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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 98: Fitness “Meet & Tweet,” “Tips of the Scales” Podcast, The Skinny Gut Diet Giveaway 10

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #98

Tips of the Scale Podcast, New Tunes for Playlist, Fitness Meet & Tweet, People Who Leave Their Crap by the Stereo in Class

Plus: The Skinny Gut Diet Giveaway!

1 skinny gut

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I had a crazy busy week and will soon be going on a quick business trip but fear not—I am still posting as often as I can and offering a new book giveaway as well. Woo hoo! So let’s all take a deep breath and then dive right into my quick hits this week plus my book giveaway by Brenda Watson C.N.C.

  • Tips of the Scale Podcast: At Fitbloggin this past summer I was lucky enough to meet Sam Lomeli who hosts his own podcast Tips of the Scale. In case you are not familiar with him (and dammit—you should be!) Sam interviews an array of “real” people each episode who are either currently dealing with weight loss issues or have overcome them and want to inspire others. Many of my Fitbloggin pals have been on his show including Brandi of Diets in Review, Martinus of 300 Pounds and Running and Alan of Sweating Until Happy. Sam is a guy who really cares about helping people get healthy and I encourage you to subscribe to his show on iTunes and follow him on Twitter @TipsOfTheScale podcast.
  • Need New Tunes for Playlists! I realize I made this call-out before but I really meant it this time—I am desparate for new music to use in my group fitness classes. (Also on assignment for Fit Bottomed Girls and they are itchin for me to get off my Gluteus Maximus and get a few out to them as well!) So pretty please—just leave me one tune below in the comments section below. One song that makes you feel happy & motivated when working out. I would appreciate it SO much!
  • Fitness Magazine “Meet & Tweet Event” Where are my East Coast fitness Bloggers at? How many of you are going to be at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet this week? It’s the THIRD annual event and I am lucky enough to have been invited to attend and I so want to make sure I say “hey” to all of my peeps there. (My friend Namaste Mari teases me for being a notorious bailer of events but I want to say “hi” to YOU so let me know to keep an eye out for ya!)
  • Students Leaving Their Crap by the Teacher’s Area: This is more of a vent/rant than a new post but at one place where I teach I have a student who leaves her purse right by me while I am teaching and it really cheeses me off. Not sure WHY it bothers me so much but she just ASSUMES she can leave anything she wants by me when I am teaching and maybe it will be safe there? I have no idea but no one else does this and it is driving me nuts. I will explain more in the Vlog but any advice you can give me to handle this tactfully will also be appreciated. (I am not kidding—this is a real problem I am having.)
  • The Skinny Gut Diet Book Giveaway: Are you interested in proper digestion and also like to win things? Well get ready to enter to win The Skinny Gut Diet by Brenda Watson who is a certified nutrition counselor and has the most amazing Twitter name @brendapoopscoop. If you are interested in winning your own copy (open to the Continental U.S. only, sorry!) then check out my Vlog below. Good luck and happy pooping!

Now on to this week’s Vlog and giveaway details!


The Skinny Gut Diet

By Brenda Watson, C.N.C

In your digestive tract live100 trillion bacteria, which make up 90 percent of the cells in your body and are the real reason you gain or lose weight. Everyone has a unique balance of good and bad bacteria that either keeps them healthy or leaves them susceptible to disease. This same balance contributes to weight gain or to weight loss. By increasing the “be skinny” bacteria and decreasing the “fat” bacteria, you can finally achieve your ideal weight—for good.

In THE SKINNY GUT DIET (on sale 10/7/14, Harmony Books), New York Times bestselling author, certified nutritional consultant, and digestive health expert Brenda Watson offers an insightful perspective on this connection between weight gain and an underlying imbalance of bacteria in the gut, or what she calls the gut factor.  Drawing upon the latest scientific research, Watson illuminates the inner workings of the digestive system and provides instructions for achieving a healthy bacterial ecosystem that initiates weight loss by enabling the body to absorb fewer calories from food, reduce cravings, and store less fat.

