Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog 105: Podcast News, The Word’s Strongest Coffee & a Yoga Kit Giveaway!

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #105

“Book vs Movie” Podcast Revamp News,

Tria Hair Removal System Tryout, Death Wish Coffee, “Space Cadets” in the Classroom

Plus: The Element Yoga Kit Giveaway!

Enter to win this yoga kit!

Enter to win this yoga kit!

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Can you believe there are only two weeks left in the year? Where did all the time go? I have been thinking about all of the events that happened in my life in 2014 and I am grateful to embark on a new year with so many new possibilities. So what I am I excited about this week? Check out just a few things that are making me happy right now.

  • Book Vs Movie Podcast: If there is someone I am grateful for this year it is Margo Porras of She’s Nacho Mama’s Blog as she had the guts to try and start a podcast with me on a moment’s notice. Well “Book vs. Movie” is now going to a new home and we are going to be producing it ourselves (with a big amount of help from with a new logo, website—the whole kit and caboodle. Here is our first properly edited episode, coming up in January (a few short weeks away!) we will begin our first episode of the New Year talking about Joe Klein’s Primary Colors which was turned into a movie in 1998 and directed by Mike Nichols whom we sadly lost this past year. Get ready to get political!

  • Tria Hair Removal System: I will give my full review in two weeks but I so far really like my Tria hair Removal System which is showing signs of working well for me. The places where I had some funky hair issues (including my upper lip—embarrassing!) It is very convenient and does hurt at all. Do any of you remember that horrible product Nads? Where your put that goop on your arms and it hurt like hell? Not true here but as I said I am giving a full review in two weeks.) NOTE: Tria sent me the product for free but the review and opinions are my own.


  • Death Wish Coffee! Thanks to my new Fitbloggin friend (and Secret Santa!) I have a pound of Death Wish coffee to greet me every morning. This is supposed to be the “world’s strongest coffee” and my 7 am spin class tomorrow will find out if this is truly the case. (Thanks again Danielle!)
  • Space Cadets in The Classroom: I am asking my fellow instructors out there—do you have a space cadet in your classroom. Someone who just zones out and barely pays attention to anything happening in the room? My instinct is to just leave them alone. Have you ever dealt with this issue? Sometimes fellow students remark about it but I have never confronted the person about it. Is that the best thing to do? Let me know what you think!
  • My Newest Giveaway—A Yoga Extravaganza! If you ready to start practicing yoga but not sure how to begin then have I got the giveaway for you! The Element Beginner Yoga Kit which includes three yoga DVDs, a set of yoga blocks and a yoga strap can be yours. But you MUST follow the rules in order to win! (Continental U.S. Only!) Read below for the details.

Now on to this week’s Vlog and giveaway details!

More Information about the Element Yoga Complete Kit Giveaway:

Element: YOGA Complete Kit 

Everything you need to tone your entire body, increase flexibility, melt away stress, boost energy levels and experience the many benefits of yoga. Filmed in a serene garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these three DVDs will cultivate strength, flexibility, confidence and clarity.

YOGA BASICS with BONUS POWER YOGA: In Yoga Basics you will experience detailed, step-by-step instruction of 10 basic postures which are the perfect foundation for any yoga practice. Also included as a bonus is a full-length Power Yoga program. This practice will burn calories, tone and firm muscle, improve flexibility and leave you feeling revitalized.

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: This unique beginner yoga sequence will teach you yoga breathing, show you how to link the breath to movement and make it easy to follow through a full range of yoga poses that will tone, strengthen and stretch your body. You will notice results from your very first practice.

YOGA FOR STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY: These two complimentary programs are specially designed to build strength and flexibility in the body, mind and spirit. The invigorating Strength practice offers total body conditioning with powerful sequences that tone all major muscle groups, build endurance, cultivate mental focus and increase energy levels. The gentle Flexibility practice unravels tension patterns in both the body and the mind by linking the breath to simple flowing movements that will provide a total body stretch, increase range of motion, enhance agility, help reduce risk of injury and ease all forms of movement.

{Just a note—Anchor Bay Entertainment is not sponsoring this post and will ship the yoga kit directly to the winner. This giveaway is only available in the Continental United States.}

If you want to win the yoga kit featured in the Vlog above you must do the following (Continental United States only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win the beginner yoga kit by @anchorbayent from @brooklynfitchik”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random on Monday, December 27, 2014 at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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