What Did We Learn This Month? Health magazine with Bethenny on the Cover! @goodhealth

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Health: December 2013

Bethenny Frankel photograohed by Ruven Afanador

Bethenny Frankel photograohed by Ruven Afanador

Health Cover Star for December: Bethenny Frankel The reality turned talk show star talks about dealing with life after her high profile divorce, the booming ‘Skinnygirl” business and being a single mom in this Health interview. Her newest book Skinnygirl Solutions is on sale now. So what else is inside the December Health? Holiday Gift Guide Health offers an array of ideas for presents you want to see under your tree. (Hint, hint—I would love to see this Chai tank from New Balance!) Yes, I am assuming you are all like me and take the time to buy yourself something nice this time of year! Holiday Gift Ideas Health magazine 001   “Should I Try Barre Classes?’ Yes—you damn well should and here are some cool moves from Marin Van Vleck of The Bar Method in Plano, Texas. (Trust me, the Diamond Thigh exercise will have you screaming for mercy!) Barre Classes Health Magazine 001   “Your Metabolism: A User’s Guide” My metabolism has had its ups and downs so I always appreciate articles like this. Metabolism Health magazine 001 “8 Great Workout DVDs” Say you want to avoid the outdoors but need to workout—try one of the excellent DVDs featured here. Top DVDs 001 And now the rest of the best of this issue of Health:

  • “Top Yogurt Picks” A couple of dozen of the best brands are mentioned on page 112.
  • “Have a Cup of Coffee” (As if I need permission!)
  • “Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat?” Put down the cell once in a while and enjoy the world around you, people!
  • “Yes—The Most Filling Foods” Yummy foods that are healthy and will keep you feeling full.
  • “Stay Flu-Proof This Season” Tips for avoiding much-dreaded flu this year.
  • “Is Weight-Loss Surgery Worth It?” Excellent article about risks of lap band surgery.

Follow Heath online at: www.Health.com Overall Grade: B+ For months I have complained about the lack of workouts in Health and they listened! I counted three pages of them this month which made me happy. Plus, the gift guide is pretty damn nifty! Until next time… Ox Ox, BFC Brooklyn Fit Chick Follow me on Twitter: “BrooklynFitChik” (note the spelling!) Like My Facebook Page Instagram: BrooklynFitChick Pinterest: BrooklynFitChick You Tube: BrooklynFitChick1

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 49 Featuring Tennis Stars, Flywheel, Plus My Offer to Get You a Brooklyn Treat!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 49

The “I Met Milos Raonic and Venus Williams Last Week” & “On Vacation and Need New Music/Radio Station Ideas” Edition

Posing at Flywheel NYC

Posing at Flywheel NYC


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am on VACATION so this will be a brief post to say “hello!” and a call-to-action. I need music and radio station ideas. Really. Please send them ASAP!  Every day I seem to listen to the same radio stations online (because New York City radio is awful) and I am in need of something new in my life.

A few months ago I wrote about my current online radio playlist and while they are all still pretty great (well, KFOG is pretty terrible these days) I need MORE RADIO and MORE MUSIC suggestions.

Sooo, I am asking you all to offer me ideas and suggestions. What music gets you motivated? What are your “go-to” songs? Is there a station in your area I need to check out—please let me know and I will send a personal Brooklyn “treat” to all who help me out. Not sure what that treat will be but each and every one of you will receive one. Sounds good?

Also, in this week’s post I talk about:

Here is a photo of Milos at the event (cute, eh?)


  • Riding (for about two minutes) with Venus Williams who was debuting her new collection at Flywheel Sports. Co-Founder Ruth Zuckerman lead our class which was a real treat for me as it is always fun to take a class by one of the industry’s pioneers.

Unfortunately my camera died and my awesome pictures have disappeared from my camera (dammit!) so I will have to make do with this one shot of Venus at the pre-event who was talking to a very “pointy” reporter.


Now onto this week’s Vlog post:


Okay—that is it for me today. I may or may not be posting this week here but definitely follow me on Twitter (@BrooklynFitChik) as I will be taking classes all over NYC this week. See you soon!

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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