What Did We Learn this Month? @SELFmagazine October Issue with @lucyhale on the Cover #sweatpink

What Did We Learn This Month?

 SELF: October 2013

Lucy Hale photographed by Dewey Nicks

Lucy Hale photographed by Dewey Nicks


For those of you keeping score, I “broke up” with SELF magazine a few months ago and all of my reasons were stated in my “cri de coer” post this past September. After being a loyal reader for many years I felt that the new look and editorial was aiming too young and low brow. That they were reaching so far to appeal to 20-somethings that they forget about their core reader loves health & fitness and wants to add to their knowledge base.

Well I have to admit that the October issue is a vast improvement upon the last few issues (I have not reviewed SELF since May) and I am happy to feature them on my Blog. Woo hoo! Now, keep it up SELF! Don’t make me shun you again!


SELF Cover Star for October:

Lucy Hale

I have NO idea who she is but for some reason I follow actress Lucy Hale on Instagram. (She seems totally cool and adorable by the way.)  Lucy’s trainer (Bryna Carracino) keeps the Pretty Little Liars star in shape with a series of “static holds” which you can see below. Her personal record for a chaturanga is two minutes seven seconds which is pretty damn impressive!


Lucy Hale 001

So What Else is in the October SELF?

“I Have a Strong, Athletic Body. I Wish I Loved It”

Here we get an essay from badass squash champion Ivy Pochoda who works hard to stay in shape but gets rude comments about her “mannish” legs. I want to give her a hug and let her know she is a phenomenal woman and not to give in to the body-shaming haters. (Screw them! You are awesome & fierce!)


Self expression 001

“Master Class”

CrossFit Coach Megan May shows how to perform a righteous dead lift.

CrossFit move 001

“Shopping Special”

SELF started the whole “pink ribbon” campaign for breast cancer awareness many moons ago and every October they feature “pink” items that will benefit cancer charities. So get to shopping!


Shop pink 001

“Trainer to Go”

World class trainer David Kirsch shows a few different exercises you can do in a plank position. (Plan on using these in my core classes soon!)


David Britsch workout 001

“How Did I Workout Without This?”

Awesome “high-tech gear” that pro football players use are featured on this page and that makes me happy. (Because I love football. Go Niners!)

 How Do I Workout without this 001

“23 Minutes”

Say you truly only have a half hour at the gym to workout—these moves from Sean Begley of Plus One Fitness will help you get your sweat on in a minimum amount of time.

23 minute workout 001

The Rest of the Best of the October SELF:

  • “Fat Talk. Old Talk” Recently I have been thinking more about the “O” word and how much I hate it when people my age or much younger use it to describe themselves. Nice to read an article about I from someone far more eloquent than me! (Writer is Erin Bried)
  • “Do I Really Have to Stop Eating Bacon?” Good god I hope not! In the October issue we get “Women’s Cancer Handbook” which talks about which “bad habits” you need to nix to ward off disease.

Overall Grade:

B Big improvement over the last few months and I tore out many pages to keep on file which is always a good sign.

You can check out SELF online at: www.Self.com


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What Did We Learn This Month? @FitnessMagazine March Issue with Lucy Liu!

What Did We Learn This Month?

Fitness: March 2013

Lucy Liu photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.

Lucy Liu photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.

What Do We Learn This Month in Fitness?

Lucy Liu
How much do I love Lucy Liu? THIS MUCH!! The star of some of my favorite movies ever (Charlie’s Angels & Kill Bill) talks about how she keeps in amazing shape for her 16-hour shoots on Elementary. Turns out she is a big fan of both Pilates and running on her treadmill.

Check out Lucy’s at-home routine here:

Lucy Liu inside 001

“Burn & Firm”
Are you looking for some CrossFit, people?! Well check out this routine from head trainer Megan May. Me likey!

Burn and Firm 001

“Rev Up Your Reps”
Fitness asked one of my all-time heroes Jackie Mother F***in’ Warner to offer her advice on how to amp up your cardio to make amp up the calorie burn.

Also features some cute t-shirts on the bottom which give me the “I Wants.” (My birthday is March 29th for anyone BFC fans who want to get me a little something…)

Jazz Hands 001

“Wanna Lift”
Something must be happening to me because I am really starting like high heel sneakers. (March 29th folks!)

I like the Nike Dunk Sky High Kicks (second from left.)

I like the Nike Dunk Sky High Kicks (second from left.)

“Ready, Set, Run!”
I love this feature though I am not a runner at all. If you are looking to train for a 5k, 10k or half-marathon—this is the best guide I have seen yet this year.

Running 001

“Buddy Up”
Another great workout (are you paying attention Health magazine link here) which features partner-based exercises and brought to us by Astrid McGuire of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Buddy Up 001

And now the rest of this issue of Fitness:
“Running Saved My Marriage” I loved this personal story about Danielle Murphy of Windermere, Florida who lost over 90 pounds by setting up running goals with her husband.
“Grin and Bare It” Fun beauty story about how to get rid of unwanted body hair.
“Break the Headache Curse” If you have headache issues (as I do from time to time) then check out this feature.
“Souper Stars” Juno DeMelo tried out a whole slew of canned soups to find the healthiest options available on the market.

Overall Grade:
A- My favorite “March” fitness & health magazine I have read so far. Good work Fitness!!

You can follow Fitness magazine at http://www.fitnessmagazine.com

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