Brooklyn Fit Chick Giveaway & Vlog “The Paleo Coach” @JasonSeib @VictoryBeltInc

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 33

 Featuring: Asking for What You Want, Teaching Fusion Classes, Danny J & Bex Life “Social Academy”

 Plus my Super Groovy “The Paleo Coach” by Jason Seib Giveaway



Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Today the sun is shining and I am getting in the mood for spring. What better time than to reach out to y’all and say “hey” and offer my next giveaway? No better time, say I so let’s jump right in shall we?

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • The importance of wearing a helmet every single time you take your bike out. (EVERY DAMN TIME!)
  • I ruminate on learning how to ask for what you want in life.
  • The most excellent social media class you can take is the “Social Academy” headed up by two powerful women—Danny J of The Sweaty Betties and Bex of Bex Life. If you sign up through my very own link you can get $50 off the price. (So what are you people waiting for?)

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!

More information about The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib:

“You’re ready. You want greater health, more vitality, and a stronger, better looking body.

You’re convinced that Paleo is the way to go. And you’re smart enough to know that a major lifestyle change doesn’t come easily. You need intelligent, ongoing support.

That’s where The Paleo Coach comes in. Author Jason Seib, a bona fide lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition expert, has helped thousands of people successfully make the same transition. He knows what works and what doesn’t—in the gym, in the kitchen, and, especially, in your mind. Few people understand the mechanics of self-change as thoroughly as Seib does. And he brings that wisdom to every page of The Paleo Coach, guaranteeing that you’ll have the motivation you need to keep progressing despite the inevitable obstacles that arise when you try to replace ingrained habits and resist cultural norms. Seib is not content to just tell you what to do—he also makes sure you understand why, so you can make his hard-earned wisdom your own. With the right perspective, it’s easier to turn new, good habits into permanent ones.

If you’re looking for a practical, holistic, science-based approach that brings together all the aspects of the Paleo lifestyle, this is the book for you. The Paleo Coach is indispensable if you’re serious about “going Paleo” and sustaining the momentum until your strong, beautiful body is functioning as nature intended it to and you can’t imagine living any other way.”


If you are interested in a copy of this book (Continental U.S. Only!) Please do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below (very important!)
  • Plus–Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to: @BrooklynFitChik, @JasonSeib and @VictoryBeltInc

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, April 29th at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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9 thoughts on “Brooklyn Fit Chick Giveaway & Vlog “The Paleo Coach” @JasonSeib @VictoryBeltInc

  1. Oh my gosh. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Would love to have this book. I have recently gotten more serious about building muscle and paleo eating and now I need to know how to fit the 2 together! Thanks!

  2. I so want this book. This is what I need, not just loose the pounds but gain some strength, and have the coaching (Paleo) on nutrition, fitness and mental toughness.

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