What a Creep: Matt Lauer (Season 3, Episode 3)

What a Creep

Matt Lauer

Season 3, Episode 3

Welcome back to What a Creep! Today we have a newsy Creep who finally lost his job after 20 years of inappropriate behavior (to say the least!) and was shielded by a corporate culture that took care of their big star and made several women sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to hide his actions and provide him cover.

Matt Lauer is gross, y’all and he was basically hiding in plain sight. (Margo presents this week and she basically needed a “Silkwood Shower” when she was done!)

Then, Margo & Sonia talk about a morning show anchor who is definitely NOT a Creep.  

This episode is put together with a little help from our friends at:

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People (Staffers had to flirt with him to keep their jobs)


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