$20 for CATS-A Reminder to Us All – Episode #177

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 177

“$20 for CATS-A Reminder to Us All”

Helpful tip, Neighbors—don’t take CBDB gummies then shop on Amazon–you’ll see why. How’s your quarantine going? We are gratefully taking our content from all sorts of place these days—A Big Mouth live episode reading on Youtube; an Instagram Live w/ Bitch Sesh; Rufus Wainwright in his bathrobe serenading us daily; the Cowboy museum & its faithful guard–everything is content these days. We have our weekly dose of Real Housewives talk, with RHOA still in Greece (yawn); & 90 Day Fiance–Big Ed has a LOT of nerve and Ash has Quasimodo’s Disease. We hope you’re all staying healthy & sane. 

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