Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 73: Unruly Students, Terry Bikes & @jessicasmithtv DVD Giveaway!! #sweatpink

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #73

Dealing with Students, My Fit Bottomed Girl Post and The Terry Bicycles Catalog

Plus: My Jessica Smith DVD Giveaway!

Walk ON

One of two Jessica Smith DVDs you can win!

One of two Jessica Smith DVDs you can win!


Hey there! Hi there! Hi there!

You know what they say about the month of March? It comes it like a lion and lout like a lamb. Hopefully that is true (well the leaving quietly part) because we are set to get YET ANOTHER winter storm here. (Wah!!!!!!)  I know I have said this before but this weather is completely unacceptable. Can we veto it somehow? Just vote it out of office so that from now on we have kind of a chilly autumn that gradually turns into Spring?

I am going to work on this but in the meantime-here is my Vlog post for the week featuring the following:

  • I talk about learning to say goodbye to wonderful students and handling the more challenging ones (would love to hear feedback from other instructors out there on how you deal with “rule-breakers.” True story—I had a student today use her cell phone three times in my class this morning! Honestly—where do people learn their manners? However—my day ended today with one student giving me her own “mix CD” because she likes the music I use in my classes. Aw!



  • The newest Terry Bicycles catalog is out and is filled with pages that give me the “I wants.” Be sure to sign up for their online mailing list to get the latest steals and deals!


Jessica Smith Workout DVD Giveaway

I have a fantastic giveaway this week—two brand-new DVDs from ace trainer Jessica Smith! Jessica has been featured in all of the top women’s health magazines and is a You Tube star who lost 40 pounds on her own and is passionate about helping others get healthy. Her latest offerings are: Barre Fitness with Jessica Smith and Walk On with Jessica Smith. Wanna hear more about them?

Newest Fitness DVDs from YouTube Star Jessica Smith Reflect Fans’ Requests

Miami, FL – February 25, 2014 – Ever hear of anyone crowdsourcing their workouts? The two newest DVDs from fitness expert, author and popular YouTube star Jessica Smith came about from the requests she received most often from her social media followers. “Walk On: Strength & Balance” and “Barre Fitness” are available now on DVD or download from Amazon and  Because her fans asked, the DVDs were shot in real time; one take each. Just like a live class, there was no stopping to catch a breath or freshen up the makeup. Likewise there was no retouching on the packaging. The DVDs are perfect for all fitness levels. This is Smith’s second walking DVD. Her first, “Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness and Energy” has been her best seller. “Barre Fitness” draws from Smith’s years as a professional dancer and as a student with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre program at Fordham University. The two new DVDs are $14.85 each; downloads are $13.95 each. Smith’s website,, has been recognized as one of the best sites for free workouts by, Glamour and

“Walk On: Strength & Balance” offers the option of walking barefoot or in sneakers. It includes two 30-minute workouts. Strength & Stretch integrates high intensity interval training with strength exercises to burn calories and sculpt the entire body. Light weights are recommended but optional. Fusion Walk is a shoes-optional, endurance walk that weaves ballet, Pilates and kickboxing-inspired moves. It begins with a few minutes of easy footwork to awaken the muscles that are often ignored yet heavily relied upon when walking. Smith is joined in these workouts by her mother and a friend.

“Barre Fitness” offers three 20-minute workouts: Cardio Ballet, Barre Burn and Floor Barre. These graceful, ballet-inspired workouts tone, sculpt, stretch and challenge the whole body. Moves like passé, chasse and even the curtseys at the end of each program will be familiar to those with a ballet background. Smith will bring out the dancer even in those who have never tried ballet before. No barre is needed but light hand weights, a chair, mat and pillow or mini-ball are recommended.