The premise is simple: curtail sugar consumption (and its surprising sources) and eat more healthy fats, living foods, and protein to balance the bacteria in your digestive tract. The result? A skinny gut and optimal health.

THE SKINNY GUT DIET centers around an easy-to-follow lifestyle plan. A 14-day eating guide, dozens of delicious and easy to prepare recipes, and sage advice will help you achieve—and maintain—digestive balance and sustained weight loss. With inspiring real-life stories of individuals who transformed their health and their waistlines on the Skinny Gut Diet, Watson empowers you to become your own health advocate.

THE SKINNY GUT DIET is a lifestyle that will transform readers by giving them the tools to eat well for their gut so that they can lose those extra pounds, regain their health, and enjoy the vitality that newfound health brings.

{Just a note—Harmony Books is not sponsoring this post and will send the book directly to the winner.}

If you want to win a copy of The Skinny Gut Diet you must do the following (Continental United States only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win “The Skinny Gut Diet” by @brendapoopscoop from @brooklynfitchik”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random on Monday, October 27, 2014 at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)
Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 71: “Ultimate Booty Workout,” The Biggest Loser Kerfuffle, and 5 “Retired” Songs 16

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 71

The “Let’s Giveaway Ultimate Booty Workouts” Edition

Plus: The Biggest Loser Controversy & 5 Songs I Have “Retired”

Booty Book cover

 Hey there! Hi there! Hi there!


One of my favorite Blogger buddies is Tamara Grand of Fit Knit Chick. Tamara is busy wife, mother, pet lover (fellow cat lady!) and personal trainer who specializes in helping women in their 40s & 50s get into shape. You have probably deduced from the name of her Blog she is also a bit of a knitter and likes to figure how to make beautiful things with yarn and a little imagination.

Tamara’s first book is the Ultimate Booty Workouts: Exercises to Build, Lift and Sculpt an Amazing Butt from Ulysses Press and I am picking one winner to receive a copy of it (Continental U.S. and Canada only.) You need to check out the clip down below to find out how to win. (I am a little chatty today so jump on down there if you do not have the patience for a little ranting.)


So, have any of you heard about a certain TV show called The Biggest Loser? Well in case you have been studying the back & forth of the Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow, Mia Farrow, Moses Farrow and Ronan Farrow nightmare instead here is the rundown of the best links for The Biggest Loser Finale/Salute to Disordered Eating & Thinking:

So I guess we should all finally admit that this show is NOT about getting healthy and is in fact a corporate-sponsored spectacle that found a way to make money fat-shaming a willing group of people desperate to save their lives?  See, you create footage of people throwing up into potted plants, stumbling on treadmills and breaking down in tears due to exhaustion and it is okay. Because this is how you cure obesity! And it doesn’t matter if the same things happen each season—because we will keep repackaging it like it is new!

NBC doesn’t care about health & wellness—ratings will always be king to them. Ratings and profit share are of top interest to every network and NBC in particular taking branding of The Biggest Loser to top restaurant chains and getting them to pay millions for the chance to sell to their audience.  The sheer number of sponsors on the program and the lack of high-priced actors make this program a money maker. (I could never get through an episode of The Biggest Loser because of all of the damn commercials throughout the show that already had advertisements!)

And I am sure the winner had dollar signs in her head the whole time. Can you blame her? Who couldn’t use $250,000? Would you willingly lose a quarter million dollars over a few pounds? I would have done the same damn thing if I thought I could get that small. (How the hell doesn’t she have loose skin, by the way? Anyone?)

She certainly isn’t a villain, a victim or a stooge—she is a competitor. I give Rachel a pass. She went on a game show and won the whole shebang.

Let’s just hope we never see it get to this level again. (Shuddering at the very thought of it.)

My point is we cannot find salvation for the obesity epidemic by a profit-driven entertainment company. They will always look to make it sensational and forget about the whole “let’s help people really in dire need right now.”

(Whew! I am done with this one. Let’s move on, shall we?)


