What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine with Isla Fisher on the May Cover! #fitbloggin 4

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Fitness: May 2013

Isla Fisher photographed by Gavin Bond

Isla Fisher photographed by Gavin Bond

What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Isla Fisher

The hilarious and adorable Isla Fisher is the mother of two young girls and very concerned about their self-image and the hype machine of Hollywood. As such, she works to promote good health (rather than thinness) to her daughters and refuses to let them see her step on a scale.

Isla enjoys hiking around the mountains of Southern California plus her five-days per week yoga sessions to keep herself sane and was nice enough to share her favorite yoga poses from her instructor Kirschen Hagenlocher.

(How cute is she in outfit by the way?!)

Isla inside 001

“Get a Hot Yoga Body”

Hilaria Baldwin (who is married to actor and noted hot head Alec Baldwin) is a top level yoga instructor and she offers this 20-minute routine to get your “om” on.

Inside workout 001
“Spin Tricks”

Fitness loves Soul Cycle (I have taken classes with the editors at the NYC studio don’t ya know) and this workout comes via master instructor Rique Urseti.

Spinning 001


Are you looking to do your first triathlon this year? Well try this handy guide which promises to get you ready in 10 weeks. (Go for it!)

Triumphant 001

“Bikini Boot Camp”

Cari Shoemate, cocreator of Bombshell Bootcamp in Houston, offers this workout to get you in the mood for heading to the beach soon.

Bikini workout 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:

  • “Bring Sexy Back” Try out some of these beauty tricks to get your backside ready for showing off!
  • “Secrets of the Stars” Curious as to what the biggest stars do to keep healthy and sane? Well look no further than this article. (Check out Cameron Diaz’ fab abs on page 92!)
  • “Off-Target Diagnosis?” Oof—as if I am not paranoid enough Fitness talked with doctors who say that there are several condition that are misdiagnosed in active women including UTI’s and Bronchitis. Be careful ladies!
  • “Eat at Your Own Risk” Food allergies are a BIG word this days in the healthy eating world. Learn the facts (and the hype) here.

Overall Grade:

A- Good workouts and good information in the May issue abound!

You can follow Fitness magazine at www.fitnessmagazine.com

Ox ox,

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog: Recharge Bars Giveaway and Bob Harper’s “Skinny” Controversy 15

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 34

Featuring: Bob Harper’s “Skinny” Controversy and the Dynamic Nutrition Recharge Bars Giveaway


You can win one of the two items featured in this photo!

You can win one of the two items featured in this photo!


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It’s a new week and I have a brand-new giveaway just for you—my gorgeous readers. So let us jump right in and see how it goes…

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • I had some action on Twitter this week when I posted a stern “tsk tsk” to Bob Harper for his new book “Jump Star to Skinny: The Simple Three-Week Plan for Supercharged Weight Loss” which promotes an 800 calorie per day diet for women (1200 for men) in order to lose up to 20 pounds in three weeks for a special occasion. Bob went on the Today show to talk about it (check out the clip here) and, of course, his feet were not exactly held to the fire here.
    • Even though this is supposed to be a news program (hardy har har!) Bob is a big star for NBC and they are not going to embarrass him by letting him know that 800 calories per day is considered by many health experts to be not only dangerous but at an eating disorder level. (Shaking my head…)
  • I show my next magazine reviews including Fitness, Health, Shape, SELF and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post (Please ignore the screen shot–oy!)

If you are interested in winning the three different flavors of the Recharge bars (Continental U.S. Only!) Please do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below (very important!)

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, May 6th at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


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Cooking Tips from Food Network Star Claire Robinson and more @JustAddOJ #JustAddOJ ST 4


Food Network Star Shows How to Naturally Add More Sweetness to Your Meals

Plus: An Excellent Recipe for Balsamic Orange Citrunette Dressing from Florida Orange Juice

Claire Robinson Host of "5 Ingredient Fix"

Claire Robinson Host of “5 Ingredient Fix”

 Hey all!

