is seeking a show business career in Los Angeles which includes training with an Olympic sprinter and running with a parachute on her back—really!
  • “Get Short-Circuit Sexy” Cover model Erin Stern (a Figure Olympia Pro) shows how doing a series of 20-second moves can get your body strong & sexy.
  • “Whip Yourself Into Shape” If you want to learn about proper rope training (and I did then this is the article to check out!
  • “The Perfect Gluten-Free Day” Here we get a six-meal plan that help you feel full without a gluten in sight.

Check out Muscle & Fitness Hers online

Prevention 001

Prevention: March 2013

  • “52 Meals That Heal” Lots and lots of “super foods” are featured here including soba noodles, grapefruit and canned salmon.
  • “Why Morning Walks Give You an Edge” I switched to being a morning workout person simply because that worked best with my schedule but there are real advantages to getting out there before the chickens.
  • “Good Night, Sleep Riught” The latest potions and gadgets to help you get more zzz’s.
  • “What Will You Leave Behind?” Mallika Chopra (daughter of Deepak Chopra) is the founder of and she offers her advice for living a life with purpose.
  • “Get a Leg Up on Diabetes” Turns out prediabates is a very treatable condition with coach-led exercise. So instead of saying “Whew—glad I don’t have that disease!” You need to get your butt in gear.
  • “Your Eyes After 40” Prevention talks about the “six common vision problems of midlife—and what to do about them.”

Check out Prevention online

So that is all I have for today folks. Have you read of these magazines this month? What did you think? Let me know!

Until next time!

Ox ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog & Claire Robinson’s “5 Ingredient Fix” Giveaway Plus, SurfSet Fitness, Trader Joe’s Kale & More!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 28


The Latest Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 28: Featuring My Appreciation of Friendship, Indoor Surfing Lessons, Butt Shots on Facebook, Trader Joe’s Kale Shortage in NYC & LA

Plus: Food Network’s Claire Robinson 5 Ingredient Fix Cookbook Giveaway!!


5 Ingredient Fix

5 Ingredient Fix

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How is everyone today? I am feeling all gooey and sentimental this week and just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate our virtual friendship. I started this blog almost three years ago with absolutely NO idea what I would write about or who on earth would pay attention to my ramblings. It’s taken a little while but I am really starting to get this whole Blog/Vlog groove going and just wanted to say “thank you” to all of you have shown me support and kindness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Don’t worry—nothing is changing here. I think it is because this is my birthday month (March 29th—mark it on your calendars!) that I am feeling all kinds of sentimental about people that I love and how lucky I am to have friends all over the world because of the wacky Interwebs. Yes, you are my friends and I just want to let you know that you all rock so freaking hard!

Anyhoo—let’s get back to my Blog/Vlog. Today I am once again giving away a cool prize thanks to the good folks at the Florida Department of Citrus (check out the Vlog to see what it is.) Plus I will talk about…

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!


Here is some more information about Claire Robinson’s book which I am giving away:

Claire Robinson, the hot new Food Network star of 5 Ingredient Fix and Food Network Challenge, helps people get dinner on the table with little fuss and a few great ingredients.

The quest for simple, affordable, and fresh, mouthwatering food is over. 5 INGREDIENT FIX helps put delicious and sophisticated meals on the table in a snap. With people struggling to simplify, streamline, and budget, the Food Network’s Claire Robinson is here to help. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to be impressive; simplifying the process with fewer ingredients saves time, frustration, and ultimately, money. From breakfast treats like Brioche French Toast with Strawberries and Cream to no-fuss meals like Grown-up Grilled Cheese and Iceberg Wedges with Buttermilk Dressing to a romantic dinner of Grilled Scallops with Saffron Aioli and Green Goddess Rice, all of Robinson’s recipes have five or fewer ingredients. A quick trip to the supermarket for one bag of groceries, and a delicious, restaurant-quality meal can be on the table in no time.

If you are interested this “Just Add OJ” Sponsored Giveaway (Continental U.S. only please!) you need to do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below.
  • Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to both: @BrooklynFitChik and @JustAddOJ
  • Use the hastag #JustAddOJ

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, March 25th at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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What Did We Learn This Month? @SELFmagazine March Issue with New Look!

What Did We Learn This Month?


 SELF: March 2013

Julianne Hough photograhed by Dewey Nicks

Julianne Hough photograhed by Dewey Nicks

Hi All!

SELF had a big old redesign and relaunch of its brand recently and according to this article from the New York Times they are aiming for the 20-something reader. This filled my heart with dread but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that it will still be the fun/smart read I look forward to each month.

Here we go…

SELF Cover Star for March:


Julianne Hough

I am not a big watcher of Dancing With the Stars but I do remember the couple of times I have seen it and thinking Julianne Hough seemed sweet. The dancer turned acrtess has a new movie out called Safe Haven (costarring with Josh Dahumel) and was scared about filming her first love scene (and subsequently needed a shot to get through it.) That’s about as risque she gets apparently. (Oh the fun in life she has to look forward to!)

