Flappers with Cankles are my Ex-per-tee! Episode #213

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 213

“Flappers with Cankles are my Ex-per-tee!”

It’s us again, Neighbors! Let’s get down to biz–RHOSLC is quickly becoming #1 on our DVRs and more importantly, in our hearts. Grandpa F–ker Mary hosts a Met Gala luncheon at Noon; Jen Shah has a meltdown about a sleepover; & Heather is all of us. Chef’s Kiss! On RHOP, Karen has a party for her wig line in a strip mall, lies to everyone & then leaves her own party early. We both attempted Mank on Netflix; and a heartfelt RIP to David Landers. We’ll miss you, Squiggy! 

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