Months ago I gave the Paleo lifestyle a whirl and was surprised to find out how much I enjoyed cooking with orange juice—they give my recipes a natural sweetness that is actually good for me. (I was a big of sugar-holic before.)

Well the good folks at the Florida Department of Citrus asked me to be an ambassador to help promote the “Just Add OJ” program and it has been a total hoot so far!.  It’s been interesting checking out their official web site and try out the cool recipes such as this one for a crazy, delicious Balsamic Orange Citrunette.

Balsamic Orange Citrunette


1/2 cup Florida orange juice

1/4 cup vinegar

2 ounces balsamic vinegar

1/2 teaspoon coarse kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil



Briefly mix the orange juice, vinegars, salt, mustard and garlic with an immersion blender, food processor or blender, or with a fork or wire whisk. Slowly add the oil in stream (drop by drop if whisking) until an emulsion forms; or just whisk everything together briefly. Add the remaining oil faster, but still in a stream.

Taste to adjust salt and add more oil, vinegar or freshly ground black pepper if needed.

Makes 1-1/4 cup

But wait—there’s more to this post!

Today I also have Food Network celebrity chef Claire Robinson (who also created recipes for the web site) on how you can add a little OJ to your daily meals and make them sweeter and sunnier than ever. (Couldn’t we all use some more sun?!)

Now, without further ado…

Culinary Tips from TV Chef Claire Robinson


  1. Grilling or Roasting: When grilling or roasting meat or vegetables, brush with Florida orange juice to keep moist and give your food an added layer of flavor.
  2. Poultry: Add Florida orange juice to the bottom of a pan to help steam and moisten poultry as it roasts. You can also reduce the drippings for a lovely orange-scented gravy.
  3. Fish: Poach fish, shrimp or salmon in Florida orange juice and water for a gourmet-tasting meal with little effort.
  4. Sauce: Make a quick sauce for almost any dish by pouring Florida orange juice into a pot, bringing it to simmer, and allowing it to naturally thicken as it reduces. Garlic, ginger, jalapeños, sugar, honey or fresh herbs are all nice additions to infuse flavor to a sauce as it reduces to the desired consistency.
  5. Dessert Glaze: Spruce up a plain cookie or cake with a quick, sweet glaze by adding a splash of Florida orange juice to powdered sugar. It can jazz up last-minute dessert preparations into something spectacular.
  6. Fruitful Marinades:  Simmer honey and Florida orange juice with any desired accompaniments, such as vanilla bean, mint or cinnamon, until the sugar dissolves. Toss seasonal fruit into the flavorful infusion for a delicious meal enhancer.

So check out the web site today and let me know what you think. (This is a sponsored post but do know I love OJ and cooking with it has been a boon to my daily meal plans.)

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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What Did We Learn This Month? @OxygenMagazine @Amandalatona on the Cover!! #fitbloggin 4

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Oxygen: May 2013

Amanda Latona photographed by Paul Buceta

Amanda Latona photographed by Paul Buceta

What Do We Learn This Month in Oxygen?

“Fresh Starts”

The May cover star IIFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona) has come a looong way from her “pop princess” roots (she used to sing with Britney Spears!) The booty-blessed fitness star trains hard for every single competition and has won seven titles since 2010.

Included in this issue of Oxygen is Amanda’s own glutes workout that will get your high and tight y’all!

Amanda Lattona 001
“Your Secret Weapon”

How much do I love my foam roller? Well—I certainly don’t LOVE it but damn it is a lifesaver. In case you are wondering how to use them—check out this spread.

Foam Roller 001


“Master Your Breath”

I have a deviated septum which inhibits my breathing power at times so I am always looking to find ways to increase my lung power. This article is a big help!

Master Your Breath 001

“One Dumbbell, No Waiting!”

You can a mighty great workout in with just one heavy weight. Check out some of these moves!

One dumbell 001

“Get OMG Abs!”