Putting together playlists for my classes (and let’s be real—for you guys as well!) is one of the joys of my life. I decided to go back to some older ones to see if maybe I should bring back some songs I have forgotten about over the years. This brought me face to face with several songs that used to appear regularly in my classes that I eventually dropped altogether. I still like them all for listening but for teaching—I am officially done with the following five tunes…

  • Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake (Listened to this one way too many times to appreciate anymore. Love JT but with this one I am dunzo.)
  • Single Ladies: Beyonce (OMG–I loved this song when it first came out but I damn it got annoying. And I am a huge B fan. )
  • Sweet Child of Mine: Guns N Roses (This used to be a song that rocked everyone socks off but I have to admit—it’s classic rock now and some people just can’t take it. I got sick of seeing some of my student’s faces get all grumpy for the whole six minutes. Love it in my personal life but in classes—nope.)
  • Give it Away: Red Hot Chili Peppers (I love most of their music for fast sprints—but this tune is just a tough slog for me. Too repetitive and loooooong. About a minute and half too long.)
  • Freedom 90: George Michael (I did this to myself. I played it so many damn times over the years I lost all of my joy for it. And this was one of my favorite songs of ALL time. So I am letting George go for a while.)

So are there any songs you used to love and now have to retire from your workout playlist? Let me know.

In the meantime– let’s get on to this week’s Vlog post:



Exercises to Build, Lift and Sculpt an Amazing Butt

Tamara Grand

Every woman wants a sexy backside. Introducing Ultimate Booty Workouts, a new all-levels fitness program targeted to tone and perk your butt with easy-to-follow exercises and step-by-step pictures!

Strengthen your glutes and feel the burn with the Basic Glute Bridge. Target those pesky inner thigh muscles with Pliés and Goblet Squats.


The targeted programs in this book will have your booty toned and perky in no time. Plus, these workouts will help your glutes and hamstrings:

  • Accelerate fat loss
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease, back hip & knee pain
  • Tighten & tone abs


Tamara Grand loves in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband, three children, a ginger cat and a stash of hand-dyed yarn. She works as a BRRPA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and is armed with a PhD in Biology.

I insist that you follow Tamara as well. It will do your body good!




You Tube

Got that? So if you want to win you need to do the following (Continental United States & Canada only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win the @fitknitchick_1 #bootyworkout from @brooklynfitchick”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

This is my own special giveaway and I am not being paid to offer it. I will pick one winner at random next Monday, February17th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog 67: NYC Blogger Brunch Deets, 21-Day Sugar Detox, & More 5

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 67

Featuring: The Brooklyn Fit Chick NYC Bloggers Brunch, 21 Day Sugar Detox, Fitbloggin’, Diets in Review Article, & The Cutest Video of the Week

Plus: My Brand-New Super-Secret Ambassadorship

BFC Brunch Invite

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I have had a rather hellish week dealing with getting my health insurance to kick in and will not besmirch this post with the negativity it has brought into my life. That I will save for its own post tomorrow! In this week’s Vlog post I will discuss:

The New York City Health & Fitness Bloggers Brunch! Park Slope, Brooklyn// Saturday, January 25th

Attention all health & wellness Bloggers because I am hosting a bunch at chez moi and I want to meet you all in person. The invite details are up top and I am getting together a fantastic goodie bag together so PLEASE RSVP me at brooklynfitchick at gmail dot come for all of the deets.


21-Day Sugar Detox:

Clowns to the left of me—jokers to the right and I am smack dab in the middle of this 21-Day Sugar Detox from the amazing Diane Sanfilippo, BS NC who is the author of not only the 21-Sugar Detox Cookbook but also my favorite cookbook of all time Practical Paleo. Wish I could say it was easy and I have been perfect but alas, my candy cravings (brought on by excessive stress) were so strong the other day I chowed down on a few tic tacs from my purse as if my life depended on them. Oh, and I may have had a glass of red wine or two (or three…)

However, I am sticking to it as closely as possible and am enjoying the results so far (skin clear, gut feels fine, no bloating—score!)

