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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #90

The Two Margos Launch a Brand New Podcast: Book vs. Movie!!!

The Margos Announce New Podcast "Book Vs. Movie!"

The Margos Announce New Podcast “Book Vs. Movie!

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It’s here! Today is the day I can finally announce the BIG NEWS that I am partnering with the lovely & talented Margo P. of She’s Nacho Mama Podcast for our first podcast—Book Vs. Movie! Ta dah!

Yes! It is true. The two Margos are pulling our collective talents together to create a podcast devoted to two things that we both love—books and movies. We found this out a few weeks ago when we came back from the Fitbloggin convention which took place in Savannah this year. Margo & I get together every year after Fitbloggin to chat for an hour or so on her podcast to talk about what we loved (and didn’t love) whilst hanging out with our fitness peeps.

This year we wound up spending so much time talking about the John Brendt book (and later the Clint Eastwood film) Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil that it got me thinking—maybe Margo & I can co-host a podcast based on the two of us just chatting about books and movies? No kids, no diets, no workouts, no #justtrollin and no “how do I manage all of the facets of my life” kind of podcast. We are going to keep it fun and lively because dammit—we all deserve to have both in our lives!

So guess what?  We are going live this Friday, August 1st at 6 pm eastern time and then the link will be available online and on ITunes. Please check back with us either on our brand new Facebook page Book vs. Movie (which we encourage you to “like”) to get all of our latest news and to know what exactly we will be talking about for each episode.

For the Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil book you should be able to find it at your local library (it’s one of those sensations that will always be popular) but you can also find second-hand copies on for less than a penny (minus shipping and handling, of course.)

The Clint Eastwood film is available, ITunes and if you are a real cheapskate— the full movie is on YouTube.

We will be working out a schedule for the upcoming podcasts soon as we have SO many great ideas on what books & films we want to discuss in the future.

Now if you can stand my enthusiasm for this even more–here is my Vlog for this week (my 90th!)


Are there any book & Movies you want us to feature on our show? Leave a comment below.

Cannot wait to get started with this new adventure! (Power Margos!)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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