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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #87

The Super-Duper 2014 Fitbloggin’ Recap!!!

2014 Night 1

This will make much more sense later on in the post.

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am finally ready to put some of my thoughts down about the latest Fitbloggin’ convention (my fourth!) that took place in Savannah this year and offer myself advice for the next trip I take to the south. The days went by in a whirlwind and it was a great mix learning new skills and catching up with old friends.

I had a blast but let me make this absolutely clear—I would change some things if there were a chance for a “Savannah Fitbloggin’ Do-Over.”

  • Put “more” not less into the carry-on suitcase. It was so damn hot and humid in Savannah I mistakenly thought I could bring a couple of changes of wardrobe and be fine.  Soon enough, However, I was sweating my butt off and quickly ran out of options to wear to the multiple events held at the Hyatt. (Note to self—maxi dresses are a gift of the modern age.) If I had to do over there would be more options and less worry about saving space in the suitcase for souvenirs.
  • Bring a flatiron! It was over 90 degrees every day and high humidity so of course my hair had a freak-out. Managed to forget to bring a brush as well. (Also, never going to THAT salon on Fifth in Park Slope again for selling me a crap Keratin treatment!)
  • Pack the nice makeup: I brought along the usual “on vacation” drug-store mascara, eyeliner, foundation, etc. and every speck of it melted off my face in no time. Next time I haul my cookies down to Georgia I will remember to being the lotions and potions that work in any weather. (Think Sephora and not CVS beauty supply!)
  • Order some damn fried chicken! I somehow missed the opportunity to eat real southern fried chicken with gravy and biscuits. (Bad Margo! Bad! Bad!)

But other than that my time in Savannah was magical and I including a few of the highlights for y’all right here. (You’re welcome!)

Day 1:

I was happily surprised to find two of my Blogger friends on the same flight as me. Brooklyn Active Mama and Kimberly of Manifest Yourself greeted me at the Jet Blue gate which immediately got me in the mood for fun times and good vibes. Look how gorgeous we are!


Kimberly, Me and Schnelle at JFK airport

Kimberly, Me and Schnelle at JFK airport

I landed in Savannah and checked on Facebook to find out that Thea of It’s Me Vs. Me was looking for a lunchtime pal. I asked if she would be up for a good old-fashioned southern meal at The Olde Pink House and we were off to the races.

Many friends and acquaintances recommended I eat at “The Pink House” and color me grateful for that tip. This will forever be known as the spot where I first tried fried green tomatoes and watermelon gazpacho. Talk about NOM NOM good? Check out the photos to get an idea of how damn delicious it was:

Fried Green Tomatoes:

Fried Green Tomatoes

“BLT” Salad:

BLT Salad

After our meal we were given the opportunity to explore the rest of Pink House (which was originally built as a private residence in 1789) and were completely blown away with both the décor and the history.

Dining room:

Pink House Interior

At one time the Pink House was a bank and this was the location of their vault (which is now a wine cellar)

Bank Vault Wine Cellar

The “Pink House Pig” that I decided to call Oliver:

Pink House Pig

After our yummy lunch Thea and I headed over to the Gryphon Tea Room and were both gobsmacked at how lovely & charming the city is. So much so that I grabbed my iPad to take this video (apologies for not filming horizontally) to try and capture its essence—here it is!


Then we met up with the group for the prearranged tea time set up by “Losing Weight and Having Fun” Blogger Sarah:

Gryphon Tea

The Gryphon Tea Room was insanely beautiful and I was happy to join in the fun (sipping ice coffee because hot tea makes me gag.)

Gryphon tea 5

Whilst there I met up with my gorgeous roommate Christine of Dubya Wife (she brought a fancy hat and everything!)

Christine Gryphon

There were also pastries and yummy treats on display– however one of my lunch pals (who is of the British persuasion) described everything from the tea to the food as “upper crap.”  Can’t argue or agree with their assessment but to each their own, oui?

Gryphon tea 2

That day/night I stayed up until 2 am catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It was fabulous and featured Legos! Yup–I got pretty drunk and stayed up WAY past my usual bed time. (Photographic evidence at the top.)

Day 2:

The next day I took the “Anti-Computer Body Workout” from celebrity trainer Ashley Borden who was kind enough to speak with me after class for my myriad of training questions. (Thank you Ashley!)

Me and Ashley Borden

One of the best things about the trip was meeting up with fellow EleVen by Venus ambassadors such as Brooke Not on a Diet (love this girl!)

Fitbloggin Team Venus 2

And once again with my Brooklyn bud Schnelle!

2014 Team Venus

From the Sweat Pink & Fit Approach I grabbed Becky Stifter for this shot (how adorable is she, by the way?)