Jessica Smith began her fitness career over 13 years ago after losing over 40 pounds on her own. In addition to her BA in Communications from Fordham University, Jessica has certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the International Sports and Conditioning Association, Powerhouse Pilates (in both mat & reformer method), Martial Fusion and Johnny G’s SPINNING™ Program. She currently teaches for EQUINOX Fitness Clubs in Miami. She is also the co-author (with esteemed health and fitness writer Liz Neporent) of “The Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan” (Sunrise River Press, 2012). Recently named one of Sharecare’s “Top 10 Online Influencers,” Jessica is a monthly contributor to and a regular content contributor for, and See more at, YouTube, @jessicasmithtv and 10 Pounds Down on Facebook.

Got that? So if you want to win this giveaway you must do the following (Continental United States, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win the @jessicasmithtv DVDs from @brooklynfitchick”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random next Monday, March 10, 2013 at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 66: NYC Blogger Brunch Details Plus @DoctorIanSmith Giveaway! #FitFluential

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 66

Featuring: The Brooklyn Fit Chick NYC Bloggers Brunch, the Da Vinci BodyBoard, Michael McKean and Beyoncé!

Plus: My Dr. Ian K. Smith Super Shred: The Big Results Diet

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It’s 2014 and I am back in the Blogging saddle—whoo hoo! December was sort of a roller coaster of wonderful and annoying occurrences but I am finally over my Christmas cold, my back is feeling better , I am back to my regular teaching schedules and am ready to get back to my orderly, scheduled life. (Really—I am rather orderly in my everyday life!)

This year I broke away from my usual declarations for the New Year. To be honest—all of my possible mottos, promises, and intentions that I almost wrote on this Blog seemed trite. 2013 was a pretty great year and I am really looking forward to what is around the corner. Maybe I am learning to temper my expectations? Perhaps I need to think on it some more. But I faced a blank page every day for a week trying to come up with New Year’s post that would hopefully be inspiring and came up with nothing.

How about you? Did you come up with any resolutions? What are you planning to take on this year? I want to hear all about it!

Anyway—here are the notes for my first Vlog post for 2014:

  • Attention NYC-based health, fitness and wellness Bloggers–I am hosting a Brooklyn Fit Chick NYC Bloggers Brunch on Saturday, January 25th from 1-4 pm here at my place here in Park Slope. There will be goodie bags! For more details and/or to RSVP reach out to me at brooklynfitchick at gmail dot com. Hope you can make it!
  • BFC Brunch Invite
  • The Da Vinci BodyBoard is now in my apartment and I will have it reviewed on Fit Bottomed Girls soon. (Spoiler—I love it!) Here is a photo of Flohery Mahoney demonstrating it to me a few weeks ago.
  • Floery Mahoney demonstrating the Da Vinci Body Board in my messy apartment!

    Floery Mahoney demonstrating the Da Vinci Body Board in my messy apartment!

  • The amazing, talented and gifted comedic actor Michael McKean responded to one of my Tweets on Christmas Eve and it totally rocked my world. Here is a screen grab!
  • 2013-12-24 14_53_21-HootSuite
  • Beyonce released a “visual album” and I am incapable of NOT watching/listening to it every single day since I downloaded it. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get it—just get it. You will thank me later. (You’re welcome!)
  • Finally—I am giving away one copy of Dr. Ian Smith Super Shred: The Big Results Diet to one lucky reader. Details after the Vlog!


Now let us get to this week’s giveaway!

Super Shred


The Big Results Diet/ Ian K. Smith, M.D.

4 Weeks, 20 Pounds, Lose it Faster!

SUPER SHRED: The Big Results Diet by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Ian Smith is a four-week supercharged weight loss plan based on a combination of new science and the dieter-tested concepts behind Dr. Ian’s #1 mega-bestseller of 2013, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet.  Dr. Ian was also recently announced as co-host of the Emmy-winning daytime talk show The Doctors.  (St. Martin’s Press, $24.99)

Shred became a national phenomenon in 2012, when Dr. Ian shared the diet with a core group of followers on Twitter.  Soon, “shredder cells” began forming in cities across the country, and a movement was born—Shred became an instant #1 bestseller upon publication, and has spent 23 weeks and counting on the New York Times bestsellers list (6 weeks at #1).  There are now 20 shredder cells nationwide, and the national SHREDDER Nation Facebook page allows tens of thousands of shredders to communicate, get support, and hear the latest on weight loss and living a healthier life.