Julianne is a teeny tiny dancer who claims to gain weight pretty easily so she works hard to keep fit (when not enjoying the occasional splurge day with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.) You can get a look at an exclusive workout trainer Astrid McGuire (@AstridMcGuire) at this link.

Julianne Hough inside 001

So What Else is in the March SELF?

30-Minutes Workouts

Love this feature with “5 Cool Cardio Workouts” that are each only 30 minutes long and can fit into any busy person’s schedule.

30 minutes cardio 001


Box Jumps

SELF has a new page called “Dying to Try It” and this month they talk about how to perform a well-executed box jump. Trainer Ted Borgerding of Ignition APG gym in Cincinnati gives us the info here.


(I love the tights on this model!)

Box Jump 001

“Sexy Arms. Yours.” (The punctuation very strange in the magazine…)

Another new page is titles “Trainer to Go” which features exercise physiologist Pete McCall (@FitExpertPete) who shows how to get sexy arms.

Train Like a Pro 001

“The Get-Ahead Drug”

SELF goes into a more serious mode here talking about the dangers of the ADD prescription drug Adderall.

The Rest of the Best of the March SELF:

  • “DIY Facials” Why spend a fortune on beauty things when you can make your own lotions and potions with fresh ingredients you already have at home?
  • “High-Top Sneakers” Sparkly, high-top sneakers are all the fashion rage this year darling!
  • “Surviving a Quart-Life Crisis” Did I mention they are skewering younger at SELF? This piece is about surviving life in your mid 20- mid-30s. (But they really mean surviving 25 which I admit was a sucky age but still…)
  • “I Married the Wrong Guy” What does it say about me that my favorite article in this issue was an anonymously-written essay from a woman claiming to regret her marriage? (Don’t answer that!)

Overall Grade:

B I am not sure about the new direction yet but will give them a couple more issues before I decide whether to keep on reviewing SELF each month.

On the plus side–I love the workouts.  The rest of the sections–not so much right now. Next month…

Have you read the March SELF yet? What do you think of the new look?

You can check out SELF online at:
Ox ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 27: “Blitz” Workout from @RbkSportsClubNY & Kenya Moore DVD Giveaway @AcaciaFitness

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 27 

The Latest Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 27: Featuring My Ancient Apartment, the “Blitz” Workout from Reebok Sports Club/NY,

Actor Stephen Lang (Avatar) and my Latest DVD Giveaway Kenya Moore: Booty Bootcamp

(Real Housewives of Atlanta!)


Kenya Moore

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are you beautiful people out there? I am fine and dandy and eager to share with you my latest news. So instead of me jawing about it-why don’t we get right to today’s Vlog and BFC giveaway, shall we?

On today’s Vlog I mention:

  • My apartment situation.
  • The “Blitz” class I took at Reebok Sports Club/NY which I incorrectly say is in Columbus Circle rather than near Lincoln Center but I am not changing it now because I already filmed 20 takes and I am sick of hearing myself speak on camera. (Sorry Reebok Sports Club! I will get it right for my article for Fit Bottomed Girl.)
  • Actor Stephen Lang of Avatar fame and his foxiness.
  • My latest giveaway—Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp DVD.

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Got that? Now here is more information about Kenya Moore’s DVD:


Get the round stallion booty you’ve always wanted!  Three Fat-Blasting, Total-Body Sculpting workouts

SILVER SPRING, Md – From the breakout star of Bravo’s hit show The Real Housewives of Atlanta and former Miss USA comes the secret for looking fit and fine with Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp debuting on DVD from award-winning distributor Acacia on March 5, 2013 ($16.99, 78 min.).

A triple threat with beauty, brains and talent, Kenya, alongside instructor Nikki Veal, offers three 20-minute workouts that will sculpt your lower body, shrink your waistline, flatten and define your abs, and, most importantly, lift and firm your backside. Get ready to sweat with these energizing fat-blasting workouts, and you’ll be in red-carpet shape in no time! The DVD also includes a bonus ab-flattening workout.

Kenya adds, “I’ve had a passion for fitness since I was twelve years old while working out to an aerobics television show several times a week. Since then, fitness and staying active have been a huge part of my life. Whether I was competing in Miss USA or trying out for a new acting role, it’s always been important to me to look and feel good and staying red carpet ready. I’m excited to share my fitness plan with the Booty Boot Camp workout so that everyone can be Gone With The Wind Fabulous!”

Since joining this season, Kenya quickly became the newest breakout star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The series averages nearly 4 million viewers each week and is a top-rated cable show in its Sunday time slot. Season five marks Kenya’s debut as a cast member and it is also the most-watched season in the show’s history thus far. (Source: Nielsen Media Research, L7 data through 2/03/13.)


A former Miss USA, Kenya’s monikers include actress, author, producer, director, singer, and CEO of her own production company, Moore Vision Media who also produces her Booty Boot Camp video. The popular actress has starred in more than 14 movies, including the blockbuster Waiting to Exhale, and over 20 television shows. She’s the author of Game, Get Some, published in 2007, and her second book, Invisible, will be coming out later this year. Moore also released her hit single, “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” debuting at #30 on the iTunes charts. For more information on Kenya, please visit and follow her on Twitter @KenyaMoore.

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