What Did We Learn This Month? @Shape_Magazine with @JulianneHough December Issue

What Did We Learn This Month?


December 2014

Julianne Hough photographed by Don Flood.

Julianne Hough photographed by Don Flood.

Shape Cover Star for December 2014:

Julianne Hough (Dancing With the Stars) is a busy gal who tours with her equally famous brother Derek, and is creating a show with him called Blackpool which will be a ballroom dancing drama. In addition to her dancing & singing career Julianne acted in the Footloose reboot and (my personal favorite) the “so bad it is good” Safe Haven. (Get it on Netflix if you ever have the chance. She is fine in the part but the script is amazingly cheesy and awesome!)

The multi-hyphentate is also a workout fiend who keeps in top shape by getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night, eating healthy and dancing as often as she can (even on top of her two-hour shows!)

When home in Los Angeles she prefers works with professional trainer Astrid McGuire and you check out some of their workout in the pages of the December issue.

Julianne Hough in Shape mag 001

What else is in this issue of Shape?

“Long and Lean”

Sadie Lincoln is the founder of barre3 studio (there are over 70 locations!) and she offers to Shape a few exercises she prefers to keep her muscles “long and lean.”

 Barre Moves Shape Magazine 001

Shape Gift Guide:Tone Up Fast”

I literally want every single item from this page. Every. Single. Item. (Who is going to be my Secret/Awesome Santa this year?)

Gift guide Shape mag 001

 “Flat Abs Fast”

Every day it seems I reading more and more about New York City-based trainer Adam Rosante who has a book coming out in March called The 30-Second Body. Here he gives us his favorite moves to get your abs tight.

Core Training Shape Magazine 001

“Jump to a Hot Body”

If you ever want to watch me make a total fool out of myself—ask me to demonstrate the proper way to jump rope. I am sort of a deranged 4th grader when it comes to skipping rope and would rather NOT do it at such a high level.

However, I know it is a fantastic workout and this program developed by Punk Rope creator Tim Haft looks like it would whip anyone into fighting form,

Jump to a Hot Body 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “How Can I Ramp Up Results to Get Toned Fast?” If you are looking to get your strength training up a notch—try out these tips from Shape expert Jay Cardiello.
  • “Pretty in Picturs” Good tips on how to take better selfies.
  • “Sneaky Health Threat: Your Vacuum” Did you know that Hoover can “spit bacteria and dust back into the room?” Well, you do now. (Cleaning out mine right now.)

Follow Shape magazine online at: www.Shape.com

Overall Grade:

A The December issue brought it big-time with the good workouts and useful information. Plus, the gift guide was tops!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

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What Did We Learn This Month? @SELFmagazine March Issue with New Look!

What Did We Learn This Month?


 SELF: March 2013

Julianne Hough photograhed by Dewey Nicks

Julianne Hough photograhed by Dewey Nicks

Hi All!

SELF had a big old redesign and relaunch of its brand recently and according to this article from the New York Times they are aiming for the 20-something reader. This filled my heart with dread but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that it will still be the fun/smart read I look forward to each month.

Here we go…

SELF Cover Star for March:


Julianne Hough

I am not a big watcher of Dancing With the Stars but I do remember the couple of times I have seen it and thinking Julianne Hough seemed sweet. The dancer turned acrtess has a new movie out called Safe Haven (costarring with Josh Dahumel) and was scared about filming her first love scene (and subsequently needed a shot to get through it.) That’s about as risque she gets apparently. (Oh the fun in life she has to look forward to!)

Julianne is a teeny tiny dancer who claims to gain weight pretty easily so she works hard to keep fit (when not enjoying the occasional splurge day with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.) You can get a look at an exclusive workout trainer Astrid McGuire (@AstridMcGuire) at this SELF.com link.

Julianne Hough inside 001

So What Else is in the March SELF?

30-Minutes Workouts

Love this feature with “5 Cool Cardio Workouts” that are each only 30 minutes long and can fit into any busy person’s schedule.

