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The Tria Hair Removal System

Tria Hair Removal System

Tria Hair Removal System

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A few months I was asked to take part in a Blogger review program for Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision which normally I do not participate in unless I find the product useful, intriguing and of real value to my readers. (Trust me—I turn things down all of the time!) But after meeting the Tria reps at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet last year and honing in on the sweet design of their hair remover I eagerly jumped in.

In my first post I talked about my past hair removal disasters which included bleaching creams that turned my upper lip yellow, wax that burned my face and a TV product that left me bruised all over. Hair is a big deal to me. I fuss and fight with those on the top of my head and struggle with the rest of my body getting rid of them.

A few things about the Tria system that made me want to try them out:

  • The Tria Hair Removal Precision is the first FDA-cleared, at home laser hair removal device that uses the exact same diode laser technology used in professional dermatologists’’ offices for permanent results.
  • Clinical studies have shown up to 70% hair reduction after two treatments.
  • The product’s lightweight, ergonomic shape is designed to treat the smaller more sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini line, upper lip, and other curvy areas of the body (like the ankles!)

Today I am offering my own review of the Tria Laser Precision in my latest Vlog below. I was not paid for this post and Tria did provide me the product to try out. Check it out!



So my big tips for using the Tria effectively:

  • Start at the lower level of intensity to build up to the feeling. Some people think it is akin to a rubber band snap but I found it more like a blast of heat from a hair dryer-ish.
  • You can shave in between treatments but do not pluck or wax (I screwed this up the first time I tried it!)
  • Plan to spend a few minutes on each spot you are treating and don’t rush through it. I would usually just watch the clock on my TV to keep me in line.

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That’s it for this time. I will back soon with my magazine reviews and playlist to keep you motivated!

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