Brooklyn Fit Chick Review & Giveaway @GoMightyNut @FitApproach #sweatpink

Brooklyn Fit Chick Review & Giveaway

 Mightynut—Peanut Butter & Co. New Powdered Peanut Butter!

Sweat Pink Review and Giveaway

 Mighty Nut

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

As y ’all may know—I rarely have sponsored posts on my Blog. I like to keep a tight rein on the content and Blogs with multiple sponsored posts tend to turn me off. I like to bring information and inspiration with a dose of fun & sass to entertain my readers. So when I actually offer one on my Blog Brooklyn Fit Chick—know that I really love the product. Like—I want to MARRY it if I could. So while I am being compensated for this post but do know that I really love this brand and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Today I am talking about Mightynut by Peanut Butter & Co—a powdered form of peanut butter that you can add to mixes, shakes and smoothies with delicious aplomb. Not into powder and want a real scoop of peanut butter to enjoy? No problem– just add water and stir. Voila!

As someone who (mostly) follows the Paleo/Primal lifestyle actual peanut butter is a “no go.” However—I feel comfortable with the Mightynut form as it has 85% LESS calories than traditional peanut butter and the original flavor has 6 grams of protein in each serving and only 1.5 grams of fat. Are you into flavors by the way? Well, they have four of them here including:

  • Original
  • Flax & Chia
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

I remember when Peanut Butter & Co opened in NYC as a sandwich shop in the 90s and the variety of flavors offered was mind boggling (Cinnamon Raison Swirl was my personal favorite!) Now that I can add my own powdered version to my healthy eating routine—I have the “happies’ all over.

For my recipe with Mightynut I combined two things I love—Peanut Butter Powder and Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix. If you so not have a Trader Joe’s in your home town you can find the mix here. You will thank me later for this!

Here are the directions:

  • One egg
  • 2 Tbsp of Butter, oil or Ghee
  • ½ cup plus two Tbsp of water
  • 1 Tbsp of Mightynut Powdered Peanut Butter
  • 1 cup Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix

Combine all of the ingredients until you get the consistency you most desire and make some flap jacks in the griddle—that is IT! Get ready for some serious tastiness because the combination of flavors is so fun and the meal is very easy to prepare. Win/Win people!

Even more exciting is that I get to offer one of those aforementioned flavors as a giveaway (Continental U.S. only please!)

If you would like to win—you need to do the following:

Go to Twitter and give me a shout out “I Want to win the @GoMightyNut giveaway from @BrooklynFitChik #sweatpink @fitapproach”

You will also want to follow Mightynut on Twitter and on Instagram to catch all of their latest news and recipe suggestions.

I will pick one winner at random on Friday, November 13, 2015 at Noon eastern time and will contact the winner directly. Good luck!

So are you a peanut butter fan? What would use powdered Mightynut with in your repertoire of recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Super Duper Fitbloggin’ Recap Plus Vlog Post 87!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #87

The Super-Duper 2014 Fitbloggin’ Recap!!!

2014 Night 1

This will make much more sense later on in the post.

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am finally ready to put some of my thoughts down about the latest Fitbloggin’ convention (my fourth!) that took place in Savannah this year and offer myself advice for the next trip I take to the south. The days went by in a whirlwind and it was a great mix learning new skills and catching up with old friends.

I had a blast but let me make this absolutely clear—I would change some things if there were a chance for a “Savannah Fitbloggin’ Do-Over.”

  • Put “more” not less into the carry-on suitcase. It was so damn hot and humid in Savannah I mistakenly thought I could bring a couple of changes of wardrobe and be fine.  Soon enough, However, I was sweating my butt off and quickly ran out of options to wear to the multiple events held at the Hyatt. (Note to self—maxi dresses are a gift of the modern age.) If I had to do over there would be more options and less worry about saving space in the suitcase for souvenirs.
  • Bring a flatiron! It was over 90 degrees every day and high humidity so of course my hair had a freak-out. Managed to forget to bring a brush as well. (Also, never going to THAT salon on Fifth in Park Slope again for selling me a crap Keratin treatment!)
  • Pack the nice makeup: I brought along the usual “on vacation” drug-store mascara, eyeliner, foundation, etc. and every speck of it melted off my face in no time. Next time I haul my cookies down to Georgia I will remember to being the lotions and potions that work in any weather. (Think Sephora and not CVS beauty supply!)
  • Order some damn fried chicken! I somehow missed the opportunity to eat real southern fried chicken with gravy and biscuits. (Bad Margo! Bad! Bad!)

