You Did a Durst! Episode #64 0

Welcome, Neighbors! You stopped by on a good day. This week, we break down the latest creepers in the Perv Pond (& there are a LOT!); the most recent offense by The Orange One; Real Housewives of Bev Hills; Marky Mark’s retribution; Erin’s review of The Post; some great new podcasts; Dan Harmon’s apology; and how Margo pulled a Durst during a class. Enjoy it now, Neighbors, no matter what sh*thole country you come from!

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Book Vs Movie “The Cider House Rules” 0

Book Vs. Movie Podcast

“The Cider House Rules”

The 1985 John Irving Novel Vs. The 1999 Miramax Adaptation


Finally! The Margos have been asked to cover John Irving ‘s The Cider House Rules many times so we decided to tackle it during the coldest winter known in the U.S. for ages.  Here we discuss the interesting career of Irving and how he adapted his own sprawling novel into a neat and tidy Miramax film. Book Vs Movie–which did we like better? Tune in to find out! (Link below.)

In this episode the Margos discuss:

  • John Irving’s writing career
  • The world of Miramax films in the early 2000s
  • The changes Irving himself made with the adaptation
  • Michael Caine’s incredible performance
  • The social politics of the movie (would it fly these days?)
  • The gorgeous New England locations used in the film.

Clips used:

The Cider House Rules original theatrical trailer

John Irving winning the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay

Ukelele Lady by Vaughn De Leath

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The Smell of Water-Episode #63 0


It’s freezing here in Brooklyn, folks! Cozy up with your favorite neighbors as we break down the week’s events. First and foremost, “stable genius?” We can’t. Real Housewives of Bev Hills is doing it for us this season. Even Dorit doesn’t bother us too much. Rinna continues to be thirsty, but so far this season, we’re IN! Margo has a great new podcast rec, and Erin loved “The Queen at 90” on Netflix, and Mark Rylance’s latest Broadway play. Margo tries to talk us into watching “Black Fist” on Netflix only to realize she means “Black Mirror.” We’re probably gonna pass on that one, altho “Black Fist” I would totes see. Stay warm, neighbors!

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These are Our Stories-Episode #62 0

Merry New Year, Neighbors! Let’s start this year off right by discussing what’s good about Real Housewives of Bev Hills so far (We like Teddi!); I, TONYA (we like this, too!); a few new podcasts (or at least new to us); Erin has a few book recs; And Margo breaks down the new Overboard trailer. Bundle up and put this latest episode in your earholes!

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