In SUPER SHRED, Dr. Ian distills his successful diet plan into a concentrated, shorter program.  It’s a “destination diet,” for the goal-oriented person who wants faster, more dramatic results right away, and for those who have a specific target they need to reach by a certain date—a beach vacation, a reunion, a wedding, or a doctor’s orders to lose weight quickly for health reasons.  In other words, this is a “crash” diet, but one that is completely healthy, flexible, and effective and doesn’t involve the unhealthy extreme measures that rapid weight loss typically demands.

After thousands of pleas via email and Twitter, Dr. Ian created a program that could deliver big results in a short period of time, without jeopardizing health.  He went to the SHREDDER Nation on Facebook and Twitter and put the new program to the test, and the results were absolutely amazing—average weight loss in just 4 weeks was 20 pounds.  But weight loss wasn’t the only measure of success.  Many SHREDDERS dropped 2 sizes, lowered their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and reduced their need for diabetes medications.

Each week of SUPER SHRED has a different theme and purpose: Foundation, Accelerate, Shape, Tenacious.  The weeks work progressively, and symbolize what the program is designed to do:  to take weight off F.A.S.T.  With easy-to-follow menus, shopping lists, recipes, exercise plans and the motivational help to stick with it, SUPER SHRED is the key to dropping pounds, breaking through a plateau and reaching your finish line.

In order to win a copy of this book (Continental U.S. only!) you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below (on this particular blog post).
  2. Tweet out your interest by saying “I want to win @DoctorIanSmith from @BrooklynFitChik”
  3. Subscribe to my You Tube here (let me know if you are already subscribed!)

I will randomly pick one winner Monday, January 13th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog: Ep 63 New Weight Watchers DVD Giveaway! Plus Movie & Books Recommendations

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 63

Featuring: Latest Book/Movies Reviews, A Christmas Tree

Plus: Weight Watchers DVD Giveaway & Kittens!

ww 15 minute 3dww ultimate belly 3d

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Now on to this week’s Vlog & My Groovy Giveaway!!

Last week I took off from midday Wednesday until today (Sunday afternoon) with the intention of taking fitness classes in the city, setting up a whole slew of Blog posts for December and cleaning out my office which is a nightmare of disorganization and mess right now. But alas, my little introverted inner self decided instead I needed to REST and RELAX for a few days and just do a whole lot of nuthin’.

First, I decided to put on my Christmas tree because the guys who sell them across the street from my apartment (really!) set up early this year. What do you think?

Christmas Tree 2013

THEN I made sure to relax with the following bits of entertainment.


  • Friends who know me well are used to my fascination with true crime and Manson: The Life & Times of Charles Manson by Jeff Guinn did not disappoint but it did give me nightmares so beware!
  • Being a fan of spoofs and oral histories (plus believing that J.D. Salinger is completely overrated as a writer This Would Drive Him Crazy: A Phony Oral History of J.D. Salinger was just the tonic I needed to laugh again. The writer is Tom Ruprecht (Thanks for the recommendation Erin!)
  • After that spoof I bummed myself out again with the excellent 27: the 27 Club which is all about the short lives of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin and written by Howard Sounes.
  • I finished up with something sad, funny and disturbing August: Osage County by Tracy Letts which I saw on Broadway years ago and am eager to see Meryl Streep put her own touch on the main character who of the crazy mother of all mothers.

As you can see I am in need of some light-hearted books to check out in December so feel free to send me your suggestions. Thanks!

Also this past long weekend I checked out a few movies and here is my quick summary of each:

  • CBGB: If you think it is impossible to make a decent movie about The Ramones—you are correct.
  • Man of Steel: If you think there have been too many Superman movies—you are right. (I love you Amy Adams but Lois Lane you are NOT.)
  • Gravity: If you think that George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are impossibly charismatic and can overcome a weak script based on charm and excellent 3D effects—yup.

