Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 93: Best Online Workouts, Terry Bikes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a Kickboxing DVD Giveaway!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #93

Best Online & Streaming Workouts, “Book vs. Movie” Podcast Episode 3 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Terry Bikes Shop-arama

Plus: Martial Fusion Cardio Kickboxing DVD Giveaway


Enter to win this DVD today!

Enter to win this DVD today!

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

This past week has been filled with bad news, sadness and things that just enrage me but I will not burden you all with any of that ugliness. Instead, I just want to focus on good things and offer you my newest giveaway—Martial Fusion Kickboxing Cardio Blast DVD. So let’s just dive in with the good stuff, shall we?

  • Best Online & Streaming Workouts: I had another article featured on Fit Bottomed Girls this past week–Best Online & Streaming Workouts. I do the research and found all kinds of workouts offered for every budget from free (most of us can afford that one!) all the way up to $500 for a Hollywood Elite-friendly gym that creates some serious hard bodies. When you get a chance—check it out and let me know what you think!
  • Book vs. Movie Episode 3: The incredible Margo P. She’s Nacho Mama Podcast and I have recorded our latest episode of Book vs. Movie podcast where we talk about both the novella and film Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. Wait—you didn’t know that the famous Audrey Hepburn movie was based on a book? Yes it was and let me tell you something—both are very different from each other. If you have some time—click on the link and take a listen. We are hoping to have them available on Stitcher and iTunes soon (fingers crossed!)

Also—please make sure to ‘like” our Facebook page. (Thank you!)

  • Terry Tent Sale!! As you may know I am a Terry Bikes Fitness Ambassador but what you may not know is that this coming week at their Burlington, Vermont headquarters they are holding a Terry Tent Sale. On Friday, August 22 (10 am – 7 pm) and Saturday, August 23 (10 am – 2pm)  you can shop for “great deals on Samples and Seconds of women’s cycling apparel, bicycle saddles for men and women, dresses, shorts, pants and other cool stuff from major outdoor brands.” And if you really want a good deal spend $10 (to benefit LOCAL MOTION) and catch the Early Bird savings. Wish I could go but I will be there in spirit.
  • Martial Fusion Kickboxing DVDs: Check out the Vlog below to see/hear all of the details for my workout DVD giveaway Martial Fusion Kickboxing Cardio Blast featuring Sensei Guillermo Gomez who is wicked handsome and is a 4th Dan in Aikido with over 25 years of martial arts training in numerous places around the globe, including China’s legendary Shaolin Temple. (Martial Fusion will send the winner their DVD and did not pay to be featured on this blog.)

Now on to this week’s Vlog and giveaway details!


Now here is some more information about Martial Fusion: Cardio Blast DVD:

Burn Major Calories, Strengthen Body and Mind With

New “Martial Fusion™ Kickboxing” DVDs

Miami, FL –Fourth degree Aikido black belt Sensei Guillermo Gomez packs about an hour of “Cardio, cardio, cardio, strength and flexibility,” into his new “Martial Fusion Cardio Blast Workout” DVD. Why waste an hour on a treadmill when kickboxing burns more calories, tones the abs from all angles and keeps the mind engaged? Geared to leave the user both relaxed and energized. This fast paced, easy to follow kickboxing routine blasts calories while toning and slimming the whole body. It sells for $14.95 on Gomez’s best selling DVD, “Martial Fusion Kickboxing CardioBurn”, is also $14.95 on the site.

“Martial Fusion Cardio Blast Workout” thoroughly covers kickboxing’s foundation moves (the basic punches and kicks) and puts various combinations together so the intensity varies throughout the fast-paced hour. The workout is filmed completely in English and has a little extra Spanish flavor to add spice. Participants are one on one with Gomez in a boxing ring setting. No equipment is needed.

According to Gomez, “Martial arts enable us to reach for higher grounds. One of the main principles of Aikido is to  learn how to flow. My workouts are intended to let users feel what it is to have that sense of flow and connection with what is right for you. Not only does it get you through the workout, it can change your approach to everything. While we’re moving our bodies with kickboxing, we’re also engaging our mind and our spirit. We become more open to finding new ideas and energies that might be more natural for us.”