I plan in stealing some of these ideas for my core class this week…

abs 001

“Celebrate Your Sweet Life”

If you are looking for a healthy, sweet treat to enjoy try this recipe for Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes—yum!

Sweet Life 001

And now the rest of this issue of Oxygen:

  • “Growing Stronger” My personal hero, Tosca Reno, talks about the early days of Oxygen and how her column got started. (You must follow Tosca on Instagram! Her handle is @toscareno.)
  • “Shred & Shed” Excellent workout here from trainer Tommy Europe (how much do you love that name?) and model Vanessa Pipoli.

Overall Grade:

A- There are so many great workouts in this magazine and women who have MUSCLES and look STRONG! Love this magazine!

You can follow Oxygen magazine at www.Oxygenmag.com

Ox ox,

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Giveaway & Vlog “The Paleo Coach” @JasonSeib @VictoryBeltInc 9

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 33

 Featuring: Asking for What You Want, Teaching Fusion Classes, Danny J & Bex Life “Social Academy”

 Plus my Super Groovy “The Paleo Coach” by Jason Seib Giveaway



Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Today the sun is shining and I am getting in the mood for spring. What better time than to reach out to y’all and say “hey” and offer my next giveaway? No better time, say I so let’s jump right in shall we?

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • The importance of wearing a helmet every single time you take your bike out. (EVERY DAMN TIME!)
  • I ruminate on learning how to ask for what you want in life.
  • The most excellent social media class you can take is the “Social Academy” headed up by two powerful women—Danny J of The Sweaty Betties and Bex of Bex Life. If you sign up through my very own link you can get $50 off the price. (So what are you people waiting for?)

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!

More information about The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib:

“You’re ready. You want greater health, more vitality, and a stronger, better looking body.

You’re convinced that Paleo is the way to go. And you’re smart enough to know that a major lifestyle change doesn’t come easily. You need intelligent, ongoing support.

That’s where The Paleo Coach comes in. Author Jason Seib, a bona fide lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition expert, has helped thousands of people successfully make the same transition. He knows what works and what doesn’t—in the gym, in the kitchen, and, especially, in your mind. Few people understand the mechanics of self-change as thoroughly as Seib does. And he brings that wisdom to every page of The Paleo Coach, guaranteeing that you’ll have the motivation you need to keep progressing despite the inevitable obstacles that arise when you try to replace ingrained habits and resist cultural norms. Seib is not content to just tell you what to do—he also makes sure you understand why, so you can make his hard-earned wisdom your own. With the right perspective, it’s easier to turn new, good habits into permanent ones.

If you’re looking for a practical, holistic, science-based approach that brings together all the aspects of the Paleo lifestyle, this is the book for you. The Paleo Coach is indispensable if you’re serious about “going Paleo” and sustaining the momentum until your strong, beautiful body is functioning as nature intended it to and you can’t imagine living any other way.”


If you are interested in a copy of this book (Continental U.S. Only!) Please do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below (very important!)
  • Plus–Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to: @BrooklynFitChik, @JasonSeib and @VictoryBeltInc

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, April 29th at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


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What Did We Learn This Month? @SELFmagazine with Gwyneth Paltrow on the Cover! #fitbloggin 13

What Did We Learn This Month? 

 SELF: April 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow photographed by Matt Jones

Gwyneth Paltrow photographed by Matt Jones

SELF Cover Star for April:

Gwyneth Paltrow

The blonde goddess herself graces the cover and gets right into the discussion the media seems obsessed with—her strict diet. Gwyneth started her health journey a few years ago when she was starting to feel run down while singing on various awards shows to promote the film Country Strong.

Fueling herself on Guinness and beta blockers to get through each performance made the actress feel tired and out of sorts so she sought advice from her doctor on how to feel better. His advice? To get rid of all processed foods from her diet plus gluten, dairy and sugar.

The result of this mandate is her second cookbook It’s All Good which features recipes that are super healthy and Gwyneth approved.