Lastly—I am late getting this post up because I played with a pile of kittens today. OMG they were SO CUTE!!!! Here is a picture of one of them with half of this week’s giveaway (and one very sad-looking shoe box.)

Kitten with Video


So let’s get to the Vlog now!


Now let us get to this week’s giveaway!!!! Here are the details of the Weight Watchers DVDs:

Weight Watchers® Makes it Easy to Get a Workout Right at Home!

Two NEW Workout DVDs Coming to Stores Nationwide in December!

Beverly Hills, CA – Weight Watchers, the world’s leading provider of weight management services, now helps to make home fitness a snap with new workouts for all fitness levels from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Coming to stores, and Amazon, in December are two new DVDs starring Weight Watchers’ fitness spokesperson Jennifer Cohen. These will be the first DVDs sold outside of their centers. Both “Weight Watchers: 15 Minute Boot Camp Series” and “Weight Watchers: Ultimate Belly Series” offer creative, yet easy to follow moves geared to burn calories, strengthen muscles and enhance weight loss efforts whether one is a Weight Watchers member or not. The DVDs will be available beginning December 17, 2013 and will have a suggested retail price of $14.98 each. These DVDs feature three women on camera, each demonstrating moves for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers to follow. Each DVD provides menu options for quick, targeted workouts or one complete program.

“Weight Watchers: 15 Minute Boot Camp Series” is finely tuned to help busy people reach their fitness goals. The four 15-minute workout segments target upper body, lower body, core and cardio. Each utilizes compound moves giving the user even more bang for their workout minute. Each segment includes its own warm-up and cool-down. Light hand weights (three to five pounds each) are used for the intermediate and advanced levels.

“Weight Watchers: Ultimate Belly Series” includes three complete abdominal workouts, each with options for each fitness level.  Choose from 10-Minute Ab Toner, 20-Minute Ab Flattening Express, or 30-Minute Standing Tone & Burn. Cohen’s creative exercises work the abs from every angle, front to back and side to side. A strong core isn’t just about flatter abs. It has impact on posture, back health and more.

Jennifer Cohen is a leading fitness authority, TV personality, best-selling author, and entrepreneur known for her signature straight-talking approach to wellness. Jennifer was the featured trainer on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, mentoring the contestants’ to lose hundreds of pounds before their big day.  Jennifer appears regularly on NBC’s “Today Show”, “Extra”, “The Doctors” and “Good Morning America”. When not travelling to motivate others, Jennifer spends time training her baby son Dylan at her own fitness studio, Momentum in Santa Monica, California.

In order to win these DVDs (Continental U.S. only!) you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below (on this particular blog post).
  2. Tweet out your interest by saying “I want to win @weightwatchers DVD @AnchorBayEnt from @BrooklynFitChik”
  3. Subscribe to my You Tube here (let me know if you are already subscribed!)

I will randomly pick one winner for both DVDs next Monday, December 9th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Playlist: “Big Blue Wave & RIP Lou Reed Ride”


“Big Blue Wave & RIP Lou Reed” (50-minute Ride)




Hey there! Hi there! How there!

I have two new online stations that have been rocking my world lately and helping me add to my playlists. Here they are:

  • WLIR online plays an amazing selection of alternative music from the last 30 years. Everything from the B-52s to Lorde to Depeche Mode. Now, since this is a free online station they get a little too crowded sometimes and you can’t log on. But if you, definitely try them out!
  • The Peak in Vancouver plays amazing alternative music plus tons of Canadian bands which are new to me and I am finding I really love.

Got that? So let’s get into to today’s playlist which consists of some old and new tunes to get you in the mood to run, cycle and workout harder. Let’s go!


  • Big Blue Wave: Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean! Is a Canadian band that released this fun, frothy tune  last year. Love opening up with it in my classes.


  • Pump It: The Black Eyed Peas

One of my students asked me recently “who wrote that Pulp Fiction smash up song?” It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about!

  • Come & Get It: Selena Gomez

I just lerve this song to pieces.