“Martial Fusion CardioBurn” is the best selling DVD in the Martial Fusion series. This non-stop full hour workout offers more of a fitness studio setting with two women working out along with Gomez. Like “Cardio Blast” it will burn hundreds of calories, build endurance, muscular strength, mental focus and will challenge all the muscles of the core. It also uses no equipment or props.

Sensei Guillermo Gomez is a fourth degree black belt in Aikido certified by Hombu Dojo of Tokyo and the International Aikido Federation. He has over 25 years of experience training in, and teaching, martial arts, all over the world, including the Shaolin Temple.   He has certified over 1000 fitness experts in Martial Fusion Cardio Kickboxing in more then ten countries. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Gomez is based in Miami and teaches Cardio Kickboxing at Equinox, Coral Cables. Gomez also runs Aikodo Miami. He has presented at numerous international events and industry conventions worldwide like Italy’s Rimini Wellness, London’s Multitrax, Washington’s DCAC, New York City’s TSI Summit, Montreal’s CIELO Studios, Mexico’s Acapulco Fitness, Spain’s YPD Camp, AIC Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City and participated at The World Combat Games in Russia. Gomez’s teachings range from martial arts training, zen meditation, qigong, weight loss, self-discipline, health, wellness, relieving anxiety and stress, conquering fear, overcoming obstacles and challenges, developing focus, balance, awareness and inner-peace. For more information, visit,

If you want to win this giveaway you must do the following (Continental United States only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win Martial Fusion Kickboxing from @martialfusion and @brooklynfitchik”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random on Monday, August 25th at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 85 Venus Williams, Terry Bikes, Fitbloggin & More!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #85

Fitbloggin Updates Including EleVen by Venus & Terry Bikes Giveaway

You can see me wearing this EleVen by Venus top at Fitbloggin!

You can see me wearing this EleVen by Venus top at Fitbloggin!


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It is less than two weeks away to the annual Fitbloggin convention and I can hardly contain myself—weeee!  I have been in full beauty preparation mode in anticipation for the southern heat & humidity. Hair has been colored and a full keratin treatment was processed this past week. My eyebrows and upper lip are hair-free and I am stocking up on oil-free moisturizers, glopping on sunscreen and am ready to pretend to be scared when we take the Savannah ghost house tour. Bring it on!

I hope to meet as many of you as possible though I want to warn you—I have to leave a bit early (Saturday afternoon) so if you see me—just run over and give me a hug without a second thought.

This week my Blog/Vlog post is super short & sweet in anticipation of Fitbloggin. I will have my usual playlist, reviews and magazine recaps coming up this week as well. So let’s get this week started y’all!

  • Fitbloggin: The annual Fitbloggin takes place this year in Savannah, Georgia from June 26-29th and this year I am leading a discussion—How to Pitch Brands for Ambassadorships & Sponsorships on Saturday, June 28th from 9:30-10:30 am. I know this might be either a bit too early or a conflicting time with another panel—but if you can make it, I would LOVE to see you there. Pencil it in now!


  • EleVen by Venus: One of the newer brands I am now an ambassador for is EleVen by Venus which is the creation of tennis superstar Venus Williams. I will talk about what it takes to work for a high-profile label and how you can serve the same capacity for your favorite brand. (Plus, I will be wearing some of their fetching gear which you can check out in the picture above!)


  • Terry Bikes Giveaway at Fitbloggin! I will also be talking about how I started working for Terry Bicycles which is one of THE top makers of cycling gear for women. Terry has never had a fitness ambassador before and it  has been such a pleasure for me to raise their awareness throughout the fitness community. Better than that-p-I will be giving away one Butterfly TI Gel Saddle to one lucky participant at the small group discussion. Whether you ride for sport or pleasure this seat will rock your socks off! Check out what it looks like in the video below!



