New Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast with Bev of @BevCooks

Episode 12 with Bev “Bev Cooks” Weidner

The newest ep of the Fit Bottomed Girls podcast is ready to download/stream now!

Bev “Bev Cooks” Weidner is the creator of a popular blog that covers everything from DIY to recipes to “wine talk” and a few rockin’ playlists to make your life so much more colorful and fun. The Arkansas native is now living quite the amazing life in Kansas City with her husband and two kids and we were lucky to get a chance to chat with her for today’s show.  

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Podcast Episode 12: Bev Cooks Talks Food, Wine, Parenting and Music – Fit Bottomed Girls

You know who’s hilarious? Bev “Bev Cooks” Weidner. And if her comedic ramblings on her blog and Instagram weren’t enough to prove it, check her out on Snapchat (p.s. You’re welcome.). We’ve been stalking, er, we mean, following this food-loving music-playing, wine-drinking mom of twins for years now and we are so psyched that we got to interview her for this episode of our podcast!