But other than that my time in Savannah was magical and I including a few of the highlights for y’all right here. (You’re welcome!)

Day 1:

I was happily surprised to find two of my Blogger friends on the same flight as me. Brooklyn Active Mama and Kimberly of Manifest Yourself greeted me at the Jet Blue gate which immediately got me in the mood for fun times and good vibes. Look how gorgeous we are!


Kimberly, Me and Schnelle at JFK airport

Kimberly, Me and Schnelle at JFK airport

I landed in Savannah and checked on Facebook to find out that Thea of It’s Me Vs. Me was looking for a lunchtime pal. I asked if she would be up for a good old-fashioned southern meal at The Olde Pink House and we were off to the races.

Many friends and acquaintances recommended I eat at “The Pink House” and color me grateful for that tip. This will forever be known as the spot where I first tried fried green tomatoes and watermelon gazpacho. Talk about NOM NOM good? Check out the photos to get an idea of how damn delicious it was:

Fried Green Tomatoes:

Fried Green Tomatoes

“BLT” Salad:

BLT Salad

After our meal we were given the opportunity to explore the rest of Pink House (which was originally built as a private residence in 1789) and were completely blown away with both the décor and the history.

Dining room:

Pink House Interior

At one time the Pink House was a bank and this was the location of their vault (which is now a wine cellar)

Bank Vault Wine Cellar

The “Pink House Pig” that I decided to call Oliver:

Pink House Pig

After our yummy lunch Thea and I headed over to the Gryphon Tea Room and were both gobsmacked at how lovely & charming the city is. So much so that I grabbed my iPad to take this video (apologies for not filming horizontally) to try and capture its essence—here it is!


Then we met up with the group for the prearranged tea time set up by “Losing Weight and Having Fun” Blogger Sarah:

Gryphon Tea

The Gryphon Tea Room was insanely beautiful and I was happy to join in the fun (sipping ice coffee because hot tea makes me gag.)

Gryphon tea 5

Whilst there I met up with my gorgeous roommate Christine of Dubya Wife (she brought a fancy hat and everything!)

Christine Gryphon

There were also pastries and yummy treats on display– however one of my lunch pals (who is of the British persuasion) described everything from the tea to the food as “upper crap.”  Can’t argue or agree with their assessment but to each their own, oui?

Gryphon tea 2

That day/night I stayed up until 2 am catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It was fabulous and featured Legos! Yup–I got pretty drunk and stayed up WAY past my usual bed time. (Photographic evidence at the top.)

Day 2:

The next day I took the “Anti-Computer Body Workout” from celebrity trainer Ashley Borden who was kind enough to speak with me after class for my myriad of training questions. (Thank you Ashley!)

Me and Ashley Borden

One of the best things about the trip was meeting up with fellow EleVen by Venus ambassadors such as Brooke Not on a Diet (love this girl!)

Fitbloggin Team Venus 2

And once again with my Brooklyn bud Schnelle!

2014 Team Venus

From the Sweat Pink & Fit Approach I grabbed Becky Stifter for this shot (how adorable is she, by the way?)

Fitbloggin 2014 Golden Bear becky

Day 3:

I was terribly nervous that NO ONE would show up for my small group discussion How to Pitch Brands for Ambassadorships and Sponsorships that took place Saturday morning at the same damn time as 80s Zumba!! (Who scheduled this? Why do you hate me?)

However I was pleased as punch to see I had a full room waiting for my advice. It made feel great and very useful.

During my talk I used Terry Bicycles as an example of a brand I help with their social media. I enticed my group to show up with the promise that one of them would win this package if they stayed the whole time:

Fitbloggin 2014 Terry Bikes

Lo and behold “Crabby” at Cranky Fitness was my winner for correctly answering this trivia question: “Name two Brooklyn singing legends who went to the same high school together in the 1960s” (Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, of course!)

She plans to enjoy her new seat rising around Provincetown soon.

Afterwards I was lucky enough to attend Katy Widrick’s How to Make a Media Kit discussion which was so inspiring. Thank you Katy! She even has an example of a press kit created in a Word document! Really!

Katy Widrick

And just like that I had to run off to the airport and catch my flight back home. It was a fun time and I am pleased to announce here that Fitbloggin 15 will take place this time next year in Denver—whoo hoo!!

NYC on the horizon

Wait–there’s more–check out more of my thoughts about Fitbloggin with my newest Vlog post now filmed in landscape!