Here is a photo of the “Beef & Bacon Cottage Pie” I made last weekend that rocked my socks off. Deeeeee-liscious!




FitBloggin 2014:

Once again this year I am going to be a speaker at Fitboggin! Whoopee! If you are curious about the annual convention check out the details here Can’t wait to see all of my peeps in Savannah!


Diets in Review:

I was thrilled to be included in this article from Diets in Review talking about the sheer number of e-mail subscriptions that overwhelm my inbox each day. (For the record I subscribe to Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Sugar, and Mental Floss.)


Cutest Video in the Whole Wide World (This Week)

If you are wondering what it would look like for the most adorable baby in the world to meet her uncle for the first time who just so happens to be her dad’s identical twin check it out here. You’re welcome!


My New Super-Secret Ambassadorship:

I was hoping to make the official announcement today but I have a new ambassadorship that I am DYING to talk to you all about but my lips have to be sealed a few more days. It should all be sorted out soon but here is a hint: it’s a company that is about cycling and women. More to come soon!

In the meantime—here is this week’s Vlog post:


Love y’all! Talk soon.


Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 65 Featuring @babnotonadiet @DietsInReview @WomansDay @DVBodyBoard@CindyWhitmarsh 16

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 65 (Workout DVD Giveaway!)

Featuring: My Friend Brooke Birmingham in Woman’s Day magazine, My Twitter Stream Featured on Diets in Review,The Da Vinci Body Board Workout at My Apartment, The Film Love Actually, NO Gwyneth Takedown Interviews on the Horizon

Plus: My Cindy Whitmarsh DVD Giveaway!

Ufit cover 2UFit Cover

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

So sorry for the delay but I was completely swamped last Sunday and could not get focused enough to Vlog for you.  So it is TODAY that I finally get my butt in gear  and give you all the latest about what’s going on with me and the people I love.

Annnnd here we go…

Brooklyn Fit Chick Latest News:

  • I seem to only know fabulous people lately because my friend Brooke Birmingham of is featured this month in Woman’s Day magazine! Brooke lost over 172 pounds after joining Weight Watchers and writing about her health journey on her Blog. I am SO proud of her and encourage you all to get the January 2014 issue and look for page 95 to read all about her. (Love this gal and my cats regard her very highly, as well!)
  • Womans Day 001
  • This past week I found out I made the “Best to Follow on Twitter in the Best of 2013 from Diets in Review as a top person to follow on Twitter! Yay! (Thank you Brandi!)
  • My cat Tennessee was nominated as “One of the Cutest Cats in Brooklyn” by the Brooklyn Bugle (All those posts on Instagram are paying off people! I am looking for some “Grumpy Cat” money to come in soon…)
  • I had the lovely Floery Mahoney of the super-hot DaVinci Body Board come to my apartment to offer me a personal workout to to try out that amazing piece of equipment. (Which, by the way, is completely AWESOME and I will write a full review for Fit Bottomed Girls soon.)
  • Floery Mahoney demonstrating the Da Vinci Body Board in my messy apartment!

    Floery Mahoney demonstrating the Da Vinci Body Board in my messy apartment!

  • Then I caught a nasty cold that took my all of my energy last week and then capped THAT off by slipping on my bedroom rug Thursday night and bruising my tailbone (coccyx) which let me tell you— hurts like an MF-er!!
  • Also, I finally got around to seeing Love Actually and have to say I agree with this entire review from Jezebel. In short—it stinks like yesterday’s diapers!
  • Lastly I found out from my good friend Stacy that Vanity Fair will NOT be publishing an epic, takedown interview of Gwyneth Paltrow (There is no Santa Clause people!)


Okay enough of my crabby writing and please enjoy this week’s Vlog!

Now let us get to this week’s giveaway!!!! Here are the details of the Cindy Whitmarsh Giveaways! 

Get Fit in Six Weeks, Stay Fit for Life with Cindy Whitmarsh’s New U.F.I.T. Weight Loss Program!

