Not Fade Away: Leslie Ann Coles “Melody Makers: Should Have Been There”

 Not Fade Away

Episode 10: Leslie Ann Coles (Director/Producer)

Melody Makers: Should’ve Been There

Hey there! Hi There! Ho there!

The Not Fade Away podcast is back and this time we are talking to Director Leslie Ann Coles about her documentary “Melody Makers: Should’ve Been There” and the new Apple companion book Melody Makers: The Bible of Rock & Roll to talk about the influential London-based music magazine that shaped a generation of musicians in the 1960s & 1970s. 

Leslie Ann was very kind to give me her time and I loved hearing how she put together this incredible documentary. I hope you enjoy our talk as much as I did! 

In this episode, Leslie Ann and I talk about:

    • How she came up with the concept of the film and the work it took to get the journalists and musicians to participate. 
    • How Melody Maker shaped the music scene in the 60s & 70s.
    • Her favorite interviews from the film
    • The process of writing and researching the book

Melody Makers Trailers: www.https://vimeo.com/237763187 &  www.https://vimeo.com/205545861

Official website: http://www.melodymakersmovie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodyMakersthemovie/


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Just Like a Gallagher Show – Episode # 161

Hey there, Neighbors, welcome to December! We cram a ton of info into this overstuffed ep where we talk our usual Real Housewives (Atlanta/OC/Dallas/NJ)-this 4 city a week pace is killing us! Margo talks more Mandalorian; smug Simon Cowell; & Garth Brooks. Erin saw Joker & reviews the Mike Nichols oral bio, and both neighbors are loving season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel–Mazel! 

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A Cavalcade of Bad Decisions – Episode #160

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, Neighbors! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Did you watch The Irishman on Netflix? We did & we discuss at length, along with other Netflix-y things Margo attempted. We have a little Real Housewives chat as well, altho honestly, we can’t really remember what happened on which shows we watched (we blame trypyophan!) We also talk more Mandalorian, 90 Day Fiance, & America’s Got Racism. Get some leftovers & belly up to the table! 

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Book Vs Movie: “Die Hard” (Replay)

Book Vs Movie (Replay)

Die Hard”

Yes, it was a novel based on the sequel to a 1968 Frank Sinatra movie first

But, is it a Christmas movie?


It’s hard to believe but the classic action film Die Hard was released 30 years ago and the Margos wrapping firehoses around our waists and jumping for joy.  

In case this is big news for you, yes–Die Hard the 1988 movie is actually based on a book published in 1979 called Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorpe. That novel (which is a pretty nifty thriller by the way) was a sequel to his 1968 book adapted into a film–The Detective which stars none other than Frank Sinatra. In it, Frank plays a hard-boiled detective named Joseph Leland who is middle-aged, world-weary and getting tired of the politics of being a cop in the late 60s New York City.

Nothing Lasts Forever sees Leland as retired, older, and visiting Los Angeles to celebrate the Christmas holiday season with his daughter Stephanie who works for the Klaxon Oil Corporation. Stephanie (who is a mother of two and in the middle of a divorce) is involved with a sleazy boss, using cocaine and her building is being taken over by German terrorists during their office Christmas party. Can our hero save the day?

So how does Die Hard the movie compare with the book it based on and is it true that the offer for the lead (now named John McClane) was first offered to Sinatra? Did Hollywood seriously freak out over Bruce Willis’ $5 million payday for the role? And finally, is this a Christmas movie or not?

In this show, we discuss the differences between book and movie, and there are several to dive into here. Which version did the Margos like better? Check out the link below to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss :

  • The story behind the 1968 movie The Detective and how the lead character is portrayed in the book that is filled with 70s cynicism and a frankly depressing ending (spoiler)
  • How Die Hard came to be and the impact it made on how movies are marketed
  • The brilliant supporting characters (with beefed-up roles due to Willis’ filming of TV’s Moonlighting at the same time)
  • The sheer awesomeness that is Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber) in his American film debut
  • The casting of the movie including Bonnie Bedelia (Holly Gennaro McClane,) Reginald VelJohnson (Sgt. Al Powell, ) Paul Gleason (Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson,) William Atherton (Richard Thornburg,) Hart Bochner (Harry Ellis,) and Alexander Godunov (Karl)

Clips used:

  • Die Hard trailer
  • Hans “meets” John for the first time aka the “Yippie Kie-Yay!” scene
  • Hans gets Karl’s brother’s body delivered
  • John is fooled by Hans’ fake American accent
  • John meets Al (finally) and Al shoots Karl
  • Outro Music: Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC

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Am I the A**hole? Episode # 159

Hey Neighbors! As we gather together this week to give thanks with our families & friends, let us not forget these garbage-fires courtesy of the geniuses at Bravo! Again, we have a quadruple cornicopia (all thanksgivingy vibes!) of Real Housewives this week, with RHOA; RHOC; RHONJ & RHOD, all gracing us with the presences. We also talk season 3 of Netflix’s The Crown (genius!); we offer up ‘Prayers for Nick’, and our ‘Toldja!’ to Prince Andrew. A bountiful harvest indeed–let’s give thanks!

