What Did Learn This Month? Women’s Health magazine with Kate Hudson!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health

October 2014

Kate Hudson photographed by Rankin

Kate Hudson photographed by Rankin

Women’s Health Cover Star for October 2014: 

The lovely Kate Hudson is on the cover wearing some of her divine fitness line Fabletics. Kate keeps her insanely toned body in shape with a combination of Pilates and Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs plus she follows an “elimination diet” that excludes red meat but allows tequila. (Nice!)

Kate splits her time with her fiancé Matthew Bellamy of Muse (one of my favorite bands) in London and Los Angeles along with her two boys Ryder & Bing (she loves fun names!)

So what else is in the October issue of Women’s Health

15-Minute Workout “Hot Abs, Hot Everything…”

Keoni Hudoba of Cyc Fitness gives these moves that will help strengthen your core.

15 Minute workout 001

 Yes, You Can Do a Real Pushup”  

If you are like me—you want to master a “real’ pushup. Well trainer Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S. offers tips for us to do just that.

Push Ups 001

 “Time for an Oil Change”

There are all types of “edible oils” including walnut, coconut, avocado and sesame. Find out what each adds in terms of making your life healthier here.

Oil Changes 001

“Warm Up the Right Way”

The best way to get ready for a run include these warmups.

Warm Up for Running 001

“Social Climbers”

Women’s Health and Yelp combines forces to find America’s best cities for food and fitness. Real surprising list here with Jersey City, Scottsdale and Ann Arbor making the cut.

Social Climbers 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • Lenny Kravitz: Women’s Health talked to this hunk of a man who happens to be a great singer and songwriter and looking AMAZING at 50. (50! Lenny Kravitz is freakin’ 50!)

Overall Grade:

A Great issue with tons of useful articles, great beauty stores and tough workouts. Me likey!

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You can check out Women’s Health online as well: www.WomensHealthMag.com

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What Did We Learn This Month? @Shape_Magazine Kate Hudson on the Cover

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Shape: November 2013

Kate Hudson photographed by Nino Munoz

Kate Hudson photographed by Nino Munoz

Shape Cover Star for November:

A friend of a friend of mine met Kate Hudson once a few years before her breakout performance in the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous and said Kate was absolutely the sweetest, most down-to-earth person ever.  I always think about that when I read interviews with the actress as she seems like she would be a cool, chill BFF.

Kate is the mother of two young boys, engaged to singer Matt Bellamy of Muse and has her own workout line Fabletics hitting the market. Meaning she doesn’t exactly have all of the time in the world to work out. Luckily the actress has a dancing background and fits in as much Pilates as she can into her busy schedule.


“Drop the Weights”

You don’t need a set of dumbbells to work your muscles—try some of these moves from trainer Jessica Rucker.

Workout of the month 001

“Splash & Dash”

Water-based running is easier on your joints while also providing excellent cardio exercise. So if you have access to a pool—check out this workout plan designed by Bernard Baski.

 Water workouts Shape magazine 001

“Heavy Lifting”

If you are looking for some cute gear to wear to CrossFit (not that it is a “cute” workout, mind you) then check out the offerings on this page.

Cross Fit Gear in Shape magazine 001

 “Raise the Barre”

A NYC-based ballerina (Mary Helen Bowers) teaches Ballet Beautiful and shows how to perform a perfect “arabesque lift” and “swan arms” in this feature.

Raise the Barre Oxygen magazine 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “1-Move/3-Ways Push-Up” Shape top trainer Jay Cardiello shows how to “perfect and build upon” your bridge.
  • “Flu Shot Excuses–Busted” Everyone—please get your flu shots!
  • “Dream it, Do it…” One of my big, big goals in life is to master the yoga “Crow” pose and it is just one of the fitness goals mentioned in this article that you can master with the right kind of practice.

Follow Shape magazine online at: www.Shape.com

Overall Grade:

A  Fantastic workouts plus string features made this a great issue for me. Thumbs up!


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