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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 55

Featuring: Trying to Sign Up for the Affordable Care Act, The Spark Activity Tracker, The Na-Mat-Se Yoga Mat Holder on Kickstarter,

 and the “Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook” Giveaway


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

This week I have been deep in “online mode” trying to sign up for the Affordable Care Act every single day since last Tuesday. You read that correctly—I have tried every single day for the last week and have yet been able to sign up for health care. Have any of you had trouble as well? I was able to create a Log In but cannot actually use this log in to –you know LOG IN! Most frustrating but I am going to remain optimistic and not panic unless the problem remains for another week. If any of you have been successful—please let me know!

Other than not being able to sign up for the ACA—my week has been pretty damn great so let me talk about it for a quick minute!

  • One favorite trainers in the world Coach Nicole Nichols of Spark People got in touch with me to ask if I would like to try out their new activity tracker and of course I said “yes”! This week’s plan is to take it out for a test drive and report to y’all on what I think about it.


  • Over on Kickstarter I happened across a very interesting project that aims to help yogis keep their mats clean and flat—the NA-MAT-SE yoga mat holder. If you are interested in helping a new yoga company get off the ground, be sure to check them out here.


  • I may have some fun news to announce in a week or so about a new brand ambassadorship on the horizon for a certain bike-loving blogger you follow. Stay tuned!


  • Camilla Saulsbury the creator of the healthy food blog Power Hungry while also being a writer, recipe developer, fitness trainer, endurance athlete and holds a Ph.D. in sociology (frightening!) Camilla has written a a new book called Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook and you can enter to win a copy by following the rules below. Good luck!


Now onto this week’s Vlog post:


Here is more information Power Hungry:


by Camilla V. Saulsbury

$16.95; 152 pages; paperback; September 2013


Moms on the go, home chefs, casual and endurance athletes, it is time to shed your life of sugary, junk-packed energy bars. Sales of energy bars have seen incredible growth, with more than $700 million in sales in the last decade, according to Men’s Health Magazine.  Camilla V. Saulsbury’s new cookbook, Power Hungry® challenges store-bought snacks with delicious recipes, giving sports enthusiasts and foodies alike a chance to create nutrient-rich, healthy energy bars at home.  These recipes are 100% soy-free, and highly adaptable to gluten-free and vegan diets, making them a great option regardless of your diet restrictions.

Saulsbury has a PhD in Sociology, with specializations in food studies and health, and brings her expertise to the kitchen with her energy bar recipes. She’s also spent the last twenty years immersed in the world of fitness—from teaching yoga to Pilates, spinning, and kickboxing, Saulsbury is the perfect combination of noted cookbook author, health and wellness expert, and athlete. She’s also a mom, so she understands that a healthy snack needs to appeal to picky eaters as well.

Power Hungry® boasts over 150 pages of gorgeous recipes, guaranteed to be kid-friendly, nutritious, and delicious. With chapters such as Super-Natural Knock Offs, Activity Bars, Endurance Bars, Protein Bars, and Raw & Almost Raw Bars, you’ll be sure to find bars you’ll make again and again. Plus, a comprehensive pantry section has all the essential information you’d want on those good-for-you ingredients.


Imagine, being able to craft your own delicious bars with flavors like:

  • Salty-Sweet Trail Bars
  • Morning Maple Bars
  • Flax Your Muscles Bars
  • Quinoa Chia Apricot Bars
  • Black Bean Protein Brownies
  • Green Tea & Ginger Bars
  • Greek Yogurt Muesli Bars
  • 5-Minute Protein Truffles
  • Carrot Cake Action Bars
  • Sticky Sesame Energy Bars with Raw Chocolate Drizzle


Whether you’re training for a triathlon, packing a lunchbox, or just need an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll find recipes you’ll love—and a nutritious treat to boot.

About the Author

Camilla V. Saulsbury is a writer, recipe developer, fitness trainer, endurance athlete, and creator of the healthy food blog, Power Hungry. She also holds a PhD in Sociology with specializations in food studies, health, and medicine. She has been featured on the Food Network, Today, Good Morning America Health, QVC, and in multiple publications including the New York Times, Cooking Light, Southern Living, Clean Eating, Cosmo Girl, Food Network Magazine, and Pilates Style. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she currently lives in Texas with her husband and son.


Got that? Now, in order to win a copy of this book (Continental U.S. only!) you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below (on this particular blog post).
  2. Tweet out your interest to me (@brooklynfitchik) and Camilla Saulsbury (@camillacooks)

I will the winner next Monday, October 14th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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