That’s all I have for this week. Next week I plan to have a new giveaway from another sponsor of mine —MaxFlowSports. Be sure to come back soon ya hear?

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 68: Whoa Vertigo! Plus @TerryBikes @MaxFlowSports

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog: Episode 68

Featuring: A Vertigo Incident, My New Ambassadorships with Terry Bicycle and MaxFlowSports

Plus Final Reminder: NYC Healthy Blogger Brunch (Saturday, January 25th in Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Image courtesy of Marriette ""

Image courtesy of Mari “”


Hey there! Hi there! Whoa there!

This past week I had a rather scary incident with vertigo. Well it lasted for almost three days so “incident” might not be the best way to describe what happened to me but on Monday morning I was teaching my usual core class at 8 am. There have been times in the past when I felt some dizziness when lying completely flat on my back (supine) or if I reached to the floor quickly when doing an interval move. Nothing crazy—but just a moment of feeling off balance and having to redirect myself that would happen from time to time.

This past Monday I was demonstrating a move on my back when all of a sudden I felt as if the room was spinning around me and I was completely disoriented. Hoping to just “snap out of it” I kept on talking and trying to reassure myself that everything was fine but after about 30 seconds I realized this was beyond a momentary sensation.

Turning my head to my “good” side I made eye contact with one of my students and said “please come over and help me.” Ten minutes later I was driven home by two friends who told me to make sure I eat something and get some rest. (“Must be your blood pressure!” offered one of my students.)

However deep down I knew differently–this was a BAD incident. It was not going to go away quickly either.

Two hours later I woke up from a nap with the dizziness still hanging on and my nerves completely frayed. Eventually I was able to walk to my pharmacist to get some Dramamine which helped somewhat but the symptoms lasted most of the time every single day until Thursday when I was finally able to see my brand new doctor with my brand new Obama-care insurance. (In fact, my insurance card arrived that very day.)

Turns out my inner ear canal was infected which aggravated the vertigo and ear drops helped alleviate many of my symptoms (along with a prescription for Meclizine.) I was even able to teach my classes on Friday & Saturday morning (off the bike and very much upright without too much motion) and am feeling better every day.

But now I must begin the process of finding out exactly what type of vertigo I have (there are several) and what I need to do (hopefully) prevent future “tumbles.”

Based on my symptoms so far I believe I have the following type of vertigo:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

From the Mayo Clinic Staff:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo — the sudden sensation that you’re spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is characterized by brief episodes of mild to intense dizziness. Symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo are triggered by specific changes in the position of your head, such as tipping your head up or down, and by lying down, turning over or sitting up in bed. You may also feel out of balance when standing or walking.”

What this means is that I will learn to do a series of exercises at home to get the ear crystals back in place that are floating around like freaks on a party boat right now. I am most hopeful this will work and secretly dread it could happen again while I am either driving, on the subway or just out in public and not in a safe place to be helpless.

But I know that I am also a badass and can take on any challenge in front of me. So I will keep you all up-to-date on my progress but if you know anything about vertigo—please reach out and let me know what you experiences have been and what works for you. I want to hear from you!

And now, cat photo time!

The Floof looked out for me every day. (Sarah)

The Floof looked out for me every day. (Sarah)

Now on to this week’s insanely happy news: (Drum roll!)

Terry Bicycles Ambassadors:

After months of reaching out and talking back & forth I can finally announce that I am a Terry Bicycles Ambassador! Whoo hoo! If you are not familiar with them—Terry makes some of the best cycling gear for women and I have been a fan of their for many, many years. I am beyond thrilled to help introduce them to a whole new audience of active chicks who want to look cute while staying safe on their two-wheelers. I will be writing a regular column for their monthly newsletter as well and will be sure to post them on my Facebook and Twitter page.

In the meantime, be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.



Also, I was recently contacted by a new company called MaxFlowSports that creates some of the best (and secure) headbands on the market for men and women to keep you hair back and still look good.