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Book Vs Movie “The Help”

Book Vs Movie 

The Help

The 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett vs the

Tate Taylor 2011 film

The Margos remake one of the first shows they recorded together as a duo–The Help. The 2009 novel was a surprise hit for first-time author Kathryn Stockett who draws inspiration from her life growing up Jackson, Mississippi. Stockett went to the University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in English and Creative Writing. After living in New York City for several years working on magazine marketing, she decided to write her book after the September 11th attacks

Five years (and dozens of rejections later) her book was eventually published and would go on to sell over ten million copies and been translated into 42 languages. In 2010 her childhood friend Tate Taylor directed the movie which went on to be a huge hit at the box office as well. 

The story centers on several African American maids in the early 1960s who worked for white wealthy families. Our protagonist is Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, a 23-year-old who dreams of being an important writer and living in NYC. Her big idea is to record the true stories of maid life in Mississippi during the height of Jim Crow South. She eventually (with the help of most of the domestic workers in town who are scared to expose themselves to abuse for snitching on their terrible, racist bosses) writes a book that exposes the bigotry of the south. 

The movie has an incredible cast including Emma Stone as “Skeeter,” Viola Davis as Aibileen Clark, and Octavia Spencer as Minny Jackson. Spencer, a friend of the author, would eventually win an Academy Award for her performance. 

So between book & movie–which did we like better? Have a listen to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss:

    • The backstory of Kathyrn Stockett and Tate Taylor
    • The popularity of the book and why we think we each missed it the first time around
    • Our favorite scenes from the movie

Clips Featured:

    • The Help trailer
    • Hilly & Skeeter talk about the bathroom laws
    • Celia & Minny bond over oppression & violence 
    • Hilly eats a sh*t pie 
    • Outro music Mary J Blige The Living Proof 

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The Dumbest Smart Person We Know – Episode #158

Are you at Bravocon this weekend? Neither are we! But no mind, we’re still gonna talk trash about Housewives & we don’t need to pay a grand for that!  We hit all cities this week–RHOA, RHOC, RHONJ & RHOD –geesh! Andy C., pls consider a break between cities! We discuss the big announcement for a new Real Housewives franchise; Margo waxes poetic about Mandolorian (& is she likes it, it HAS to be good–she’s like Mikey that way). Erin watched AMC’s doc on the Preppy Murderer; Margo breaks down the Prince Andrew interview & she’s not buying it. All this and much more! 

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Whole Lotta Housewives Goin’ On – Episode #157

Welcome, All, to this week’s cavalcade of pop culture. This week we have 4 cities of Housewives to contend with–FOUR! RHOC, RHOD, and the premieres of RHOA & RHONJ. Let the malapropisms begin! In OC, everyone tries to pile on poor Kelly–let our Queen be!; in Atlanta, Porsha & Kenya have newborn babes, & there’s not a sign of Lenethia Leakes! In RHOD, Leanne expects guests to contend w/ a 5 hour gap & no food; and in RHONJ, Teresa is as mean as ever.  We also have Netflix/Amazon/TLC recs; & we also chime in on Keanu Reeves’ GF. 

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It’s a Shanda! Episode #156

Welcome one & all, Neighbors! Let’s get right to it—on RHOC, did Gina look like a huge a**hole, or what? More on that Mad Hatters’ Tea Party; on RHOD, it’s finally Leanne’s wedding & we have notes! Is Mama Dee pure evil or is D’Andra just spoiled? We also got the return of Castle Rock; Nell Scovell’s latest article (& Letterman apology!); a review of Apple+’s The Morning Show; some podcast recs & Twitter follows. 

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Podcast Full of Tangents – Episode #154

Happy Fall, Neighbors! Hope you’re behaving yourselves, unlike our OC Housewives. Man, did they get up to some shizz in public this week! We’re still cringing! Also, RHOD had another godforsaken party for the soul-sucker that is Leanne. Plus, they want to some haunted house. Whatevs. Erin also cried buckets to TLC’s Long Lost Family, & Margo ponders why Oz sent us Yahoo Serious. Plus, we read some books. Bring the hot ones! 

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