I am Singing & Reading BOTH! Episode #198

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 198

“I am singing & reading, BOTH!”

Hi ya, Neighbors! How’s everyone keeping this week? Are you as sick of Lisa Rinna’s weepy cry acting as we are? Let’s get right to it–RHOBH are still in Rome & still sticking it to Denise (much like Brandi did! SFX-Rimshot!); but the Vatican won’t have ’em. On RHOP, Gizelle’s been up to the devil’s business behind the scenes.

And our beloved booze bags on RHONY are still in Mexico, where the ladies manage to have some fun, dive in a cave, & visit a shaman, despite Dorinda succumbing to Montezuma’s revenge. We have some recs from Netflix & Hulu, as well as a cool website to check out. Enjoy & stay well!  

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