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What Did We Learn This Month?

Recaps of Bicycling, FitnessRX for Women and Muscle & Fitness Hers

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There is a crispness in the air that says “Hey Honey, how about a little autumn for ya?” Love it! Every year at this time I feel some sadness about summer leaving us all behind and then I remember that Septmeber is one of the raddest months of the year. You can still walk around without a jacket most of the time and yummy foods like pumpkin and acorn squash come into season. What’s not to love about it?

Anyhoo—I have a batch of new magazines to recap today so let us get to it now, shall we?


Photograph by Brian O'Hara

Photograph by Brian O’Hara

Bicycling: October 2013

  • “Powered by Plants” As a primal/Paleo eater I know I am the natural enemy of vegans everywhere so wanting to demonstrate that I can listen to the other side and consider what those veggie heads consume every day instead of animal products. Not sold on “fortified breakfast cereals” however.
  • “Go Back in Time” Super-tweedy rides are popping all over the country this time of the year and I for one applaud that. Go you chic bike riders!
  • “While You Were Out Riding, Bike Advocacy Became Cool” “Eight Innovators” who are helping cycling be more safe (and cool.) Yay them!
  • “’Cross Wise” Super cute gear for your next cyclocross race.
  • “10-Minute Bone-Boosting Workout” Really great core moves from exercise physiologist Allison Westfahl.

Check out Bicycling online here: www.bicycling.com


Karina Smirnoff photograph by Per Bernal

Karina Smirnoff photograph by Per Bernal

FitnessRX for Women: October 2013

  • Karina Smirnoff: The Dancing With the Stars celeb offers her own diet & fitness routine that makes her look as stunning as she does on the cover of this issue.
  • “Get on Track” IFBB Champions Ashley Kaltwasser and Justine Munro are photographed for the “stadium” workout you can take to the track.
  • “Flat Abs and Shapely, Sexy Legs: Prague Bikini Champion Vladka Krasnova is the model for this workout you can tear out and take to the gym.
  • “Armed for Fall” IFBB Bikini pro Juliana Daniell shows us a high intensity resistance training program meant to define the upper body.

Check out FitnessRX for Women online www.fitnessrxwomen.com


Mona Muresan photograph by Tom Corbett

Mona Muresan photograph by Tom Corbett

Muscle & Fitness Hers: September/October 2013

  • “Must-Try Move…Gorgeous Hamstrings” Advice on how to make your hammies look awesome from Nicole Wilkins (IFBB Figure Pro,) Jessie Hilgenberg (IFBB Figure Pro) and Ariella Palumbo (NPC Physique Competitor.)
  • Mona Muresan: The Muscle & Fitness Hers editor in chief not only graces the cover but also is in side this issue with a kick butt workout. Color me happy!
  • “Fit for the Fast Lane” Unbelievably cute gear with pink trim—bring it on!
  • “12 Turbocharged Fat-Fighting Secrets” Three top pros give their best advice for dropping extra pounds in a hurry.
  • “The Ultimate Arm Assault” If you are looking to up your arm routine—try this routine from IFBB Bikini Pro Juliana Daniell. (She is very popular this month!)
  • Coco Austin: Ice-T’s wife is interviewed for her newest venture Peepshow. Gaw—I love Coco!

Check out Muscle & Fitness Hers online here: www.muscleandfitnessher.com


That’s all for me today. Let me know what you are reading this month!

Until next time!

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