Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 72: @BlueDiamond giveaway plus @JuliaMancuso @ZICO @TerryBikes @SuperStarGym 9

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode #72

Julia Mancuso, Human-Powered Treadmills and My First Terry Bicycles Post

Plus: My Blue Diamond Almonds Giveaway!

Almonds WholeNaturalAlmonds Smokehouse

Hey there! Hi there! Hi there!

Hey gang! Guess what happened in New York City? Hold on to your knickers but we have had TWO ENTIRE DAYS (in a row) over 50 degrees & sunny!! Whoo hoo! After several weeks in a row of cold & damp rain, excessive snow, frigid temps and fogginess it feels great to run errands and not have to bundle up to within an inch of my life. In fact, it feels pretty damn terrific though I know spring really not arrive for a few more weeks. (Oh spring–I will see you again, won’t I?)

In the meantime, I have a few fun items to share with you today plus my newest giveaway—Blue Diamond almonds!

So what happened this past week?

  • While on assignment with Fit Bottomed Girls this past week I went to a yoga session & luncheon hosted by ZICO coconut water at Exhale Spa to celebrate Olympic Alpine Skier Julia Mancuso and her return from the Sochi games. The Olympian even brought her bronze medal along and let us all check it out!  I will send you the link for this post as soon as it is live. In the meantime—here is a photo of the lovely (and patient) Julia allowing me to ogle her bronze medal. (Those things are super heavy, by the way!)

Me and the medal

  • Also for Fit Bottomed Girl I wrote this article about Superstar Gym and their “Fitwalker” class which is basically a treadmill workout that uses pure leg power. As in you do not plug it in or turn it on. You just get on it work your little butt off. Anyone want to take a class with me? Let me know! In the meantime enjoy this photo of Christian Castano who teaches at Superstar Gym. (You’re welcome)


Christian Castano of Super Star Gym

Christian Castano of Super Star Gym

  • Finally—I have my first article posted at Terry Bicycles talking about my love for the Da Vinci BodyBoard. (I am a fitness ambassador for Terry and am pleased as punch to contribute to their Blog.)


Now let’s move on to this week’s Vlog:


Blue Diamond Almonds Giveaway

This week I am offering a giveaway of two tins of Blue Diamond Almonds courtesy of Blue Diamond who will send the winner their prize directly. (Note: Blue Diamond did not pay to sponsor this giveaway.)

The two flavors you can enter to win  are Whole Natural and (my favorite!) Smokehouse. Check out how to enter this particular giveaway below!

Also, be sure to follow Blue Diamond on the following social media sites:

So if you want to win you need to do the following (Continental United States only, please!)

  • Post a comment below (on this post) letting me know you are interested.
  • Send a comment on Twitter and say “I want to win @BlueDiamond Almonds from @brooklynfitchick”
  • If you haven’t already—let me know you are subscribing to my You Tube channel

I will pick one winner at random next Monday, March 3, 2014 at NOON Eastern Time and contact them directly. Good luck and enter as often as you like!

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 54: Talking About What to Look Forward to in October @kmaecags @CG_Confections 2

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 54

The “Brooklyn Fit Chick 5 Things to Forward To in October” Edition

NYC F/N Pop-Up Event, Against All Grain by Danielle Walker, Fitwalker Classes, Balega Socks

& the Affordable Care Act (Yikes!)


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

It’s a new week and I am getting excited about October. Why? Mainly because I will be officially ending my second Paleo/Whole 30 challenge on October 1st –can I get an Amen?!

This time was so much easier for me than last year as I mainly do live a Paleo/Primal lifestyle and keep grains and dairy out of my diet. However, this past summer I felt as if I indulged a bit too much in red wine, fruity drinks and fattening meals and wanted to “right the ship” so to speak. So the past 30 days I have lived completely Paleo and abstained from all processed foods, dairy, sugar, grains and alcohol. The one vice I have not given up is coffee but you do NOT want to see me without coffee. I refuse to go without my caffeine fix in the mornings and will not apologize for that.

And now here we are—on the cusp of October with beautiful, crisp weather and a season of delights to look forward to over the next few weeks. So today I just wanted to give a shout-out to all of the things I am looking forward to this coming month.

Brooklyn Fit Chick 5 Things to Look Forward to in October:

  • NYC F/N Pop-Up Fitness Event: My awesome fellow Sweaty Betty Claudette Wilkins of the amazing gluten-free treats Cavegirl Confections will be joining two of her fellow badass fitness babes @jazzythings and Krissy Mae Cagney ( for a popup fitness event  (F/N Popup Event) to take place in NYC from October 25-27. There will be bootcamps in Central Park and healthy cooking classes in hell’s Kitchen—cool! Click on this link to get more details and purchase tickets;  I plan to drop by if that gives you any encouragement!


  • Danielle Walker “Against All Grain”: After finishing my Whole 30 on September 30th (boo-rah!) I plan to now enjoy some yummy recipes from Danielle Walker’s newest cookbook Against All Grain.


  • Fitwalker class at Superstar Gym in Tribeca: In the next few weeks I am putting together a group of NYC fit chicks to join me for a Fitwalker class at Superstar gym here in NYC. What is Fitwalker you ask? Well I am going to write about them in full for Fit Bottomed Girls but try to imagine taking a cardio/body sculpting class on a treadmill that you have to power on your own. That’s right—there is no electricity to power the machine—just the power of your legs to get it in motion. (If you are a fit blogger in NYC—let me know if you want to take a class with me at Superstar gym!)


  • Balega Socks: The good people at Balega sent me a few items to try out (they are well-loved in the running community of their blister-free socks) and I can’t wait to road test them on my bike this coming weekend. Bring it!


  • Signing up for the Affordable Care Act: Like many folks—my employer decided to not provide health insurance options for instructors who teach less than 30 hours per week so I now need to sign up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. If you need more information—try the official Affordable Care Act web site. (Hoping there is no government shut down…)


Now onto this week’s Vlog post:


Okay—that is it for me today. Talk to you all next week where I hope to have my giveaways back in motion. Later!

Ox Ox,


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