What a Creep: Gary Glitter (Season 4, Episode 9)

What a Creep

Season 4, Episode 9

Gary Glitter

If you don’t know the name Gary Glitter, you’ve definitely heard his songs. His most popular songs are “Rock and Roll (Parts 1 and 2),” and they are used at sporting events and featured in movies all the time. It was most recently featured in the staircase dancing scene in “Joker.”

He was a glam rock singer (think glittery, sequined suits, make-up, platform boots like David Bowie, Roxy Music, New York Dolls), and has sold more than 20 million records, had 26 hit singles; 12 reaching the Top 10, with three #1 hits. 

He’s also been arrested multiple times for child pornography and child sexual abuse. He’s a serious creep.

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