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What Are the “Men’s” Teaching Us This Month?

Recaps of Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal

Hi Gang!

It’s been ages since I devoted this space to just the “Men’s” titles so why the hell not break it out again today? If you are ready—I am ready.

Let’s get to this thing!

Hugh Jackman photographed by Ben Watts

Hugh Jackman photographed by Ben Watts

Men’s Fitness: June 2013

  •  Hugh Jackman: Wolverine!! The buff actor follows the “8-Hour Diet” plan which means he eats up to 6000 calories per day in an 8-hour window of time and works out like a madman to get into A-Lister shape.  Honestly—is there anyone more charming than Hugh Jackman? No. Such. Thing.
  • “10 Diets We Won’t Be Trying This Summer” I love how snarky the “men’s” magazines can be and this page made me crack up. For example, about “The Air Diet” –Perfect for guys who love cooking but hate the annoying eating part that inevitably follows… Well done Men’s Fitness!
  • “Fitlandia” Portland, Oregon is declared by Men’s Fitness as the “Fittest City” for men. See how your city ranked here.  (El Paso, TX is the fattest by the way.)
  • “7 Ultimate Guy Getaways” Ideas for dudes who want to take the average week off and make it the experience of a lifetime.
  • “The Fascia and the Furious” If you own a foam roller (and if not, why the hell not?) then you know how important it is to keep your fascia (the tight band around the outside of your legs) in top shape.
  • “6 Week Slimdown” A workout you can take to the outdoors to get in the best shape of your life.
  • “The Wolverine Workout” Hugh Jackman’s trainer David Kingsbury offers his classic strength-building workout. Wolverine!!!!

You can check out Men’s Fitness: www.mensfitness.com

Chris Pine photographed by Ture Lillegraven

Chris Pine photographed by Ture Lillegraven

Men’s Health: June 2013

  • Chris Pine: Kirk!  Chris Pine has survived tough reviews of his work (being called a “chia pet” by one critic for his work in Princess Diaries 2—ouch!) and he is now a hot, in-demand actor who happens to play one of the most famous Captains in history. You can try out his personal workout which is featured in the magazine. (FYI-I would probably have sex with him if he was obliging.)
  • Ed Helms: One of my favorite comedic actors is also a bluegrass musician (who knew?) and is about to embark on a whole new stage of his life after The Office and The Hangover.
  • “Her Sex Lies Exposed” Three women were asked questions while hooked to a polygraph (which are total nonsense by the way) and asked how they really feel about sex and stuff.
  • “Bar Exam” The latest health bars are rated here for best snacking potential that is also healthy.
  • “How to do Everything Better” Men’s Health talks about how to do a whole bunch of things “better” including waging a water balloon wars and getting critters out of your home.
  • “Be a Pop Star” Awwww, here we get advice on men can bet better father’s to their children based on the age and development level of the child.
  • “Win the War in Your Gut” Having fought the “gut” battle in the past—I can personally attest to how important it is to pay attention to the good& bacteria in your belly.

Check out Men’s Health online: www.MensHealth.com

Keith Richards photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Keith Richards photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Men’s Journal: July 2013

  • Keith Richards: True story—once when I was teenager my mother called me into the living room yelling “you need to see this!” Turns out Keith Richards was being interviewed on television and she could not understand “how the dead can talk.” Well Keith is STILL alive and kicking thankyouverymuchmom and he is rather sanguine about getting older and still rockin’.
  • “Attack on Everest” Holy sh*t! Sherpas are starting to attack climbers on Mount Everest. The topic of overcrowding in the famous mountain is explored here.
  • “How to Blow $100 on Fireworks” This is NOT an article you would find in a woman’s magazine!
  • “The Complex Truth About Low Testosterone” Hormone replacement is being talked about with greater frequency in the media as a wonder cure—but there still isn’t any consensus on who actually needs to use it and when.
  • “Paleo Converts” More and more distance athletes are trying out the Paleo meal plan to gain an edge in competitions. But do they actually work?
  • “50 Great American Places” Looking for vacation ideas? Try one of these groovy spots you can find in the good old U.S.A.

Check out Men’s Journal online www.MensJournal.com



That’s all she wrote for today folks. Be sure to check back for more recaps soon.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick

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6 thoughts on “What Did We Learn This Month? @MensHealthMag @MensFitness @MensJournal

  1. I would read Men’s Fitness just to look at pics of Hugh! 🙂 I saw Man of Steel over the weekend & might search out pics of that guy too! 😉 Portalnd where Fitbloggin is happening – cool!

  2. Thanks for the update on the mens’s magazines. Always great information, but no need to do them each month, because the story subjects are always the same with just a different celebrity on the cover.

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