SAN DIEGO, CA –Fitness and sports nutrition expert Cindy Whitmarsh has trained everyone from professional athletes to new moms. Her new U.F.I.T. weight loss program asks women to give her six weeks, one minute at a time, for results that will last a lifetime. The three Ultra Focused Interval Training DVDs each include two 20-minute workouts. Each workout is made up of one, two or three minute intervals, alternating cardio and toning. The moves are athletic and uncomplicated. What is U.F.I.T. Training? It’s an intense interval training method consisting of targeted intervals to turn any body into a calorie-burning machine while building a sleek, toned physique! Since no workouts can beat what one eats, the complete downloadable U.F.IT. package ($39.95) also includes a meal plan and a workout calendar. Each DVD is available on line and sells for $14.95 ($39.95 set) Everything (including meal plan $19.95 and workout calendar $9.95) is available individually or as complete set.

The three DVDs are:

U.F.I.T. Ultra Burn – Calorie Crushing Cardio and Sculpt & Stretch

U.F.I.T.  Ultra Lean – Upper Body Bliss and Lower Body Blast

U.F.I.T Ultra Tight – Hard Body and 6 Pack Abs

Hand weights are used. Modifications are offered for beginners. One can expect sweat will pour but that’s what it takes to make lasting, noticeable changes.

The workout calendar included in the complete set makes it easy to know which workout to do each day. For the first two weeks, one only has to commit to twenty minutes for six consecutive days.

The meal plan includes a first week jump start, grocery list, advice on supplements, eating on the go and more. Week one switches the body into an accelerated change mode. From there it moves into a plan designed to help anyone stay on track to be fit, maintain lean muscle and live healthier. Three meals and two snacks daily provide approximately 1250 calories each day for woman and 1750 for men. Each meal aims for a ratio of 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fat.

About Cindy Whitmarsh: Certified by the American Council on Exercise and National Association of Sports Nutrition, Cindy has worked with San Diego Charger football players, Charger girls, pro beach volleyball players and the anchors of Good Morning San Diego where she is the fitness correspondent. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate & Community Fitness/Nutrition from North Dakota State University. She moved to San Diego from North Dakota in 1994 when she was 40 pounds heavier than she is now. She has maintained that weight loss even after having three children ranging in age from 2 to 13.  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @CindyWhitmarsh, Instragram and

Here is a clip from Cindy Whitmarsh so you can see her style for yourself.


In order to win these DVDs (Continental U.S. only!) you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below (on this particular blog post).
  2. Tweet out your interest by saying “I want to win @CindyWhitmarsh from @BrooklynFitChik”
  3. Subscribe to my You Tube here (let me know if you are already subscribed!)

I will randomly pick one winner for all three DVDs next Monday, December 30th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Named in @DietsInReview “Best of 2013” #sweatpink #fitapproach 8

Brooklyn Fit Chick Featured in Diets in Review “Best of 2013”

Whoo hoo!

 DIR Round

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

So sorry for the delay but I went down a holiday shopping & then shipping rabbit hole and am just starting to get back into gear. Then what happens—I get sick! So whilst I fight off my annual December cold (the Vlog will have to wait until next week my friends!) let me take a moment to say THANK YOU to my friends at Diets in Review for featuring little ole me in their “Best of 2013” post. I am beyond thrilled to be included with such an amazing crew of online health & fitness peeps.

Check it out here! The Best of 2013: From Fearless Selfies to Fitness Leaders the 26 Must-Follow Names in Fitness

Congrats to so many of fellow “Besties” including Josie, Martinus, Jamie, Alan, Carla, Jenn, Emily, Ronnie and Leah.

I will be back soon with magazine reviews, giveaways and more starting tomorrow.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 64 with @SkinnyCoco @LeslieWalks @authemmie @onionsaregross 26

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 64

Featuring: Authentically Emmie in Ladies Home Journal, Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil Twitter Bash,

Eye Roast Recipes from The Domestic and a Leslie Sansone Super-Awesome DVD Giveaways!

