What Did We Learn This Month? @STRONGFitMag Strong Fitness Magazine Debut Issue!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 STRONG Fitness Magazine: November/December 2013

Rachel David photographed Paul Buceta

Rachel David photographed Paul Buceta

Hello everyone! There is a new magazine on the block and they aim to appeal to women who are not afraid to lift weights—STRONG fitness magazine! I have a quick recap of their first issue but let me say that the pages and layouts are beautiful. Really looking forward to what they have to say in the future!


“Fine Tune Your Overhead Squat”

This is something I could really use help with and I love the description here from trainer Alex Possamai of CrossFit Bolton Mississauga, Ontario. (This is a Canadian publication, by the way!)

Overhead squat 001

“Post-Sweat SOS”

The best beauty things to use after a sweaty workout picked by the beauty expert Bloggers at Two Chicks and Some Lipstick.

 Post Sweat SOS 001

“Greater Goods”

A whole gorgeous page of gear that will fix your ‘fitness woes” and gives me the “I wants.”

Greater goods 001

 “Upper Body Blaster”

A 20-minute workout by coach and trainer Rita Catolino (Just look at those heavy weights! Yay!)


Uppe body blaster 001
And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

  • “Rock Your Body” A hybrid workout that will work every muscle group from Tommy Caldwell of Hybrid Training Corp.
  • “Adjust Your Food Attitude” The healthiest foods you should be eating though you may hate the taste (sardines—yuck!)
  • “Uphill Battle” If you work out mainly on a flat terrain—using hills will really up your game.

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Overall Grade:

A  It’s a gorgeous magazine featuring women with buff bods which is refreshing.


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What Did We Learn This Month? @OxygenMagazine March Issue!

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Oxygen: March 2013

Oxygen cover photo by Paul Buceta

Oxygen cover photo by Paul Buceta

What Do We Learn This Month in Oxygen?

“Girls on Fire”

One of the things I love about this magazine is the women they feature and by that I mean healthy women with real muscles! How refreshing is that, people? On the cover of the March issue we get four “fit cover models” who offer their advice on everything from self-confidence to tips for busting a fitness rut.

Here are the four models and their favorite time to get a good sweat going:

• Midori Rutledge: Morning “It sets me up for the rest of the day.”

• Rachel Davis: “I prefer afternoons but because of work, I’m limited to late evening workouts.”

• Angelike Psoinos Norrie: “Anytime I can fit it in, but when I lift in the afternoons, it makes my mornings super-charged with perfect meal planning and I have tons of energy the rest of the day.”

• Heather Robertson: Early afternoon—“I’m not a morning person. I like to have breakfast, a cup of coffee and go through my e-mails. Then I am good to go.”

“Zap Fat Even Faster”

I really liked this article which describes how to burn calories more efficiently by making simple tweaks to your cardio (running, cycling and skipping rope.)

zap fat faster 001

“Fix Your Tummy Troubles”

According to sports nutritionist and author Nancy Clark, R.D. close to 50% of athletes will experience some kind of stomach issue including bloating, heartburn and cramps. And women have ten times the GI issues that men do (wow!). Here we get advice on how to work with your belly issues (should you have any.)

Fix Your Tummy 001

“Build Your Best Body:Month Three”

Looking for some ideas on how to mix dumbbell work with cardio? Try this section with some pretty awesome exercises that you will do in intervals to get some serious muscle going.

Build Your best Body part 3 001

“The Party is Over—Now What?”

My personal hero, Tosca Reno, talks about how she struggled with “what do I do now?” when her bikini competition (which she won folks!) was over. We have all been there. You aim for something, have a date in mind and then the event just comes and goes. Whether you won or lost—there is still that nagging feeling—what next?

I am a big Tosca fan. Can we get her a book signing in New York, please?

tosca reno 001

Release Stress!”

Got some tension in your jaw? Is your neck mothering you? How about your feet? Do they feel okay? Well if your body is showing signs of stress—this page will help you.

release stress 001

And now the rest of this issue of Oxygen:

• “Freeze Your Cravings” How good does mocha banana ice cream sound? Here we get a recipe for this yummy confection.

• “Time Your Meals, Get Results!” Meal plans for every workout scenario from early morning to you night owl gym rats.

• “Amplify Your Arms” Alicia Harris leads us through a super-tough workout for the “tricky triceps.”

• “Simple Sexy Workout” Oxygen’s fitness editor Rachel Crocker created this “killer circuit” based on simple old-school leg exercises that will get your lower body in top shape.

Overall Grade: A- Welcome to the Brooklyn Fit Chick monthly review group Oxygen! Now keep up the good work!

You can follow Oxygen magazine at www.Oxygenmag.com

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