I personally follow a pretty strict meal plan in order to be as healthy and energetic as possible (Paleo) so I am withholding the right to make any kind of a judgment. But I won’t stop you from commenting below! Let me know what you think…

So What Else is in the April SELF?

“Drop 10 Workout”

Trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson of Tone it Up designed this HIIT workout to help get your workout in no matter where you are. They also offer tear-away indoor and outdoor cardio workouts.

Drop 10 Exercise 001


“Dying to Try it—Ropes”

SELF asked Gregg Cook (he teaches “Whipped” at Equinox in NYC) the proper technique for using ropes in class. (Need to start using this is my boot camp classes.)

Ropes 001

Tracey Anderson

Gwyneth’s favorite trainer in the whole wide world shows off some interesting moves which you can try out with a broomstick or the pole connected to your mop. (Look at those abs!)

Tracey Anderson 001

“Beauty Mixologist”

SELF got the beauty benefits of some common ingredients from Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics in Brooklyn (shout out!)

Beauty mixologist 001

The Rest of the Best of the March SELF:

  • “A Stylin’ Bra” Are you in the market for a new sports bra that looks fabulous? (Yes? Me too!)
  • “Lump In Your Throat” The rise of thyroid cancer is discussed here.
  • “What I Gave Up Because I Felt Fat” Really enjoyed this essay from Taffy Brodesser-Akner (I want to be her friend just so I can say “This is my friend, Taffy.”)

Overall Grade:

A- Looking good SELF!!

Have you read the April SELF yet?

You can check out SELF online at: www.Self.com
Ox ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Workout Playlist: The “Change” Climb with Foo Fighters, No Doubt, Alex Clare, P!nk & more 0


“Change” Playlist (The 4-Hills Ride)


Gil Hodges Bridge

Gil Hodges Bridge

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Lately I have been in the mood to get on my bike and ride out to Far Rockaway—just to see how everyone is doing there (FU Hurricane Sandy!) and also to feel the climb the Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Bridge. It’s a scary as hell climb for a person with height issues (like me) but it is also beyond exhilarating to ride over the narrow walkway and feel the wind in my face as I go.

Anyhoo—whenever I take on that bridge I like to put on a “climbing song” to get in the mood. So today I bring you some of my favorite tunes to get my feet peddling up an incline.


  • Change: Churchill

I know absolutely nothing about this group except I really like this song. Are you familiar with them?

  • Man Like That: Gin Wigmore

This is a new song that I have been playing the last few weeks and it really seems to get people into a great mood.

  • Spiderwebs: No Doubt

My inner “90s Chick” gets super-happy every single time I hear this song. (Go Gwen!)

  • Little Lion Man: Mumford & Sons

My students are always surprised how much cursing exists in the “real” version of this song. (I think it makes it so much better.)

  • Get Higher: Black Grape

Our first official “climb song” comes from an English group that really likes their recreational drug use. (If I do not judge reggae musicians for it I can’t attack the Brits for the same thing!) Get Higher is SO subversive and no one ever seems to catch on to the theme. Love that!

  • Rope: Foo Fighters

Honestly you can play just about any Foo songs in a spin class and people will totally dig it.

  • Undone (The Sweater Song): Weezer

Lately I have been going through a total Weezer faze… (Second climb by the way.)

  • Telephone: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé

OMG—I freaking LOVE this song so much I want to marry it.

  • Too Close: Alex Clare

Our third climb features a song that could have been recorded in the 80s for all I can tell. That’s a compliment by the way.

  • The Pit: Silversun Pickups

This is one of my new favorite bands and this tune always makes me want to peddle faster.

  • Hallelujah: Happy Mondays

This is from the soundtrack of a movie I absolutely adore–24 Hour Party People. (Last climb!)

  • The Middle: Jimmy Eat World

A fun, fast song to end the ride. Everyone likes this song.

  • Try: P!nk

I just discovered P!nk a few months ago and cannot explain why it took me so long to get on the bandwagon.