One of my favorite souvenirs from Fitbloggin this year is my collection of business cards I managed to remember to ask for this year (Grrr–I missed getting them from all of the people I wanted!)

Business Card collection 001

So what were your favorite parts of Fitbloggin? What was your favorite session? Where did you eat? I want to hear it all!!!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Bondi Band Review & Giveaway!!

Bondi Band Review & Giveaway 

#bondiband #sweatpink

Hey Gang! Are you looking for a headband that will actually stay in place AND take care of that annoying sweat that runs down your forehead? Well the good folks at Bondi Band send me my own pink “crown” to try out as I teach my spin classes and let me just say this—they work!

Bondi Band Margo

Each band is comfortable to wear and will NOT slip while providing great coverage for the top of your head. Bondi Bands are also unisex which means anyone can wear them weather you playing some Frisbee in the sun or taking on a triathlon.

Bondi Band has several styles and logos you can choose from plus you can send them your own personal logo if you want something a little more personal. Yeah! From today until June 28th you can order from Bondi Band and receive a 10% discount by using the discount code SWEATPINK.

But if you want to win one from little old me—here is your chance. I have two from you to choose from (see below.) So whether you want a pop of color (“Suck it Up Cupcake”) or if you prefer the black & white band (“Play Hard or Go Home”) you need to do the following to win one of them.

Bondi 2

Tweet out your interest with the following: “I want to win @bondiband from @fitapproach @brooklynfitchik #sweatpink #bondiband” I will pick one winner this Saturday, June 7th and contact them directly. Bondi Band is sponsoring this post.

That’s it and good luck everyone. Keep sweating!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Twitter Party Time! @FitApproach @LornaJaneActive #uniquelyLJ

Fit Approach & Uniquely Lorna Jane Twitter Party!

Thursday, March 20 5 PM PST/8 PM PST


Let’s Talk Fitness & Fashion for Spring 2014!!

(You Might Win a $150 Shopping Spree As Well!)


 photo Badge_150x150_zps3e99b0f6.png

Hey Gang!

Are you ready for spring? If you are dealing with a winter like we have had here on the East Coast then I bet your answer will be “Yes!”

So how about we all get in the mood by talking about spring fashion and wearing another color other than black to the gym?

Well you are in luck because there will be a twitter chat today talking about those very things with the fabulous people at Lorna Jane activewear and their brand-new spring collection–Uniquely Lorna Jane.

Fit Approach is co-hosting this online party and I was lucky enough to be chosen to try out a couple of their latest items—wee! My favorite is the Ziva Excel tank which you can see me wearing right here:

Lorna Jane Top 2

Best part about this Twitter party—the person who participates the most in the discussion will win a $150 shopping spree at Lorna Jane—win/win people!

So be sure to follow Fit Approach on Twitter @FitApproach, Lorna Jane @LornaJaneActiver and follow the hashtag #uniquelyLJ

RSVP for Twitter party here!



Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog: Ep 75 @FitBottomedGirl Giveaway! Plus @LornaJaneActive #FitApproach #FBGAntiDiet

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #75

Lorna Jane Active Twitter Party & My Super-Duper Fit Bottomed Girls First Book Giveaway!

The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet

You can win this book!

You can win this book!


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are you all? Did you know spring is set to arrive this week? Whoo hoo! Just in case you are wondering how I feel about the weather lately—winter go just go right out the door and I WANT it to get hit in the ass on the way out! Goodbye cold weather and that damn parka that has taken over my life since December—be gone for another 9 months at least!

Now with that out of the way I want to get to a few things in my life I am really excited about.

  • Lorna Jane Activewear Twitter Party: This Thursday, March 20th at 8 pm eastern/ 5 pm pacific time there will be an awesome twitter party for the new line Uniquely Lorna Jane. I will give more details about Lorna Jane and their 2014 spring/summer collection but you can RSVP here and know this—the person who participates the most during the Twitter party will win a $150 gift card to Lorna Jane! This is brought to you from my gals at FitApproach—hey gals!



Now, on to this week’s Vlog post (My 75th!)


Got that? Now here are more details about The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet:

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, co-founders of, know that a healthy lifestyle isn’t about deprivation diets or torturous workouts. Instead, their confidence-boosting program offers an easy way to look and feel better—without overhauling your routine or your life. Their new book, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet: 10-Minute Fixes to Get the Body You Want and a Life You’ll Love (Harmony Books; On Sale May 6th, 2014; Trade Paperback Original), gives readers the tools they need to take control of their bodies and put the fun back into being fit.

