What Have the “Mens” Taught Us This Month? Recaps of @MensFitness @MensHealthMag @MensJournal

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What Are the “Men’s” Teaching Us This Month?

Recaps of Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal

 Hi Gang!

The September issues are back and I for one could not be happier—(seriously, summer magazines are just not that interesting.) So today I am devoting my recap to three of the top men’s titles and what they to offer is this month. You’re welcome!

Let’s get to this thing!

Novak Djokovic photographed by Richard Phibbs

Novak Djokovic photographed by Richard Phibbs

Men’s Fitness: September 2013

  •  Novak Djokovic: The Serbian tennis pro is on the cover right now and he talks about his lifelong for all kinds of breads and pastas made him feel sluggish and sickly until adopting a gluten-free lifestyle. He says the path to good health is by changing your diet one step at a time.
  • “10 Most Bizarre Fitness Competitions” Have you heard of the “Wee Men” Australian Dwarf Tossing competition or the “Left Rook” Chess Boxing in London? Check out this article for some more unusual competitions.
  • “Your Own Fitness Trend” Men’s Fitness shows how to take bits and pieces of fitness workouts to make your unique routine.
  • “Natural Selection” Meal suggestions that are high in protein and veggies (my favorite!)
  • “10 Steps to an 8-Pack Abs” Can ladies get these? (Not that I would ever put in the time for it but I am just curious.)

You can check out Men’s Fitness: www.mensfitness.com


Tom Brady photographed by Cliff Watts

Tom Brady photographed by Cliff Watts

Men’s Health: September 2013

  • Tom Brady: Of course the New England Patriots quarterback is on the cover of the Fall Fashion issue—he is sexy and married to a supermodel. Duh! (By the way—go Niners!)
  •  “6 Skills Leaders Know” I will give you three that they list: “Evolve Every Day,” “Lean on Your Team” and “Blaze a Trail”
  • “The Medicine Ball Blaster” Trainer Dan John offers ideas to use a medicine ball in your workouts. (Using some of these in my bootcamp classes for sure…)
  • “Weird Body Noises Explained” Men’s Health uncovers the medical reasons why your knees and ankles pop and you have a ringing  in your ear (among other annoying sounds you might be dealing with right now.)
  • “Worst-Face Scenarios” All kinds of tips for getting rid of skin damage. (I didn’t realize men worry about these things!)
  • “8 Secrets Your Hospital Keeps” If you are terrified of hospitals (and I certainly am) this article will make you stay up at night. For example, your doctor’s hands may be filthy and the hospital food could be even worse than fast food. YIKES!!
  • “How to Sell a Miracle” Even more medical news to scare the reader! Quackery still exists in the “medicine” world and too many people are distrustful of “big medicine” causing unnecessary illness. Oy!
  • “A New War on Sugar” Basically humans are hard-wired to love sugar more than is good for us and many of us are getting fat from it. Here are tips for cutting back on the sweet stuff.
  • “Barefoot Running Stumbles” First of all, those”barefoot running” shoes that were all the rage two years ago looked stupid–we agree on that, right? Now it looks as if they cause more harm than good (allegedly.)

Check out Men’s Health online: www.MensHealth.com


Aston  Martin Vanquish Volante photographed by Anton Watts

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante photographed by Anton Watts

Men’s Journal: September 2013

  •  “Style & Design 2013″ We are talking cars, gear, kitchen gadgets, watches, office chairs, and more in the Men’s Journal annual style & design issue. (Men do love their toys, no?)
  • “24-Hour Sports Rumble” The Fox Sports network aims to take down ESPN by adding celebrity hosts (Regis Philbin?) and having a more fun approach to sports. (Um, okay. But they will never top “30 for 30”  in my opinion.)
  • “The Other White Meat” Recipe ideas for my formerly most-hated vegetable—cauliflower. (Dice and cook it in olive oil and garlic, people!)
  • “The People’s Coast” Must go back to Oregon again—the coastline is beautiful and open to the public!
  • “Massacre in the Himalayans” Holy sh*t! This past June ten mountain climbers were killed in the Himalayas by terrorists with their sole survivor, Zhang Jingchuan, left to talk about the effects on the local community.
  • Sonny Rollins: The jazz legend is featured here in an excellent interview.
  • Nathan Plank: The founder and CEO of Under Armour (which makes great gear by the way) talks about his business ethics and bringing jobs to Baltimore.

Check out Men’s Journal online www.MensJournal.com

That’s all she wrote for today folks. Be sure to check back for more recaps soon.

Until next time…


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  1. Djokovic is amazing to watch play tennis. I’m a die hard Nadal fan but am definitely impressed whenever I see Novak play. I just wish the boy had better hair 😛

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