Created by Steve Hines, these headbands are made with a “cross-grip” technology to stay in place on the top of your head no matter what workout your are doing. I cannot tell you how crazy it makes me to keep pulling on my headband into place when I am teaching. These hairbands work great and I am happy to call myself one of their new brand ambassadors.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

And if you would lie to try one and live in New York City—they will be included in the goodie bag at my Super, Super Brooklyn Blogger Brunch!


The New York City Health & Fitness Bloggers Brunch! Park Slope, Brooklyn (Saturday, January 25th)

I have mentioned this a million times already but if you want to attend the bunch set for THIS SATUDAY than please leave a message in the comments and I will get in touch with you.

BFC Brunch Invite

In the meantime—here is this week’s Vlog post:


That’s it for today. Be sure to come back tomorrow as I will have a new giveaway! (Can’t say what it is but it’s pretty damn cool!)


Ox Ox,


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What Did We Learn this Month? @Shape_Magazine with @kellyrowland on the Cover!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Shape: October 2013

Kelly Rowland photographed by Nino Munoz

Kelly Rowland photographed by Nino Munoz


Shape Cover Star for October:

Kelly Rowland is on the cover and she is showing off her buff bod that comes courtesy of her bad-ass trainer Jeanette Jenkins. The two partnered on a workout DVD Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt that you can catch a glimpse of  here:

Check out these core moves with Ms. Rowland playing the role of model.

Kelly Rowland inside 001

“Pump it Up”

Try these moves from Crunch trainer Carol Johnson (“Stiletto Strength”) to get your legs and core in top shape for your sexy heels. (Like my new Kate Spade’s pumps!)

Leg workout 001

“Power Those Miles”

Strength training exercises from ACE exercise physiologist Mark Kelly Ph.D. that will help all of you runners gain power.

 Runner moves 001

“Julianne Moore”

The flawless actress and author will star in the remake of Carrie this month and I CANNOT WAIT to see it.

Julianne Moore 001

“Suited to Cycle”

OMG—I love this page that is filled to the damn brim with cute cycling gear! (Be still my beating heart.)

cycling gear in Shape 001

“Get Ready to Row!”

Rowing is catching on in gyms across the country. Try this workout from LA-based trainer Jay Blahnik that will increase your upper body strength and will get your heart pumping.

Rowing 001

“Hot Wheels: Burn 650 Calories Per Hour”

If you want to get shapely legs while enjoying the great outdoors—get on a bike dammit! (Cycling has changed my life so I am a bit of an evangelist…) Before putting pedal to the metal check out these tips from APEX Coaching expert Neal Henderson.
Cycling tips in Shape 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “1-Move/3-Ways Push-Up” Shape asked trainer Jay Cardiello to show how to work your way up to an awesome push-up.
  • “The Skinny on Bulk Candy” Candy—–yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. (page 104)
  • “Juice Joints” Are you into juicing? Check out the reviews here for some of the best-known juice joints in the U.S.

Follow Shape magazine online at:

Overall Grade:

A  Lots of great workouts , beauty & fashion stories and yummy recipes. This issue made me smile.


Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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My newest article for @FitBottomedGirl talking about @VenusWilliams and @Flywheel

Brooklyn Fit Chick/Fit Bottomed Girls

“Venus Williams at Flywheel”

One fly chick at Flywheel!

One fly chick at Flywheel!

I have my latest article for Fit Bottomed Girl ready talking about Venus Williams at Flywheel Sports!


Link here!


Talk soon!

What Did We Learn This Month? @BicyclingMag @MandFHers @PreventionMag #fitbloggin

What Did We Learn This Month?

Recaps of Bicycling, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Prevention

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

My magazine stacks are getting sky high but I am determined to get these out to you people so hang on to your knickers everyone and let’s get to it!