  • Breathing Underwater: Metric

I have said the before but I need to state again how much I regret not seeing this band when they played in New York last year. Will not make that same mistake again!


  • Rebellion: Arcade Fire

This is one of the best songs ever to climb to or make yourself work harder. It’s fantastic!


  • Rebel Yell: Billy Idol

OMG this is just the greatest song in the world. How does it get better than “in the midnight hour—she cried more, more, MORE!”


  • American Psyco: Treble Charger

Yet another Canadian band I was unaware of until The Peak!


  • Family Affair: Mary J. Blige

I am dedicating this one to my friend Stacy who introduced me to badass Mary J.


  • Spaceman: The Killers

I like to perform high intensity sprints to this song.


  • Simple Life: Elton John

This is one of Elton’s lesser known 90s tunes but I love it for long climbs and  the lyrics are really inspiring.


  • Hell: Tegan and Sarah

Hell yeah, I say!


  • Walk on the Wild Side: Lou Reed

This is one of those pieces of culture that inspired me to move to New York. I spent my whole life in the boring ‘burbs and I was ready to indeed walk on the wild side. (RIP Lou Reed. This city will be much less interesting without you in it.)


That’s all I have today folks. Let me know about some of your favorite songs and radio stations. I am always looking for good tunes.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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What Did We Learn This Month? Oxygen Magazine is Back! @OxygenMagazine

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Oxygen: November 2013

Felicia Romero photographed by Stewart Volland

Felicia Romero photographed by Stewart Volland

It’s back!!! One of my favorite magazines in the world is on newsstands again and I could not be happier so let’s get back to recapping!


What Do We Learn This Month in Oxygen?

“Fresh Start”

The November cover star is Felicia Romero (above) who plans to return to figure competing while also continuing her work with the “Fun Fit” workout group for kids in her native Arizona.


 “Go the Distance”

So have you been watching your runner friends compete in marathons and think to youself “hmmm—maybe I should give it a go?” Well Oxygen has a 12-Week Half Marathon training plan to help you get inspired for the 2014 season.


12 week Half Marathon training 001

“Bring Up the Burn”

Lori Harder’s butt-kicking workout is getting me inspired this month!


Felicia Romero 001

“One Workout Two Ways”

Badass trainer Rita Catolino shows how to use more muscle groups during strenuous workouts to make them even more effective in less time.

Inside workout 001


“Stair Sprints”

Try out this drill at your local track, park or stadium to get your cardio and body conditioning in while we can all still enjoy the great outdoors. (Winter is just around the corner, people!)

Stairs Sprints 001


And now the rest of this issue of Oxygen:

  • “Cause for Celebration” My personal hero, Tosca Reno writes a “welcome back” essay and promises Oxygen will work hard to continue helping fit women of all ages “stay young, purposeful, inspired and driven.” Yay!
  • “Macro Management” If you are looking to calculate your protein, carb and fats and need help with the “right combo of nutrients” then be sure to check out this article.
  • “The Easiest Gluten-Free Meals Ever” Yes, please!
  • “The Silver Linings Playbook” Olympic rower and silver medalist Rachelle Viinberg talks about overcoming injuries plus she explains the difference between training for a sporting event and training for a photo shoot.

Overall Grade:

A So damn happy to have you back Oxygen! You have been missed!

You can follow Oxygen magazine at

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine with Padma Lakshmi on the Cover!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Fitness: November/December 2013

Padma Lakshmi photographed by Jeff Olsen

Padma Lakshmi photographed by Jeff Olson


What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Padma Lakshmi

The impossibly stunning host of Bravo’s Top Chef graces the cover of the November/December issue and she gives fitness the inside dirt on her dining career. While filming episodes of the top-rated culinary series the former model admits that all of the sampling and tasting can cause her to gain 15 pounds per season. So how does she take it off when filming is done? She follows a clean diet meaning “no meats, no sweets, no alcohol, no cheese, no fried foods, no wheat.”