Named one of the top Twitter feeds of 2013 by TIME magazine, the Fit Bottomed Girls have created a friendly and fun approach to managing weight that is designed to help users boost their energy levels, have fun getting healthy, and most importantly love how they feel in their own skin. Using a range of 10-minute changes—from discovering the right way to eat a piece of chocolate to developing a workout to a favorite song—readers can create better, healthier routines without drastically altering their daily lives. Changes are based on the 10 principles of being a Fit Bottomed Girl, which include listening to your hunger, achieving balance, and getting out of your comfort zone. For women looking to lose 10+ pounds, fit folk who need a healthier relationship with their bodies, or anyone in search of a fun weight-loss program, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet is a straight-forward, sustainable way to get healthier in two weeks or less.

Jennipher Walters is an ACE-certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach, and advanced health and fitness specialist, and an AFAA-certified group exercise instructor. Jenn has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MA in health journalism from the University of Minnesota. Erin Whitehead brings a normal-gal approach to the popular healthy living websites and, which she co-founded with Jennipher. Erin has a journalism degree from the University of Kansas.

So if you want to win this giveaway you must do the following (Continental United States, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win the @FitBottomedGirl book from @BrooklynFitChik #FBGAntiDiet”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random next Monday, March 24, 2014 at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Named in @DietsInReview “Best of 2013” #sweatpink #fitapproach

Brooklyn Fit Chick Featured in Diets in Review “Best of 2013”

Whoo hoo!

 DIR Round

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

So sorry for the delay but I went down a holiday shopping & then shipping rabbit hole and am just starting to get back into gear. Then what happens—I get sick! So whilst I fight off my annual December cold (the Vlog will have to wait until next week my friends!) let me take a moment to say THANK YOU to my friends at Diets in Review for featuring little ole me in their “Best of 2013” post. I am beyond thrilled to be included with such an amazing crew of online health & fitness peeps.

Check it out here! The Best of 2013: From Fearless Selfies to Fitness Leaders the 26 Must-Follow Names in Fitness

Congrats to so many of fellow “Besties” including Josie, Martinus, Jamie, Alan, Carla, Jenn, Emily, Ronnie and Leah.

I will be back soon with magazine reviews, giveaways and more starting tomorrow.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog: @SweatPink Ambassadorship, Fighting My Inner “Grumpy Old Man” plus an Amazing @LisaJohnson DVD Giveaway

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 48

Featuring: “Sweat Pink” Ambassadorship, Iris Higgins Essay from Huffington Post, Overcoming My Inner “Grumpy Old Man” Plus the Lisa Johnson Workout DVD Giveaway!

 DVD Cover Template

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How is everyone this week? Good? Glad to hear it!

First of all I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as “Sweat Pink” ambassador for Fit Approach wee! Thanks so much to all of the gals there and I promise to work hard to help our community grow. Now that is out of the way—I am ready to dive in. Let’s get to getiin’!

This week I went through my typical “What the hell am I going to talk about on my next Vlog post?” when I came across an incredible essay on Huffington Post written by Iris Higgins An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients who in essence regrets how she spoke and treated her former clients from a “popular weight-loss company.” Higgins realizes now that many of them might have felt like failures for not losing weight after following her strict advice when in fact they could very well have had real health issues that would prevent anyone from losing weight. Plus, she now realizes 1200 per day calorie plan was far too little for most folks to follow. (Yikes!) and that people can gain and lose weight for a whole myriad of reasons. A great piece I must say

As a health & wellness professional I find it very enlightening when I hear one of my peers humble themselves to new lessons and pass them along to help out others. My good friend Marrilee is a yoga instructor and one of the first things she realized when she first began teaching  was that putting yourself out there to the world as a so-called “expert” could bring up old issues you normally could ignore your whole life. You have to showyour best self when teaching and literally have someone’s health in your hands. It’s easy to forget the power of that and act as if every class and student were the same.

Have you ever taken a class and felt like the instructor behaved as if they were the only ones who counted in the room? Or ignored everyone and just watched themselves in the mirror? Or (and I really HATE this) when they appear to only appreciate the suck-ups and fans in the classroom (evil!)

Part of becoming a good instructor is learning to bring energy and wisdom to every single class you teach. In spite of the air conditioning breaking, or the sound system not working, or feeling like garbage because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before or dealing with folks who will NOT put down their cell phone down (what is wrong with those people?)