So what do you think of my list? Remember to send me your favorite tunes in the comments below.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 32: Classroom “text-ers,” oil pulling, Mika Brzezinski’s new book plus my @NobleWorksCards giveaway! 12

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 32


Featuring: People Who Text in Class, Coconut Oil Instead of Toothpaste and My Groovy Greeting Card Giveaway!

(Please ignore my cruddy-looking coffee table. I plan to replace it soon!)

(Please ignore my cruddy-looking coffee table. I plan to replace it soon!)


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are we today? I am doing fine and dandy thankyouverymmuch and am ready, willing and able to present my newest Vlog and introduce my latest giveaway so let’s get to it, shall we?

Featured on my Vlog this week:

  • I really want your feedback about my first topic—people who their cell phones in class. It makes me CRAZY when I see people texting during my class but sometimes I get push back from members who say there should be a sign that gives a series of “don’ts” so everyone is on the same page. What say you?
  • Have you heard about the latest trend of “oil pulling” instead of using tooth paste? Is it nonsense and woo or is there something really to this stuff?
  • My newest giveaway features greeting cards with a “diet” theme from Noble Works Cards that are funny and irreverent. If you check out their site you will know what I mean—some of their more “blue” cards are completely hilarious and I am going to order some soon for myself. These cards (that have a weight loss theme to them) are printed on recycled paper and will be printed to order just for you. This week’s giveaway is open to the Continental U.S. and Canada—whoo hoo!

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!

Want to learn more about Noble Works Cards? Then be sure to check them out at the following social media hot spots:

If you are interested in winning a six-pack of greeting cards (I am picking two winners this time!) you need to do the following:

  • Post a comment on my Blog below (very important!)
  • Plus–Tweet out your interest in this giveaway to: @BrooklynFitChik and @NobleWorksCards

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, April 22nd at Noon (Eastern) and contact them directly. Good luck!!

Ox Ox,


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What Did We Learn This Month? @WomensHealthMag Katharine McPhee Cover April Issue #fitbloggin 10

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health: April 2013

Katharine McPhee photograohed by Jeff Lipsky

Katharine McPhee photograohed by Jeff Lipsky


Women’s Health Cover Star for April 2013: 

Katharine McPhee of my used-to-be favorite show Smash is on the cover of the April issue as well as the cover of the flips side special “beauty issue.” The interview with Katharine is pretty sparse but the expanded beauty pages are fantastic! If you like articles about lotions and potions (and by golly I sure do) it is worth it just for that.


beauty cover 001


So what else is in the April issue of Women’s Health


Women’s Health Shoe Guide”

Women’s Health offers a handy takeaway pamphlet inside filled with the editor’s favorite sneakers. (Must exhibit strength and NOT buy more sneakers…)


Sneaker Guide 001


15-Minute Workout”  

It looks like the weather is finally getting warmer in my neck of the woods (thank GAWD!) so these moves to get my arms ready for tank tops will be helpful. Personal trainer Natalie Rado created them (New York City shout out!)

15 Minute Workout 001

“Fire Up Your Greens”

The cure for “salad fatigue” is in these yummy recipe ideas. Below you will see a chard breakfast skillet with egg, onion and tomato—yum!

Greens 001

“The Body You Want in the Time You Have”

Yes, we are ALL busy but Women’s Health has some ideas on how to get the most out of your puny workout time. So no more excuses, people!

The Body You Want 001

“Jeans & High Tops”

I might be showing my age here but some of these looks made me go “huh?”

Jeans 001

“Yoga, You Way”

If you want to try yoga and are not sure which style will fit your personality—try this article and get some Zen going.

Yoga Your Way 001


And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • “Detox Your Life” Women’s Health offers ideas to get the toxins out of your life.
  • “App Hazard” Be careful of all of those apps for smart phones that promise health benefits—some of them can be dangerous. Watch your downloading, people!
  • “Thigh Candy” I am more of a salty than sweet gal but if you need a sugary fix—ideas on lower calorie sweets.
  • “I Survived a Brutal Knife Attack” Holy sh*t! This essay is the true, personal tale of survival by Melissa Meline. Plus, we get advice from self-defense expert Kathy Olevsky on how to fight back effectively.


