What Did We Learn This Month? @Shape_Magazine with Kate Hudson on the Cover @fabletics

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What Did We Learn This Month?


March 2015

Kate Hudson photographed by Nino Munoz

Kate Hudson photographed by Nino Munoz

Shape Cover Star for March 2015:

OMG—have you checked out Kate Hudson’s abs? Wow! The 35 year-old actress added entrepreneur to her list of titles after creating the incredibly cute workout line Fabletics. Kate is a big fan of exercise and has lately been replacing her Pilates/Yoga routines for TRX and boxing to mix things up.

She also own her own chickens and eats her very own eggs most mornings. Kate also believes in enjoying that glass of wine and life’s little treats in moderation. (Can I switch lives with Kate Hudson?)

What else is in this issue of Shape?

“Look Hot from Every Angle”

I am a core instructor and am always needing different moves to teach my students and keep them engaged. I loved this workout from Madison Doubroff of Bionic Body in Hermosa Beach, CA.

 Bionic Body Shape 001

“Speed Sculpt with Sand”

One of my big goals is to integrate sand bags into my classes and when I finally do (let this be my public statement!) I will steal every single one of these exercises from the Elimin8tor workout from Equinox.

Sandbag workout 001

“Quickie Metabolism Boost”

Who doesn’t want a metabolism boost? Here is a 20-minute workout filled with tough intervals that will torch calories and keep you motivated during this hellishly long winter.

Quick metabolism boost 001

“Essentials That Make a good Run Great”

I am not much a runner but when I see gear like this GPS watch from Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS which will set you back 400 clams (yikes!) it makes me want to actually, you know–run.

The Asics bra they also feature is so terribly cute but might be a little too low-cut for me. (Does anyone else have an issue with bras that show too much cleavage?)

Run gear shape mag 001

“9 Moves to a Knock-Out Body”

To be totally honest—I tried kick boxing several times and always hated it because I never feel like I am having fun with it. However, after reading this article where Shape talked to several experts in the field I am rethinking this whole thing. Plus, the workout featured looks like a total butt-kicker!

Kick boxing workout Shape 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “A Week of Fitness Fashion” Shape puts together a week’s worth of totally cute workout outfits that will keep you inspired to go to the gym.

Follow Shape magazine online at: www.Shape.com

Overall Grade:

A- What can I say? I liked this issue–it was good!

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25 thoughts on “What Did We Learn This Month? @Shape_Magazine with Kate Hudson on the Cover @fabletics

  1. I liked the issue too. I resisted tearing out the routines just yet and will savor the issue intact a little while longer! I love boxing but sometimes get frustrated with the boxing routines on DVD (I think it was a Jillian one in particular) I’m not that quick with my feet but have to deal with the carpet so there’s that. I also need to use my TRX trainer more. Good review.

  2. I love when magazines post workouts that need minimal equipment. I am definitely more likely to try them out if I don’t need a special machine or type of equipment!

  3. I think I’m definitely buying this!! Looks well worth it. I ALWAYS have cleavage–I swear to God, even in t-shirts. I definitely like my sports bras to come up high so everything feels nice and secure. Anyways…I also really think kickboxing is a blast and need to find a live class in my area!

  4. I am not sure if her abs are real or not, but they do look great! I have this magazine on my nightstand and I haven’t read it yet! Now I’m looking forward to it even more 🙂 Love reading your magazine reviews because it makes me want to hurry and read mine!

  5. Kate Hudson looks phenomenal.

    I’ve done kickboxing a few times. I really liked it but I found the workout overall a bit too intense for me. I like working hard and maxing my muscles but doing a billion pushups and tuck jumps as a warm up was a bit too much for me.

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