The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 10 with Women’s Running Mag

Episode 10: Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor

The newest ep of the Fit Bottomed Girls podcast is ready to download/stream now!


Grab your sneakers and favorite sports bra because in this ep we speak with Women’s Running magazine Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor about all things pertaining to running!  We cover everything from advice on training from couch to ½ marathon, Jessie’s all-time favorite run on the Alaskan trails (which featured porcupines!), as well as nutrition and safety tips.

Topics also covered in this ep:

  • Margo, Jenn and Kristen talk about why they do (or don’t!) love running
  • How to recognize disordered eating while training for races
  • Advice for meal prep and “carb loading”

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Podcast Episode 10: Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor – Fit Bottomed Girls

With marathon season in full swing (or, run, haha) we think the latest Fit Bottomed Girls’ Podcast episode is kinda perfect – no matter if you’re a seasoned marathoner or wannabe 5ker. Because it’s with Women’s Running Editor in Chief Jessie Sebor! And she’s awesome, guys.

The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 9 with P90X’s Tony Horton!

Podcast Episode 9: The Hilarious Tony Horton – Fit Bottomed Girls

You know who’s funny and ridiculously fit and gracious? Tony Horton. For this episode of our podcast, we got to talk to him and had THE BEST conversation. (Side note: he also gave us close to an hour of his time, which is super amazing for someone as busy as he is!)

New “Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast” Features Annie Tomlin of @SELFmagazine

Podcast Episode 8: Beauty Hacks With Annie Tomlin of SELF – Fit Bottomed Girls

Have you guys noticed that we’ve picked up the pace on releasing our podcast episodes lately? Well, seeing that we’ve had SO many great interviews with so many amazing people ( Bob! April! Bex!), we’ve decided to sneak in some weekly episodes from now until the end of the year.

The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Ep 6 with Yogi Kristin McGee

Podcast Episode 6: Kristin McGee Talks All Things Yoga – Fit Bottomed Girls

We’ll be honest. It’s hard to follow Bob Harper. But if anyone can do it, it’s THE yogi Kristin McGee. Pregnant with twins and a true guru on all things yoga (um, on her website peeps like Tina Fey and Steve Martin swear by her), she is a true pioneer in the yoga and Pilates world and has appeared all over the place, including in a serious of DVDs with MTV and Bethenny Frankel.

Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast: Ep 5 with Bob Harper!

Podcast Episode 5: Freakin’ Bob Harper Talks About Everything – Fit Bottomed Girls

Can you hear us freaking out? Because we’re freaking out. Our newest podcast episode is with BOB HARPER! Yes, the Bob. And besides just squealing with collective delight (which is embarrassing enough that you’ll want to hear it, believe us), Bob gets real y’all. We have a fantastic discussion about EVERYTHING.


Brooklyn Fit Chick September News: I Need Your Help with Music Suggestions

Brooklyn Fit Chick News & Notes September 2016

Big News with Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast—Which Health, Fitness, Wellness Stars Do YOU Want Us to Interview?

I Need Help with My Playlists (Send me your songs!)

Urban Hoodie 

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I have been busy with so many work & life things lately that I have fallen behind with my Blogging-sorry about that! I am still here but am perfecting my digital skills creating something that has become a passion for me—podcasting.

Many of you know that I co-host a podcast with my friend Margo of She’s Nacho Mamas Blog that has now going into its third season–Book Vs Movie.

I am also the NYC contributor for Fit Bottomed Girls so I convinced them to let me produce and co-host their own podcast which is seriously taking off! Some of the guests we have lined up include:

  • Bob Harper
  • Jeanette Jenkins
  • Tony Horton
  • Kathy Smith (SQUEE!!)

We may just move to a weekly show if we keep up with this pace and downloads so my question to you today is—what guest would you like us to get on the show? Or do you have a topic you wish we would cover? Let me know in the comments below. We really want to know what you want to fill into your earholes!

Also, I am in need of your help in another area of my life—music! I love to create playlists for my classes and recently featured this one with Beyoncé and Coldplay that got some great comments. My problem is that I need more ideas for songs. My repertoire is getting dry and I feel like I need to mix things up more. So I am requesting if you could also take the time and write in the comments below:

  • Your favorite workout tunes and what you use them for (running, sprints, climb, Zumba—whatever!)
  • A “one hit wonder” song that makes you smile and not go “ICK!” I have been commissioned to write one and my instinct is to go all 90s. Need some variety in my mix!

That’s it for me this time. Let me know what you are up to and I will be back with my usual playlist and activities soon. Happy Autumn!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Book Vs Movie Stephen King Bonus Ep “The Running Man”

Book Vs. Movie Podcast (Bonus Ep)

Stephen King’s “The Running Man”


In this bonus ep of “Book Vs. Movie” Margo D. welcomes guest host Roy of the Moving the Needle Podcast talk about the 1987 classic film “The Running man” based on a Stephen King/Richard Bachman short story.

Follow Roy on Twitter @mtnpod @roymac75

All kinds of trivia and behind the scenes gossip here. Let us know what you think of it!

Book Vs. Movie podcast

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The latest Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast with Nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth!

Podcast Episode 4: Talking Food and Trends With Dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth – Fit Bottomed Girls

What does a nutritionist and registered dietitian like Frances Largeman-Roth eat before and after workouts? How does she get her family to eat healthy – even when they’re crazy busy? What food trends does she like … and which food trends leave her scratching her head?

Book Vs. Movie Podcast: “Mary Poppins” #Disney

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Mary Poppins

P.L. Travers vs Walt Disney (with a touch of “Saving Mr. Banks” and “The Boys: The Sherman Brothers“)


Our newest episode is “perfectly perfect in every way” (well, we come pretty damn close!) Here we discuss the classic 1934 children’s novel versus the 1964 Walt Disney multiple Oscar winning film. Topics we cover:

  • The interesting (and complicated) life of P.L. Travers/Helen Lyndon Goff/”Ginty”
  • The Sherman brothers who wrote all of the music and lyrics
  • Walt Disney’s vision of the film versus the author’s intentions for the character.
  • The plethora of differences between the novel and film.
  • Differences between the relationship of Mary and Bert between the book and movie.

Clips used in this episode:

“supercalifragilisticexpialidociousl” Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke

Feed the BirdsJulie Andrews

P.L. Travers and Disney staff discuss the script (the last clip from “Saving Mr. Banks“)


Book Vs. Movie podcast

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