Padma also talks about staying fit for her three year-old daughter and shares her own recipe for spinach and plum salad. (Nom nom!)


“Shortcut to a Sexy Back”

The very blonde and very shimmery Tracy Anderson (trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow among other glamazons) offers this pretty cool workout to help get your back and rear get in shape. (Be prepared to use light weights and do high reps!)


Tracy Anderson in Fitness Magazine 001


“Bright Ideas”

Is everyone ready for a fun, colorful holiday gift guide? Me, me me! (I want that “Queen of the Mountain Jacket” from Athleta if anyone out there cares to know. Anyone, anyone?)


Gift Guide 001


“Go With the Flow”

Celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel (The Biggest Loser, Season 11) is a big fan of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira (I only know that from interviewing him for Fit Bottomed Girls!) Here he offers slight adjustments to those very dance-y/boxer-y moves to help get you in fighting shape.


Go With the Flow 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:

  • “Outrun Danger” Yikes! Be careful people! You can be a top athlete (like triathlete Jenny Fletcher featured in this story) and have blood clot issues. Here we get tips on the symptoms of blood clots and how to prevent them.
  • “Pay Fit Forward” Awwww, these stories of fit women inspiring one another to get healthy made me really happy.
  • “Rise and Shine!” One year ago I committed to getting more sleep every night and it has changed my life. Fitness offers their own tips and advice on how to get a few more ZZZ’s.

Overall Grade:

A- Can’t wait to see you all in 2014! (Oh no—is it that just around the corner?!)

You can follow Fitness magazine at


Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Playlist: Whole Lotta Love 50-Minute Playlist #sweatpink


“Whole Lotta Love” (50-minute Ride)

 Later Days

Hey there! Hi there! How there!

Are you ready to rock? Do you need some power music to crank up your enthusiasm? Well then today’s list is for you. If nothing else, take the first track listed below and crank it up to 11 and go kick some ass out there!


  • Whole Lotta Love: Led Zeppelin

This is one of those songs that whenever I start a class with it more than one person will shout out “yes!” The mighty Zep will get your butt in gear.


  • Leopard Print Pill-Box Hot: Beck

Beck redid a Bob Dylan for a charity album and managed to make it even better than the original.

  • Radio Song: R.E.M.

OMG—I miss this band!


  • Can You Read My Mind: The Killers

My absolute favorite song from The Killers—it put me in the best mood whenever I hear it.


  • Bit by Bit: Mother Mother

Once again I am falling in love with an Indie Canadian rock band. This song kills when played at full volume!


  • Diamonds : Rhianna

“Shine bright like a diamond!”


  • Paralyzer: Finger Eleven

Do you know the origin of the band name (giggling like a 12 year-old right now…)


  • Came Bach Haunted: Nine Inch Nails

One of the best bands I have ever seen live—ever!


  • Empire State of Mind: Jay-Z & Alicia Keys



  • Ragdoll: Aerosmith

I think this is my favorite of the late 80s Aerosmith (hated the power ballads!)


  • Bohemian Like You: The Dandy Warhols

If you are not familiar with this band check out the 2004 film Dig—one of the best music documentaries I have ever seen.


  • Rock Steady: Frank Turner

One of my students recently asked “who is Aretha Franklin?” I made them download this song first.


  • Year of the Cat: Al Stewart

I love the light piano music in the beginning the then the build to big guitars.


That’s all I have today folks. Let me know about some of your favorite songs. I am always looking for good tunes.


Until next time…


Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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What Did We Learn This Month? @WomensHealthMag @CarrieUnderwood November Review!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health: November 2013

Carrie Underwood photograohed by Jeff Lipsky

Carrie Underwood photographed by Jeff Lipsky

 Women’s Health Cover Star for November 2013: 

Carrie Underwood whom I just discovered as a kickass singer whose songs are now completely filling up my iPod. Not to sound like a total rock-centric snob but I never really “got” country/pop before but I am becoming a big fan of hers. (Honestly—Before He Cheats totally rules!!!)