Fitbloggin 2014 Golden Bear becky

Day 3:

I was terribly nervous that NO ONE would show up for my small group discussion How to Pitch Brands for Ambassadorships and Sponsorships that took place Saturday morning at the same damn time as 80s Zumba!! (Who scheduled this? Why do you hate me?)

However I was pleased as punch to see I had a full room waiting for my advice. It made feel great and very useful.

During my talk I used Terry Bicycles as an example of a brand I help with their social media. I enticed my group to show up with the promise that one of them would win this package if they stayed the whole time:

Fitbloggin 2014 Terry Bikes

Lo and behold “Crabby” at Cranky Fitness was my winner for correctly answering this trivia question: “Name two Brooklyn singing legends who went to the same high school together in the 1960s” (Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, of course!)

She plans to enjoy her new seat rising around Provincetown soon.

Afterwards I was lucky enough to attend Katy Widrick’s How to Make a Media Kit discussion which was so inspiring. Thank you Katy! She even has an example of a press kit created in a Word document! Really!

Katy Widrick

And just like that I had to run off to the airport and catch my flight back home. It was a fun time and I am pleased to announce here that Fitbloggin 15 will take place this time next year in Denver—whoo hoo!!

NYC on the horizon

Wait–there’s more–check out more of my thoughts about Fitbloggin with my newest Vlog post now filmed in landscape!


One of my favorite souvenirs from Fitbloggin this year is my collection of business cards I managed to remember to ask for this year (Grrr–I missed getting them from all of the people I wanted!)

Business Card collection 001

So what were your favorite parts of Fitbloggin? What was your favorite session? Where did you eat? I want to hear it all!!!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 69: “Blogger Brunch” Goodie Bag Giveaway! @SweatGuru @MaxFlowSports #giveaway 28

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 69

Featuring: NYC Healthy Bloggers Fit Brunch, My First Formal Headshot and a “Sweat Guru+” Giveaway

NYC Fit Bloggers Brunch!

NYC Fit Bloggers Brunch!


Hey there! Hi there! Hi there!

How are you all doing? Since my incident of vertigo (BPPV) a couple of weeks ago I have been feeling much better (thanks so much to all of you who checked in with me. I really appreciate it.) The key when you are dealing with this type of an ailment is to learn to enjoy life’s little victories. Such as “Hey—I managed to lie back in the washing station chair at the salon and not get dizzy!”  And “Ooh, I can reach down and tie my shoe laces without falling over—cool!”  I have no idea if I will “tumble” again but I if I do—the next time I will not be as scared because and will know what the hell is going and treat the symptoms.

I have not had taken any kind of medicine (over-the-counter or prescribed) in over a week and the exercises I have found on You Tube (particularly this one from As Dr. Jo) have been most helpful. It still makes me nervous to think about teaching core moves on my back (in a supine position)—but I am getting stronger every day and will be back to my old self soon.

Anyhoo—I actually had a fun week starting with my NYC Blogger Brunch held in my apartment-whoo hoo! It’s been hella cold out here and I was worried people would bail out of the schlep to Brooklyn but we had a few brave & hearty souls come by. You can read an excellent recap here from my friend Cassandre of Losing in the City (sorry my cat scared you!) And while our conversation was private (we may have gossiped just a wee bit…) it was fun, light-hearted and full of reciprocated love.

Next time I host I will do a better job of getting the word out on Facebook (I realized I left some pretty groovy friends off of the first invite by accident—dammit!) But if you want to win your own goodie bag form the event just hang on and I will give you the details below.

First I want to thank the following Bloggers for making the trek:

We ate piles of good food, laughed our butts off, tried out the Da Vinci BodyBoard that I reviewed for Fit Bottomed Girls, and I gave away goodie bags! Want to know what they got? Get ready to watch this clio and then find out how you can win!

Also, this past week I had my first official headshot done since…hell I have NO idea when I last sat for a portrait but one of my excellent student is an ace photographer and he managed to “catch my essence” pretty well. His name is Victor Giganti and is based here in Brooklyn. I think this shot is my favorite—what do you think?


Photograph by Victor Giganti

Photograph by Victor Giganti


In the meantime—here is this week’s Vlog post:



You can win this stuff!

You can win this stuff!


Got that? So if you want to win a goodie bag featuring the Sweat Guru bag & pink laces, a headband from MaxFlowSports, plus the food stuffs described you need to do the following.

  • Post a comment below on letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win the @BrooklynFitChik and @SweatGuru goodie bag!”

This is my own special giveaway and I am not being paid to offer it. I will pick one winner next Monday, February 3rd and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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