Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog EP 45: Lights vs. No Lights, “Joe vs. The Volcano” and @NOWFoods Giveaway (Bonus Cat Video)

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 45

Featuring: “Lights Versus No Lights” in the Cycling Room, “Joe Versus the Volcano” and My NOW Foods Giveaway

Plus: Bonus Kitty Video (Tuxedo Cat Enchanted by iPad App)


You can win the orange backpack filled with NOW goodies. The kitty stays here with me.

You can win the orange backpack filled with NOW goodies. The kitty stays here with me.

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

This has been an emotional week for me with friends moving to hither and yond but I know that this is a part of life and that (thank goodness!) we live in the 21st Century so goodbyes never have to be final.

I also had a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine who is a fellow instructor and tough as nails as the saying goes. She is one of those “bright lights” people and I would rather live by candlelight if I could (far more forgiving to my Dark Irish looks!)

On top of all that—I have a big orange backpack filled with stuff from the goof folks at NOW Foods who have lots of freebie samples on their Facebook page.

So let’s just dive into today’s post, shall we?

First—I am sad to say the best neighbors in the world (they have lived upstairs from me for five years) have moved to a place called Raleigh, North Carolina and while I am sure it is a nice place—I will miss them terribly and selfishly hope they make it back to Brooklyn one day!


Second—I had lunch with a friend of mine (who is also an instructor) this week and she insists that she teach her indoor cycling classes with the lights on (they are fluorescent lights) so she can see everyone and all of her students can see her. I state that I can see fine if there is an ambient light source (which there is) and that it is more pleasing for the students who often ask for the lights to be turned off during the ride.


My whole life I have had a particular hatred for fluorescent lights and think I can sum up “why” perfectly by showing this scene from one of my favorite movies of all time—Joe Versus the Volcano. (If you are really impatient-just move it to the 3:53 mark and you will see what I am talking about.)


So where on you on this debate? Do you prefer lights off or on during your indoor cycling class? I want to hear from you!

Third—this week’s giveaway! It comes from the good folks at NOW Foods and it is a groovy backpack filled with tons of goodies. (Check out this week’s video post below to see what you can possibly win.)

I am not being paid to sponsor this giveaway. (Please consult your physician about what vitamins and supplements will work best for your lifestyle.)


Here is this week’s Vlog post:


Go that? So all you need to do (Continental U.S. residents only please!) is:

  • Post a comment below.
  • Tweet out your interest to me @BrooklynFitChik and NOW Foods @NOWFoods

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, August 5th by Noon eastern time. Good luck! Enter as often as you like! 

Now for those of you who want to watch a Tuxedo kitty become fascinated by an iPad app that imitates the sound of cats—here you go! (Goodbye E—you were a great neighbor! We will all miss you!)


Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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18 thoughts on “Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog EP 45: Lights vs. No Lights, “Joe vs. The Volcano” and @NOWFoods Giveaway (Bonus Cat Video)

  1. I don’t take classes so I am useless here. 🙂 So sorry about your friends moving too – it is always sad!!!

    I tried to enter the giveaway but it said I already entered.. ??? So I am not sure if I did or not – it did not ask me to tweet or anything… 🙂

  2. ohhhh, i loathe flourescent lights! i made my husband change some of ours when we moved in because i couldn’t stand them. he thought i was crazy, of course.

    i recently started buying NOW supplements after buying “junk” for many years. i had no idea i was putting so much acesulfame potassium and other artificial ingredients in my body by using these premade concoctions. i LOVE the few NOW supplements i’ve tried. would love to win this cool backpack!!

  3. I think I already did a post but it doesn’t seem to show. Oh well. Either way, those are some interesting things in the backpack. I hope I win! 🙂

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