Carrie keeps in shape by sticking with a vegan diet and working out as often as she can on the road. She  also loves animals and took care of a stray dog last year. (Yay! Carrie!)

Carrie “Favorite Things” include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Better’N Peanut Butter
  • Hot Yoga

 So what else is in the November issue of Women’s Health

“15-Minute Fat Blaster”

B.J. Gaddour, CEO of produced this workout which can be done in 15 or 30 minutes should you want a quick butt-kicker.

 15 Minute workout 001

 Take Yourself for a Ride”  

Have you thought about taking a spin class but wasn’t sure on how to set up your bike? Try out this articles which features tips and a workout plan from Soul Cycle instructor Stacey Griffith.

biking tips 001

 “The New Tome-At-Home Pilates”

The amazing Brooke Siler of re:Ab Pilates studio in New York shows how adding bands can really add to your Pilates workout. Brooke is the author of The Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates.

Tone At Home Pilates 001

“The Flat-Tummy Foods”

The foods you eat that can help with belly bloating as well as  the stuff that will make you feel like you have a beer gut all of the time.

Flat tummy Foods 001

“Supermarket Stars”

The next time you hit the grocery store—bring along this guide to find out the healthiest options for:

  • Fitness Fuel
  • Recovery Foods
  • A.M. Kick-Starters
  • Grab-and-Go Eats
  • Lunchtime Picks
  • Caffeine Champs
  • Supper Shortcuts
  • Nibbles and Noshes
  • Flavor Boosters
  • Sweet Successes

(Great—now I am hungry…off to look for nibbles to nosh…)

Supermarket Stars 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • “Sneakers Go Chic” Women’s Health shows how fashion and comfy shoes can go together.
  • “You’re Sick—Now What?” Whatever your sickly symptoms—look at this guide on how to get on the path to wellness ASAP. (And if you are really, REALLY sick—keep your butt home and away from the rest of us! Sheesh!)
  • “Thanksgiving with a Twist” Healthy and tasty Turkey Day recipes are featured here
  • “I Survived Being Stabbed” Women’s Health has this personal essay from Angela Champagne-From who really did live through an attack on her life by a knife-wielding, would-be kidnapper in a Minneapolis garage. Whoa!!
  • Naya Rivera: The Glee star models in a fashion story that is all about yummy knits and clothes that give me the “happies.” (I love autumn ware!)

Overall Grade:

A  Really strong issue with beauty, fashion and lots of workout advice. Loved!

You can check out Women’s Health online as well: 

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 56: Talking about Jody @Truth2BeingFit, “Loser Gurl” and a Review of “The Vegucation of Robin” #sweatpink

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 56

Featuring: Jody of “Truth 2 Being Fit,” Dealing With Internet Trolls, Teen Bullying,

 Plus: A Review of The Vegucation of Robin by Robin “Ophelia” Quivers

Robin Quivers Book


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are you fine people doing today? As I type this Blog post it is Sunday morning and I am staving off a slight hangover. Normally I teach three back-to-back classes at this time but last night I celebrated a weeeee bit too much at my friends Christina & Tom’s wedding (kudos kids!) So with the quiet of my apartment and the promise of scrambled eggs & bacon for brunch in my future I am writing out my weekly post and getting ready to film my Vlog. You’re welcome!

So let me get through a bit of housekeeping before we dive into today’s segment.

Affordable Care Act: I am STILL trying to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Oy vey! I managed to create a Login the first day but have not been able to get on to the site and actually sign up for anything. This is most frustrating but I will remain optimistic and persistent. And, of course, I will take you along the journey with me. (Have any of you been able to sign up yet?)

Spark People Activity Tracker: I was asked by none other than Miss Nicole Nichols herself to try out the new Spark people Activity Tracker and I have to admit that I cannot figure out how to get it to sync with my computer. Doh! If any of you can help me –please let me know. I want to review for next week! (Thanks in advance!)