In this week’s Vlog post I talk about my own struggle to overcome my inner “Grumpy Old Man” (or more accurately—my inner a**hole) and how I deal with it when it rears its head. Plus, we have a Lisa Johnson DVD giveaway (In fact, I am giving away FIVE of her DVDs this week!)

Lisa is someone I have followed for years on Twitter (@LisaJohnson) and was thrilled to finally make her acquaintance at this year’s Fitbloggin’ convention. This Boston gal is just about as nice and down-to-earth as one can be and still be a total badass. You can follow her on her on You Tube here; and here is the link for her excellent web site.


Now onto this week’s Vlog post:


Here is more information he DVDs you can win:

August 1, 2013 – Boston, MA – New from fitness professional and Pilates studio owner, Lisa Johnson ( comes two new DVDs. Body Physica: INTENSE (42 minutes, $19.95) features four High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that get the entire body in shape in just 10 minutes! Participants can do one routine or all four to see immediate results. It doesn’t matter what experience or fitness levels — beginner, intermediate, or advanced — viewers get an energizing, body sculpting workout every time they press play! The Modern Pilates DVD (51 minutes, $19.95) is a mat workout that makes one “tighter, higher, and smaller,” in all the right places. Featuring a 50-minute routine for all levels — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — this DVD provides a workout to strengthen and tone the entire body. Following Lisa’s expert instruction one will tone arms, get fabulous abs, tighten the ‘tuchas’ and get glorious legs in no time. Both DVDs are available at

Lisa Johnson is a fitness professional striving to get “real” fitness information to others who want to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is highly regarded in the American fitness industry, as a personal trainer, motivational speaker and has established a huge following on her daily blog. Lisa runs an award-winning Pilates studio in Boston, and has quickly established herself as a writer of integrity on all things fitness. As a trainer who is “in the trenches” working daily with people, Lisa brings a unique perspective to fitness, knowing how to translate even the most complex movements to the average person. She has appeared as a fitness expert in numerous publications including The New York Times, Glamour, Family Circle, The Boston Globe, Entrepreneur and Inc. As a writer, Lisa was a columnist for Pilates Style magazine and writes extensively at her blog, Lisa Johnson Fitness: Everything for a Healthy Body. She is also a brand ambassador for FitStudio by Sears and shares exercise routines in online videos for both FitStudio and Her credentials include: Harvard University Graduate with Bachelor of Science Degree, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, and the only Pilates instructor accepted as an educational affiliate member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG.)

Both DVDs are available for purchase and as digital download for $19.95 each at

Got that? Now, in order to win one of Lisa Johnson’s DVDs you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment below stating which DVD you would like to win.
  2. Tweet out your interest to me (@brooklynfitchik) and Lisa Johnson (@LisaJohnson)

I will pick 5 random winners next Monday, August 26th at NOON eastern time and contact them directly. Good luck!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 40: Talking about @BexLife @CavegirlConfections @CanyonRanch & Facing Fears!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog

Episode 40

Featuring: Overcoming Fear, Bex Life, Cavegirl Confections, Happy Feet and Prezi Presentations


"Me afraid? Ha!"

“Me afraid? Ha!”


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How are you my lovelies? Good? Glad to hear that. This week I have been busy with getting my presentation all sorted out for my portion of the “Writing the Perfect Pitch” workshop for this year’s Fitbloggin and I must admit—I have the case of the nerves! This isn’t my first time speaking in front of people but it IS my first time using a program called Prezi and I just want to be worthy of sharing the stage with the superb Alexandra Williams and Kymberly Williams-Evans of Fun & and the sublime Jamie Walker of Fit Approach. (Biting my nails in anticipation!)

I know it will be a great presentation and I am so excited to get a chance to help my fellow Fit Bloggers get their message out there. So I guess you can call these the “good” kind of nerves to have because it means I care and will give it my all?

However– I am having old feelings returning to my life and I do not think it has anything to do with what could be an immediate “unknown” in my life (presenting at Fitbloggin.). Rather, on a much deeper level I am incredibly anxious about the my uncertainty of my future. Don’t be alarmed—I am not sick or in dire straits (thank goodness!) but the last time I woke up every day feeling the way I do I quit my high powered job, went freelance and started teaching spin classes in my “free time.”

Hang on to your knickers everyone because I feel changes coming my way—big time!