 Bicyling Mag June 2013 001

Bicycling: June 2013

  • “Eat to Ride” Bicycling editors offer tips on how to survive all of those summer rides by fueling properly.
  • “Aprés Ride” French for ‘after’ ride and this page is all full of fun items for guys and gals after a day on the road.
  • “Feed Your Thirst” Foods that are “water-rich” and will help you stay hydrated all day.
  • “City Guide: Washington DC” Oooh, I have had a yen to travel to our nation’s capital lately and this guide made me all kinds of curious about riding there.
  • “Senseless” I feel very strongly about everyone wearing their helmets wherever they ride (even on grass!) but I was not aware of the fact they do not protect you from concussions. Ruh oh! Get on that safer helmet makers!!
  • “Lift Off” Have you heard about biking trips where they take you up a mountain and you basically live the high life the whole time? Anyone want to take me along? I will be a quiet roommate—I promise!
  • “Up to Me” As an instructor I am all about getting my students to climb and strength train on the bike and this article reminds me why I love heading up the hills outside the classroom as well.
  • “The Gold Standard” The eight “Extraordinary Bikes” of the year as chosen by the editors of Bicycling.

Check out Bicycling online here:

Muscle and Fitness Hers

Muscle & Fitness Hers: May/June 2013

  • “Must-Try Move… Strong, Beautiful Back” Advice on how to make your back sex-ay and strong from Alicia Harris Ross (IFBB Figure Pro,) Dana Linn Bailey (IFBB Physique Pro) and Jelena Abbou (IFBB Figure Pro.)
  • “Pear-Shaped Peril” Being pear-shaped can be dangerous to your health if you do not watch what you eat. (Check out page 34 for more information.)
  • Yeshaira Robles: Here we get a day-in-the-life of the IFBB Bikini Competitor who has an adorable daughter and a boyfriend with guns the size of watermelons.
  • “The Secret to a Killer Core” IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Plaxson is the star of the pull-out workout for your abs and back. (She is also on the cover suckas!)
  • “Ridiculously Healthy Burgers” These recipes made me go ‘nom nom’ out loud.
  • “Hello Gorgeous Glutes” You want to raise your booty a little higher? Try out these moves from IFBB Figure Pro Larissa Reis.
  • Drita D-Avanzo: Thank you Muscle & Fitness Magazine Hers for featuring my favorite “Mob Wife” in your publication. She is a shoe-throwing badass and I love her!

Check out Muscle & Fitness Hers online here:

 Prevention 001

Prevention: May 2013

  • “The Unexpected Face of Depression” Men’s depression can be misdiagnosed as an anger management issue. The signs of depression to look for with the men in your life.
  • “In Her Right Mind” Holy sh*t! This article about a Harvard scientist who came back from an almost completely debilitating stroke. A must read!
  • “New Ways to Beat Osteoperosis” It takes more than calcium to make strong bones—check out this feature to find out what you need to do to stay healthy and strong in your bones.
  • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Skin Care” Advice on how to keep your skin safe in the summer season.
  • “Your Transformation Challenge” Prevention gives you a 4-week (28-day) plan to get you as healthy as possible with trainer Chris Freytag as their resident expert.
  • “Is This What is Eating You?” The South Beach Diet creator Dr. Arthur Agaston talks about gluten intolerance and the “hidden danger of grains.” (His newest book is called The South Beach Diet: Gluten Solution)
  • “Get Moving, Get Better” When your joints are aching it can be easy to tell yourself to slow down and not work out so hard. However, experts are finding out that your ailing knees could benefit from a tough workout.

Check out Prevention online

So that is all I have for today folks. Have you read of these magazines this month? What did you think? Let me know!

Until next time!

Ox ox,

Brooklyn Fit Chick


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vintage Post: “Why I Always Wear a Helmet” #nationalrideyourbiketoworkweek

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vintage Post:

“Why I Wear a Helmet” (2010)

Hi Gang!

Having just found out that this is National Ride Your Bike to Work Week—I wanted to repost something I wrote three years ago and is a subject close to my heart—the reason I always wear a bike helmet.

Thanks for letting me take this trip down amnesia rode once again!

First—here is a picture of my bike along with the two (count ‘em two) bike helemets I own. Never do I leave the apartment for a ride without putting one of them on. Never!

My two bike helmets plus a partial view of my Pee Wee Herman doll!