Now on to This Week’s Vlog Items:

Truth 2 Being Fit: If you are not familiar with the amazing Jody of the Truth 2 Being Fit Blog you should check her out now. Jody is a super fit lady in her 50s who has a build that would put most 20-somethings to shame! Jody believes in eating healthy and taking care of yourself every single day and I am a big fan of her Twitter feed and her Instagram photos “Truth2BeingFit.” Jody had two exceptionally great posts lately that I wanted to share with you:

  • Are You Fat? Is This Fat?: Jody takes a look at internet trolls and their messed up comments that they leave on posts through Twitter and Instagram
  • Behind Closed Doors: Aren’t you sick and tired of people blaring out their health declarations over the Internet on how they never eat “ANYTHING BUT REAL FOOD” or that they “CRUSH EVER EXCUSE NOT TO WORKOUT EVERY SINGLE DAY.” There is a fine line between being encouraging and condescending. Between offering inspiration and being a braggart. None of us are perfect behind closed doors and no one assumes we are so why the pretense? Why make people feel bad because they failed to “crush” an excuse? Anyhoo—read this post and tell me what you think!

Teen Blogger Ally Del Monte. Wowza! This post from Ally Del Monte (aka “Loser Gurl”) broke my heart. Ally has been dealing with taunts and awful remarks about her weight for years (she has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) but a few weeks ago her world took a very dark turn when I friend of her attempted suicide.  Ally Blogs and Vlogs about her experience here plus you can read more about this remarkable woman with this feature on her from (We need more Ally’s in the world!)

And Lastly:

My Review of “The Vegucation of Robin” by Robin Quivers (The Howard Stern Show.)

Heavy sigh—where do I begin? I guess at the beginning. About twenty years ago “The Howard Stern Show” was introduced to the Bay Area (where I went to school) and I have been listening to Howard, Robin, Fred, Baba Booey and the rest of the gang most weekday mornings ever since. My favorite segment of the show is “The News” where Howard and Robin talk about what is happening in the world and generally goof on dumb celebrities, corrupt politicians and the everyday silliness of life.

I have to say that as much I as I adore Robin and would not want to listen to the show without her—she loves to spout off about her latest New Age findings that have absolutely NOTHING to do with science or reality. Over the years I have heard her espouse the medical wonders of coffee enemas, the Master Cleanse, psychic shaman in foreign lands and “detoxing.” And honestly, my attitude is if it makes you feel better than more power to you. But do no assume all people will have the same results following your plan.

Recently Robin dealt with an incredibly scary cancer scare (you can read about it here) and had to work remotely from home for over a year while she was attended to by  the expert staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering. (Trust me—if you get cancer—that is where you want to be treated. They are simply the best.)

Thankfully she is now in remission but it coincides with the release of her book The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life. This is a book she has planned for years and it speaks to her belief (at the time) in the Vegan lifestyle and all of the recipes contained within.

Well, here are a few of my problems with the book:

  • She promotes colonics which has absolutely NO HEALTH BENEFITS WHATSOEVER. Honestly, after all of these years she is still promoting this crap (pardon the pun.) If she was so clean and detoxified from it—then why did she get cancer?
  • Her complete mistrust of doctors and “Western Medicine” when the very reason she is alive is because Howard made her see cancer specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The woman is a former nurse but did not visit with a gynecologist for several years. A regular checkup might have caught the cancer much sooner had she bothered to take care of herself sensibly.
  •  She still promotes the horrible, awful, contemptible “Master Cleanse” which basically starves the body of nutrients for weeks and then encourages binge eating once you are “detoxified.” This stuff is utter f***ing nonsense and she knows it but is too proud to say she was wrong. (Bad advice that can exasperate an eating disorder, Robin!)
  • Robin does not eat many of the recipes in her book because she now follows and grain-free, soy-free and fruit-free diet on top of being a vegan. (Honestly—if you do not completely follow the lifestyle contained in the pages you should not promote the book.)

Whew—that is a lot for me to type out today. Check out my Vlog below for a little more about my thoughts this week:


Thank you all as always for taking the time to listen to me. And let me know your thoughts about body image, celebrity

Until next time…

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