These past few months my life has been twisting and turning in new directions with old stuff falling away and new things trying to make their way in and for some reason I have felt very “stuck.” Do you ever get like that? Like on the one hand you know you need to shake things up in your life in order to get where you need to be but are just so damn afraid of anything “new?” I really need to “unstuck” myself and embrace the wild and wooly aspects of living without fear.

Do you know about Bex of the fabulous Bex (Of course you do—she is a goddess!) Anyhoo—Bex recently posted on her site Learn to Fall In Love With Fear and that is the motto I am going to use to get me through the next few months. I am going to learn to embrace uncertainty and anticipate good things coming into my life.

Who is with me? Let’s do this thing together dammit!

Now with that sorted out I wanted to take a moment and congratulate my good friend Marrilee Wilson of Halifax, Nova Scotia for becoming a certified yoga instructor through Moksha Yoga Halifax. (So happy you are finally making it to NYC this week!)

And now for this week’s Blog post:

  • I talk about dealing with fear about the future.
  • My ongoing love for Cavegirl Confections—seriously you people need to try this stuff. (
  • The “Happy Feet” program that is starting up soon at the Canyon Ranch spa and includes a groovy new item call Sole Engergizers.
  • My latest magazine reviews of Bicycling, Prevention, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Journal.

That’s it for me this week folks. Talk to you all next week!!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 38 @KossCoporation headphones review, @Fitbloggin and MoonWalk New York City #Fit4Life

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 38

Featuring: My Fitbloggin’ Speaker Update, MoonWalk New York City Announcement, Julie Klausner’s “Gayest” Cabaret Show

Plus: My KOSS “FitBud” and “FitClip” Stereophones Review

(And TWO Sleeping Cats!)

Cool cat, looking for a kitty  Gonna look in every corner of the city...

Cool cat, looking for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city…


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

First off—my apologies for not recording a Vlog last week for I had every expectation to do so. Back when I started Vlogging I promised myself I would be sure to record a new one each weekend no matter WHAT happened in my life. But I will be honest—it was so nice to be lazy and responsibility-free for the long holiday weekend that I just kind of slacked off. Do you forgive me? (Pinky swear to keep to my regular schedule!)

Second—I am taking a few weeks off from giveaways. Just to keep things fresh I am going to store up some really special items to offer as a giveaway from time to time. Really—it just seems more special that way, no?

Today (as I am typing/recording this post) it is hotter than a whorehouse on dime day so forgive me if I appear to be a little loopy in my Vlog post. It was recorded in one take (oh, you DON’T say!) and features both of mah precious kitties so just take it all in and enjoy!

Featured on my Vlog this week:

I am actually speaking at the totally amazing Fitbloggin conference in Portland, Oregon—whoo hoo! I will speaking with 3 phenomenal women on How to Craft the Perfect Pitch on Friday afternoon from 1:00-3:30 pm so please drop by if can! The other gals I am speaking with are:

  • Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams of the Fun and Fit Blog and Fun and Fit Radio podcasts (Follow them on Twitter @KymberlyFunFit @AlexandraFunFit
  • Jamie Walker who is the CEO and Cofounder of (Follow her on twitter at @fitapproach)

Saturday, July 20th at 10 pm I am joining my good friend Toni Church (of Running, Living, Loving) for the first MoonWalk New York City where we will walk a marathon around New York City wearing sparkly bra tops. Get more details (maybe you can join us!) here  (Follow her on Twitter @tonee78)

The incredible Julie Klausner is having her first cabaret shows at Joe’s Pub (Too Gay for Brooklyn) and I think you should get a ticket and join me there!

My review of the KOSS FitSeries headphones (earbuds) for women. These were sent to me to try out from the good people at (KOSS) and they did not pay me for a review or my opinion—I simply do love my new FitBud and FitClip stereophones that were developed just for us ladies by KOSS’s female design crew and the ultimate fit chick (in my opinion) Dara Torres. What I love them about them:

  • They are very comfortable. KOSS designed them to be 33% smaller than the regular KOSS earbud so they will stay in place and be comfortable for all day wear (I personally put THAT to the test several times in the last few weeks and am impressed with their fit.)
  • They are sweat-resistant.
  • The cushions come in three different sizes so they are guaranteed to stay put.

My two beautiful cats (Sarah & Tennessee) are napping in the background so you crazy cat people can get your fix on them! (Follow me on Instagram at “margodono” for my cute kitty pics.)

Now let’s check out today’s Vlog post!


That’s it for me this week folks. Talk to you all next week!!

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