Overall Grade:

A-! Great workouts, good information and lovely beauty pages—thank you Women’s Health!

You can check out Women’s Health online as well: www.WomensHealthMag.com

Ox ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Review: @NASM “Weight Loss Specialist” Certification 19




 Hi Gang!

Two years ago I passed the NASM Personal Training Certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine) which is one of the biggest personal achievements of my life. Trust me—this is NOT hyperbole. I studied for weeks for that notoriously difficult exam and it is a source of pride for me to say “NASM? Oh yeah—I passed it on my first attempt.” Yay me!

Getting certified was tough enough but staying certified is an almost bigger challenge as it requires I take a certain number of continuing education courses in order to stay current which is, quite frankly, a huge pain in my butt schedule-wise. NASM offers several day-long workshops throughout the year to earn much-needed points but they are mostly held on weekends and generally running from 8 am to 4 pm ALL DAY. The whole day. My poor old brain can’t handle any learning past a couple of hours at a time these days so I find these day-long seminars very trying. Plus they occur on the days I teach and earn most of my money. So what’s a girl to do?

Luckily I was contacted by NASM to try out their new online Weight Loss Specialist course to help me earn 1.9 (out of 2) points—score! (Note—they did pay for my course but the opinions are my own.)

Here is some of the information about the Weight Loss Specialist course that is not based on opinion but rather from their press release:

“The Weight Loss Specialist (WLS) program is a 15-hour, online course earning the fitness professional 1.9 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion of the exam. Never before have so many weight-loss resources been available in one concentrated credential, providing health and fitness professionals applicable programs that turn into life-changing results for their clients.

At the core of the new Weight Loss Specialist course is an advanced curriculum backed by years of research and proven scientific analysis. A few key areas of study include:

  • The psychology and physiology of weight management
  • How to avoid weight-loss plateaus
  • Dispelling well-known weight-loss myths
  • Methods for lifetime weight-loss success

We are cutting through the diet and weight-loss noise, providing Certified Personal Trainers and top-level fitness professionals with a new approach to weight loss. The Weight Loss Specialist is a revolutionary course that combines proven methodologies and techniques with ways to incorporate our proprietary Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model for continued career success,” said President of the National Academy of Sports Medicine Andrew Wyant.”

Once you register online to take the course you will see that there are 12 “modules” for each section which includes downloadable (and printable) information. This is what they look like altogether:

Nasom stack

Plus each module has a video to watch and explain its subject.

NASM Screen

Are you curious? Well then, here are some of my takeaways after participating in this program…

Pros and cons of NASM Weight Loss Specialist Certification:


  • The test can be done completely online and on your own time. This is a 15-hour (!) exam with TONS of material to get through so I found it very convenient to go through it in two-three hour chunks at a time.
  • The material is top notch. NASM prides itself on being a science-based organization and they make sure to differentiate what is provable in terms of weight loss theories and what is merely speculation.
  • You have three chances to pass their online exam (100 questions in 90 minutes!) which means if test taking makes you anxious (as it does in my case) you have a few chances to get it right.
  • The videos for all of the chapters in the course explain each topic clearly and concisely.
  • Working online means working at home for me so I don’t have to travel to a location to take a seminar which would add to an already long day.


  • 15 Hours is still 15 hours and it took me a few weeks to get through all of the material.
  • Some of the subjects were hard for me to grasp right away and I would have appreciated an in-person instructor to guide me on them.
  • The total cost is $499 which is prohibitive for some budgets though you can pay in installments and the certification is good for a lifetime.

Anyhoo—I was very happy with my only NASM experience and recommend to anyone who has issues with getting to continuing education classes and seminars.

Have you done any online courses? What has been your experience with them?

Talk soon!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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