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New Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast ep Talking with Olympian Sliken Laumann

Podcast Ep 76: Olympian Silken Laumann – Fit Bottomed Girls

If you are looking for a little inspiration and wisdom for your ear holes, then get ready for our guest today: Olympian, author, life coach and advocate Silken Laumann . Her multitude of accomplishments includes winning the bronze medal in rowing in 1992 (and doing so just after a brutal leg injury!), as well as the silver medal in Atlanta in 1996.

What Did We Learn This Month? @WomensHealthMag with Ashley Greene

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health

November 2014

Ashley Greene photographed by Tom Schirmacher
Ashley Greene photographed by Tom Schirmacher

Women’s Health Cover Star for November 2014: 

Ashley Greene is on the cover and while I only know her from the Twilight films, in reality she has over 25 films to her credit and is also an ambassador for Oakley sunglasses which makes me incredibly jealous.  (Love those shades!)

Anyhoo-Ashely is stunning and has tons of beauty advice for those of us who want to look like a Hollywood starlet but are on a budget.

She keeps in shape by training with Jason Walsh of Rise Movement and prefers little rest between strength moves to keep her cardio up.


So what else is in the November issue of Women’s Health

15-Minute Workout “Dynamic Duos”

The idea here is to match two exercises with one another two get maximum benefits and these moves from trainer Nick Rodocoy (whose Twitter photo is great) will help give muscle definition in record time.

15 Minute Workout 001

 Your Hidden Fitness Talent”  

The key to increase your fitness level is to develop your proprioception.

What the hell is that?

Basically it’s the ability to get in tune with your sense of balance and coordination and therefore stay upright and balanced when your receptors are being challenged.

For example—working on your core strength can help you maintain your balance on an icy road and prevent you from slipping and falling.

The exercises featured here can help with developing that “sixth sense.”

Up Your Workouts 001

“Supermarket Stars”

Let’s be frank—most of us buy our food from the market. But that doesn’t mean that all of the packed foods on the shelves are full of garbage that will kill you.

Nay! Some of it is pretty damn good and good for you. Check out the winners in this issue.

Super Market Stars 001

“Slow Down to Power Up”

Yoga expert Kathryn Budig shows off some cool yoga moves that will help you relax this upcoming crazy holiday season.

Energizing Yoga 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • “I Survived Being Kidnapped by My Taxi Driver” Holy crap! A true story of kidnapping and terror in Bali. YIKES!
  • ‘Sick Much?” “Virus-busting” strategies to keep you healthy from your nose-rubbing co-workers.

Overall Grade:

A  Some great workouts are featured here plus my beloved beauty stories are pretty fun to read.

You can check out Women’s Health online as well: www.WomensHealthMag.com

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What Did We Learn This Month? Oxygen Magazine with Kathleen Tesori on the Cover

What Did We Learn This Month?


May 2014

Kathleen Tesori photographed by Robert Reiff
Kathleen Tesori photographed by Robert Reiff

What Do We Learn This Month in Oxygen?

“A Petite Powerhouse”

Our cover star is Kathleen Tesori who is not only sponsored by Bodybuilding.com but is also Manger of Supply Chain management with the U. S. Airforce—wow! The 5’ 2” Tesori resides in Salt Lake City and considers working for her country to be a privilege.

Even though she has busy days with the Department of Defense she always makes the point to work out even if for only 20 minutes. The former junk food junkie used to live on corndogs and Mountain Dew (ah—college!) She now eats a very clean diet and totes around her meals in a cooler to and from work.

Kathleen is featured in the “20-Minute Fat-Burning Workout” inside the issue as well.

20 minute workout Oxygen 001


“Your Ultimate Upper Body”

By doing two opposing exercises at the same time you can see powerful effects (such as combining lunges with bicep curls.) Check out some of these moves from trainer Cindy Whitmarsh that will help increase your metabolic burn.

Your Upper Body Workout Oxygen 001

“Portable Pilates”

Oxygen has expert Pilates trainer Juliet Kaska of JK Zen Fitness show how we can all do this workout from home. (Note to self—get this equipment, stat!)

Portable Pilates 001
“Fine-Tune Your Butt”

With a headline like that—guess what muscles you will be working with this feature? These exercises were developed by Simone De La Rue whom I completely adore. (Hi Simone!)

Glute workout in Oxygen 001
“Pink Power!”

I am not much of a runner (if you ever see me running—ask what the hell is wrong!) Nor am I much of a “pink” girl but this page of pink running gear gives me the happies. (Maybe because Spring has sprung!)

Pink running gear Oxygen mag 001

And now the rest of this issue of Oxygen:

  • “Strong Body, Strong Mind” Exercising your body can also help your mind from “warding off dementia to relieving anxiety and depression.”
  • “Eat Smarter to Feel Great” If you have problems with inflammation (over here!) changing your diet can help “minimize it’s effects.”

Overall Grade:

A- Lots of good workouts here but some of the other features were less than interesting to me.

You can follow Oxygen magazine at www.Oxygenmag.com

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