My two bike helmets plus a partial view of my Pee Wee Herman doll!

Growing up, my generation did not bother with helmets, elbow and/or knee pads or enforced adult supervision. We were the latch-key, forgotten generation who boldly (and often stupidly) embraced dangerous activities without a second thought.

Anyhoo, way back when I was the rare tenth-grader who craved responsibility & structure and actively looked for an afterschool job but was too young to legally be hired anywhere. So I took my sincerity and youthful optimism and volunteered as a “Candy Striper” at the Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Malvern, PA. (Shout out!)

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about—Candy Stripers were young gals who were basically interns for hospitals and available to help out the hospital staff by handing out magazines, taking patients on their daily walk, playing cards, and pretty much do whatever the nurses ordered–  ahem, I mean asked us to do.

If you are wondering why they were called Candy Stripers, it was because our bitchin’ uniforms that resembled a candy cane (from Getty Images)

A really sexy look I have to say...

A really sexy look I have to say…

Ugh, the memories are coming back now. This is probably the least flattering uniform for any profession. (Shudders)

Back to my story, my wing held the head-trauma patients and my job (which I took very seriously) was to hang out with them in between their doctor’s appointments and rehabilitation sessions. That could mean playing board games, watching TV, walking around the hospital grounds or as with my favorite patient–listen to records. (Records—yes, CDs were on the market but the hospital could not afford a “boom box” to play them.)

The patient whom I remember most clearly (and therefore was my favorite) was named Alice and she was 17-years old, had a boyfriend and a driver’s license which automatically made her seem cool as shit to 15 year-old me. Alice was very a beautiful girl and her parents described her as a “handful” on the count of her habit of sneaking out of the house to take midnight rides with her boyfriend who owned a motorcycle. (The coolness just kept piling on!)

Why was Alice a patient in the head trauma unit? From what I was told, one day while going on an actual parent-approved date, Alice’s boyfriend hit a wet patch of leaves which caused his cycle to slide under a car (he was uninjured) while she was flown (head-first) right into the sidewalk. Without a helmet. In essence, Alice woke up one day as a “normal” high school senior and by that afternoon was left with the intellectual ability of a nine-year old.

A nine-year old with fits of temper and terrible headaches. Her short-term memory was practically nil; in fact I had to continually introduce myself to her for months. Alice’s muscle coordination was compromised to the point where at the end of the day she would develop a noticeable limp and her right shoulder would stoop down into her chest.

Alice loved to listen to music and thought I was the coolest person ever because I was always bringing “new” records during my shift. Actually I only owned three but she could never remember what I brought the week before so as far she was concerned, I was a musical Santa Claus!

After several months of weekly visits, Alice was finally getting to the point where she would remember me, my name and the day I was due to be there. She would jump around and grab my arm excitedly when we would have the rec room to ourselves for “record time!”

Hands down her favorite was “Journey’s Greatest Hits” and her favorite song was their ballad Who’s Cryin’ Now. As soon as the last guitar note would fade away she would shuffle over, pick up the needle and play it again. And each time her eyes would be closed as she listened very carefully to the beginning notes of the piano.

This happened so often the doctors, nurses, janitors and patients would take turns pleading with me and Alice to “please, please play another song!” To this day, I have a clear image of a young girl desperately trying to remember the lyrics and clapping clumsily off beat to the magic that was 80’s Journey.

Almost six months to the day she was admitted to the center Alice had a seizure and was transferred to another facility. I was desperate to find out her condition but no one could offer a conclusive prognosis.

This completely threw me off because up until that time I thought doctors and hospitals had the answers for every ailment and injury imaginable. When I questioned her physician about her chances of ever getting better he shrugged his shoulders and said “Who knows? It’s a head injury.”

As he walked past me he added “You never want two things kiddo: you never want to be burned and you never want a head injury. All bets are off with either one.” Never forgot that.

Please promise me you will always wear your helmet as well.

Ox ox,



Brooklyn Fit Chick

Twitter: @BrooklynFitChik

PS: This one’s for you Alice—wherever you may be.