LS 5 Mega Miles 3DLS Walk Off 30 Days 3D

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How the heck are you all? This past week has been especially busy for me workwise so I have to keep it brief today but get to more Blogging and good times in the days to come. For now I want to get through a bit of news before I announce my first Leslie Sansone giveaways of the month! (You can win two rockin’ DVDs one of which comes with a toning band. Good stuff!)

But first—let me do a little housekeeping and share with you some of my news.

Brooklyn Fit Chick News:

  • My friend Emmie of Authentically Emmie is featured in the December of Ladies Home Journal! That’s right, I know a famous person! Here is a link to her article (So proud of this gal…) You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well. Do it!
  • I am going to participate in a twitter chat this Wednesday, December 11th at 9 PM EST with Diets in Review and my new favorite brand of coconut oil–Skinny & Co Coconut Oil. OMG! This stuff is totally amazing! I have been cooking with it for a week now and the taste is sweet but not overwhelming plus it isn’t greasy to deal with. Huzzah!  Be sure to follow us on Wednesday evening at the hashtag #SkinnyCoco (their twitter handle is @SkinnyCoco
  • Below you will find details of my Leslie Sansone “Just Walk” DVD giveaways but in the meantime—can you visit The National Fitness Hall of Fame website and be sure to vote her in! She is a phenomenal instructor and deserves the recognition. You can cast your vote anytime between now and December 15th so stuff the ballot box, people!
  • In the Vlog I mention the eye roast recipe from The Domestic If you are looking for a yummy roast recipe— this is a pretty damn good one. LOVE IT! (My apologies to my Vegan peeps.)

Okay—now on to my Vlog which has some serious white trash Christmas light action going on!



Here are the details of the Leslie Sansone DVDs:


Walk and Tone for One Mile, Five Miles or Anything in Between with Leslie Sansone’s New “5 Mega Miles” DVD

Beverly Hills, CA – Leslie Sansone’s newest walking DVD provides a virtual fitness walking library in one DVD. “Leslie Sansone: 5 Mega Miles” comes packed with a resistance band and five different one mile walking and strengthening workouts from which to choose.  There’s over an hour and 20 minutes of exercise options. This new DVD will be available in stores and on Amazon beginning September 3, 2013 for a suggested retail price of $16.98. With the help of America’s #1 Walking Expert, anyone can easily start on the road to a healthier life one step at a time.

The DVD begins with a five-minute warm-up. Mile 1 is a 15-minute classic low impact walk, using the most familiar steps at a comfortable pace. For those who want to step it up, boosted walk options are also available. Mile 2 is the Walk and Tone mile. While the feet keep moving at that same 15-minute mile pace, the toning band is added for upper body strength training. Mile 3 is a 13-minute speed interval mile. Here the pace quickens with more opportunities for gentle jogs, also known as boosted walking. Mile 4’s strength intervals bring back the band. Here it is used for standing sculpting intervals in-between brisk walk segments to help firm the entire body in just 13 minutes. Mile 5 is the Ab Walk. The feet never stop even though the focus moves to the core. A five-minute cool-down includes a moment to acknowledge the 140-pound weight loss of one of the many on-camera participants. During each mile the countdown clock appears at the ten-minute mark letting walkers know how much time is left to that mile.

And today’s second DVD to giveaway!

Leslie Sansone’s New “Walk it Off in 30 Days” DVD Gives You a Workout Plan You Can Live With!

Beverly Hills, CA – In just 30 minutes a day, six days a week, America’s #1 Walking Expert Leslie Sansone can get you on a fitness path that can last a lifetime.  Walking is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get moving and stay in shape.  The new “Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off in 30 Days” DVD provides a 30 minute cardio walk and 30 minute strength training session for a complete fitness plan.  Alternate between the Burn 30 workout and Firm 30 workout six days a week for one month and the results will speak for themselves.  The plan is simple and the moves are easy to follow.  This new DVD is available in stores and on Amazon now for a suggested retail price of $14.98

Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for reducing disease and improving quality of life.  With Leslie Sansone, you can walk inside your home so weather is never an obstacle.  Every day is perfect for getting healthier and more fit.  In addition, her moves don’t take up much space.  With two complete workouts, both cardio and strength, in one DVD there’s no guesswork.  Both workouts feature a large class setting and allow for the use of weights, if desired.  Each workout includes a warm up and cool down stretch for maximum safety.  The programs are designed to build lean muscle, drive the metabolism up and burn calories in a way that’s fun, supportive and so very do-able.

