What Have We Learned This Month? @ShapeMagazine with Beyonce on the Cover!!

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What Did We Learn This Month?

 Shape: April 2013

Beyonce photographed by Cliff Watts

Beyonce photographed by Cliff Watts


Shape Cover Star for March:

I don’t think I am ready for this jelly—cuz Beyoncé is on the cover of the April Shape—whoo hoo!

First of all, I am shocked to learn she is only 31 years-old. (What I mean by that is doesn’t it feel as if she has been around for ages?)

The long-legged diva talks to Shape about how she got back her killer curves after gaining 57 pounds during her pregnancy (whoa!) plus her intent on showing her daughter the importance of following your own passions and “do things that challenge” you to face your fears.

Here is a photo of the mighty one being fierce in heels.

Beyonce 001

So what else is inside the March Shape?


“Workout of the Month”

I have a strong, passionate love/hate relationship with my foam roller so this feature on how to use them to both strengthen and lengthen my muscles was very useful. (Ouch!!) Trainer Ashley Borden designed the routine.

a roll 001

“Swing Into Action”

I worked for a golf publication for a while and know how the swing can really work (or hurt) your back depending on how you do it. (I just wish golf clothes were sexier…)

Golf 001


“2013 Shape Shoe Awards”

The editors of Shape put over 50 pairs of sneakers through their paces and picked their 14 best bets.

Sneakers 001

“Ready, Set, Burn!”

L.A.-based trainer Mike Donavanik (who created the DVD Extreme Burn: Ripped) offered us this workout that can help you burn 2000 calories per week.

Ready Set and Burn 001

“The Skinny on…Milk”

Just switched to Trader Joe’s coconut milk in my coffee and now I completely forget what it was like to have real cream with each sip. (Oh, who am I kidding? I will forever miss cream in my coffee but dairy is no longer my friend.)

Anyhoo—this helpful feature shows the pros & cons of all different kinds of milk type things.

Milk 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “Chocolate Tonight!” Shape has a bunch of yummy-looking recipes here that feature the key ingredient of chocolate. Yes, please!
  • “Bag, You’re It!” I am so sick of my winter things including my big, black handbag so this story makes me all kinds of happy. (They show the best in Spring purses in all sorts of glorious colors.)
  • “Give Your Kitchen a Checkup” I have moving on my mind and the kitchen photographed on page 128 is my idea of paradise.
  • “Breathe Easy” Allergies are my sworn enemy so I read any and all articles about how to fight them.

Follow Shape magazine online at: www.Shape.com

Overall Grade:

A  Have to say I really loved this issue. Shape has been on a roll lately!

Have you read the April Shape yet? What was your favorite article? Let me know!

Ox ox,

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