30 minutes cardio 001


Box Jumps

SELF has a new page called “Dying to Try It” and this month they talk about how to perform a well-executed box jump. Trainer Ted Borgerding of Ignition APG gym in Cincinnati gives us the info here.


(I love the tights on this model!)

Box Jump 001

“Sexy Arms. Yours.” (The punctuation very strange in the magazine…)

Another new page is titles “Trainer to Go” which features exercise physiologist Pete McCall (@FitExpertPete) who shows how to get sexy arms.

Train Like a Pro 001

“The Get-Ahead Drug”

SELF goes into a more serious mode here talking about the dangers of the ADD prescription drug Adderall.

The Rest of the Best of the March SELF:

  • “DIY Facials” Why spend a fortune on beauty things when you can make your own lotions and potions with fresh ingredients you already have at home?
  • “High-Top Sneakers” Sparkly, high-top sneakers are all the fashion rage this year darling!
  • “Surviving a Quart-Life Crisis” Did I mention they are skewering younger at SELF? This piece is about surviving life in your mid 20- mid-30s. (But they really mean surviving 25 which I admit was a sucky age but still…)
  • “I Married the Wrong Guy” What does it say about me that my favorite article in this issue was an anonymously-written essay from a woman claiming to regret her marriage? (Don’t answer that!)

Overall Grade:

B I am not sure about the new direction yet but will give them a couple more issues before I decide whether to keep on reviewing SELF each month.

On the plus side–I love the workouts.  The rest of the sections–not so much right now. Next month…

Have you read the March SELF yet? What do you think of the new look?

You can check out SELF online at: www.Self.com
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What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine March Issue with Lucy Liu!

What Did We Learn This Month?

Fitness: March 2013

Lucy Liu photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.

Lucy Liu photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.

What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Lucy Liu
How much do I love Lucy Liu? THIS MUCH!! The star of some of my favorite movies ever (Charlie’s Angels & Kill Bill) talks about how she keeps in amazing shape for her 16-hour shoots on Elementary. Turns out she is a big fan of both Pilates and running on her treadmill.

Check out Lucy’s at-home routine here:

Lucy Liu inside 001

“Burn & Firm”
Are you looking for some CrossFit, people?! Well check out this routine from head trainer Megan May. Me likey!

Burn and Firm 001

“Rev Up Your Reps”
Fitness asked one of my all-time heroes Jackie Mother F***in’ Warner to offer her advice on how to amp up your cardio to make amp up the calorie burn.

Also features some cute t-shirts on the bottom which give me the “I Wants.” (My birthday is March 29th for anyone BFC fans who want to get me a little something…)

Jazz Hands 001

“Wanna Lift”
Something must be happening to me because I am really starting like high heel sneakers. (March 29th folks!)

I like the Nike Dunk Sky High Kicks (second from left.)

I like the Nike Dunk Sky High Kicks (second from left.)

“Ready, Set, Run!”
I love this feature though I am not a runner at all. If you are looking to train for a 5k, 10k or half-marathon—this is the best guide I have seen yet this year.

Running 001

“Buddy Up”
Another great workout (are you paying attention Health magazine link here) which features partner-based exercises and brought to us by Astrid McGuire of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Buddy Up 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:
“Running Saved My Marriage” I loved this personal story about Danielle Murphy of Windermere, Florida who lost over 90 pounds by setting up running goals with her husband.
“Grin and Bare It” Fun beauty story about how to get rid of unwanted body hair.
“Break the Headache Curse” If you have headache issues (as I do from time to time) then check out this feature.
“Souper Stars” Juno DeMelo tried out a whole slew of canned soups to find the healthiest options available on the market.

Overall Grade:
A- My favorite “March” fitness & health magazine I have read so far. Good work Fitness!!

You can follow Fitness magazine at http://www.fitnessmagazine.com

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