Here is a clip from “5 Mega Miles” so you can see her style for yourself.


In order to win these DVDs (Continental U.S. only!) you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below (on this particular blog post).
  2. Tweet out your interest by saying “I want to win @LeslieWalks DVD @AnchorBayEnt from @BrooklynFitChik”
  3. Subscribe to my You Tube here (let me know if you are already subscribed!)

I will randomly pick one winner for both DVDs next Monday, December 16th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 43 Featuring @Fitbloggin Goodie Bag, Maria Menounos’ Laugh and @Walk theWalk NYC 9

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 43

Featuring: A Fitbloggin’ Goodie Bag Giveaway, Maria Menounos’ Laugh Plus (Maybe) Walking My First Marathon


Enter to win this goodie but not the kitty cat. (She is high maintenance anyway!)

Enter to win this goodie but not the kitty cat. (She is high maintenance anyway!)

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!


How are you guys? I am posting a quick Blog post today because I was out in the sun having too much fun in Prospect Park with my Peeps and forgot to get something ready for my weekly Vlog—oops! So let me just say that you have until Monday, July 15th at Noon to enter to win my goodie bag from this year’s Fitbloggin. (Check the right hand side and look for episode 42 of my Vlog for the full details.)

Contents of this here goodie bag are:


Anyhoo—back to this week’s Vlog post (which I filmed after getting in waaaaaaay too much sun) where I talk about the following things:

  • My nest reviews which include Fitness and Women’s Health magazines.
  • Maria Menounos and her distinct laugh.
  • Walking my first marathon Walk the Walk America
  • My upcoming interview with Jennifer Van Allen of Runners World magazine



Thanks for coming back and I will be back here next week after (possibly) walking my first marathon. (Guess I should have trained more for it?)


Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick /Fitbloggin’ 2013 Highlights

The City of Portland, Giving Speeches, Chloe Sevigny’s Arm, Paleo Food Trucks and

Experiencing the Joy of  Multiple Hugs


Party night

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!


I am back from Portland and slowly getting back to my “real life” as just little old me versus “Brooklyn Fit Chick”—it’s a tough transition.

When I was in Portland I felt as if I could just be myself all of the time and not hold back on giving someone a hug or being a total goofball. It was such a wonderful time and if I were a better writer I would be able to express how grateful I am each year to have a place where all of my personality quirks are fine and no one cares what size I wear or how much money I make. My goal is to bring more of this into my life. More joy, more laughs and certainly—more hugs.

First day was kind of a wash because my flights on Virgin airlines were so behind schedule that I was had to fly through Los Angeles instead of San Francisco and did not get in until almost midnight (sheesh!)

However, this turned out to be kind of a cool diversion because sitting right in front of me the way to Los Angeles was none other than actress Chloe Sevigny who was quiet and very sweet.

I took a quick picture of her delicate arm (hope she doesn’t mind!)


Chloe Sevigny


In the first class section sat Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker star Patty Stanger but since I have been warned that Patty is made of snakes (a nod to the fabulous Julie Klausner) I kept my distance from her.

At the hotel (The Nines which provided the best guest experience I have ever had) I was greeted by my amazing roommate Christine of Dubya Wife who had good enough manners to ignore my calls to room service for glasses of wine at midnight and my lack of any initiative for early morning workouts (hmm—are those two things related?)

Christine is my sister/friend and I am SO grateful she is in my life. Thank you Christine! (And see you at Mardis Gras 2015!)

BFC and Dubya's Wife--look out y'all!

BFC and Dubya’s Wife–look out y’all!


This was the first year at Fitbloggin where we had a fashion show (created by the insanely lovely Emmie Ho Sandford of Skinny Emmie) and it featured just about all of my favorite people in the world including Carla Birnberg Miz Fit Online,  Jennifer Mitchell of Comeback Momma and Tamara Grand of Fit Knit Chick.


Fashion Show


Me and Emmie catching up. (Love her to pieces!)

Emmie me


On Friday I faced a big fear of mine and actually gave a speech in public—yikes! Very happy to report the Writing the Perfect Pitch workshop I co-presented along with Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams of and Jamie Walker of “Sweat Pink/Fit Approach” (they are all sublime women) went over so well—big whew!

(Also a BIG “thank you” to my friend Martin who helped me put the presentation together—I owe you big, my friend.)

It was a particular thrill for me to meet the Williams sisters as I have been following them for years but I was not smart enough to remember to take a picture with them (dammit!)

Instead, here is a photo of me looking up to Kymberly as she gave a kick ass speech.


Thanks to Fitbloggin' for the photo!

Thanks to Fitbloggin’ for the photo!

After our workshop I felt the need to go for a walk and explore the city a bit which is when I discovered how cool Portland truly is. What a wonderful city filled with smart, interesting and NICE people.


Portland 3

My mission was to try and find the food truck I read about in Paleo magazine called Cultered Caveman. Holy smokes! First of all— I got to meet the owner Joe Ban who is not only a cool guy that can cook a mean Brazilian chicken but he also looks like Matt Damon—score!! Needless to say I went back Saturday as well to try out their mini-meatballs and brussel sprouts & broccoli mash (sooooo good.)


Why yes, people do tell me I look like Matt Damon!

Why yes, people do tell me I look like Matt Damon!


Friday night we had the annual “Ignite” presentation where fellow Fitbloggers talked from the heart about where they are in their lives and how they want to use their situation to help others. Two of my favorites that night were Sue of Mrs. Fatass and my roomie Christine.

Here is a photo of Sue.


Mrs Fatass


This is a quick clip of Christine’s presentation.


Saturday morning I met up with Brandi Koskie of Diets in Review as well as her husband and daughter to check out the Saturday outdoor market in Portland. This is located by the main campus of Portland State University and I was completely blown away by the beautiful homes surrounding the market.


Here is the Simon Benson house.

Simon Benson House


The Portland market entrance.

Portland Veggie market


This is Paisley—say hello to the world baby girl!


Saturday afternoon (after I explored every single booth at the Portland Saturday Market downtown) I came back to the hotel to witness my first in-person flash mob. Margo of This is Not Your Momma’s Blog put the whole thing together and let me tell you it was a BIG hit with the crowd. (Yay for Margo power!)

Link to the Flash Mob clip:



Two Margos hugging.



Saturday night was filled with hugs, drinking and more hugs with a few more terrific people I want to mention before I need to lie down and just think about Fitbloggin some more.


Shelton, Brandi and the gorgeous Lisa Johnson of Lisa Johnson Fitness.


Shelton Brandi Lisa


Me and fellow Sweaty Betty Valerie Kirkland of Livefit Journey




Alicia of Poise in Parma (love this gal!)

Alicia and Me


Me, Suzanne of Workout Nirvana and Tamara Grand.


Me Suzanne Tamara

Sometime on Saturday night the music started blaring and then this started to happen…


Chef Jason Roberts cutting a rug.

Chef dancing


Gangnam Style!

Party night


I needed to part ways sometime when the karaoke started (never been a fan—sorry!) My flight to NYC was leaving Portland at 6:30 am so I needed some shut eye time and was fully intending on going straight to bed when Lifetime TV had to put on the Anna Nicole Smith movie. Sheesh! Am I only human, people!


Anna nicole

So this is my last image from Portland. I think it captures the movie quite well, don’t you?

That is all for now. My next post will feature my exclusive “Fitbloggin Goodie Bag Giveaway” so y’all come back now ya hear?

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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