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My newest article for @FitBottomedGirl talking about @VenusWilliams and @Flywheel 2

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“Venus Williams at Flywheel”

One fly chick at Flywheel!

One fly chick at Flywheel!

I have my latest article for Fit Bottomed Girl ready talking about Venus Williams at Flywheel Sports!


Link here!


Talk soon!

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Ep 49 Featuring Tennis Stars, Flywheel, Plus My Offer to Get You a Brooklyn Treat! 8

Brooklyn Fit Chick Vlog Episode 49

The “I Met Milos Raonic and Venus Williams Last Week” & “On Vacation and Need New Music/Radio Station Ideas” Edition

Posing at Flywheel NYC

Posing at Flywheel NYC


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am on VACATION so this will be a brief post to say “hello!” and a call-to-action. I need music and radio station ideas. Really. Please send them ASAP!  Every day I seem to listen to the same radio stations online (because New York City radio is awful) and I am in need of something new in my life.

A few months ago I wrote about my current online radio playlist and while they are all still pretty great (well, KFOG is pretty terrible these days) I need MORE RADIO and MORE MUSIC suggestions.

Sooo, I am asking you all to offer me ideas and suggestions. What music gets you motivated? What are your “go-to” songs? Is there a station in your area I need to check out—please let me know and I will send a personal Brooklyn “treat” to all who help me out. Not sure what that treat will be but each and every one of you will receive one. Sounds good?

Also, in this week’s post I talk about:

Here is a photo of Milos at the event (cute, eh?)


  • Riding (for about two minutes) with Venus Williams who was debuting her new collection at Flywheel Sports. Co-Founder Ruth Zuckerman lead our class which was a real treat for me as it is always fun to take a class by one of the industry’s pioneers.

Unfortunately my camera died and my awesome pictures have disappeared from my camera (dammit!) so I will have to make do with this one shot of Venus at the pre-event who was talking to a very “pointy” reporter.


Now onto this week’s Vlog post:


Okay—that is it for me today. I may or may not be posting this week here but definitely follow me on Twitter (@BrooklynFitChik) as I will be taking classes all over NYC this week. See you soon!

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What Did We Learn this Month? @Shape_Magazine with Jenny McCarthy on the Cover! 6

What Did We Learn This Month?

Shape: January/February 2013

Jenny McCarthy photographed by Nino Munoz

Jenny McCarthy photographed by Nino Munoz




Shape Cover Star for January/February: The cover star this month is Jenny McCarthy who will have her own late night talk show on Vh1 soon and is also a columnist with the Chicago Sun-Times. I am not her biggest fan for my own reasons but I won’t dwell on that here. Instead I will say that I love the workout featured inside which was created by Jenny’s trainer Mark Harari who is hella cute I have to say.

Jenny McCarthy & her Trainer Mark Harari

Jenny McCarthy & her Trainer Mark Harari

So what else is inside the January/February Shape?

“Cool Ways to Blast Calories” I have never been great at working out in the wintertime but these pages may make me change my mind. If nothing else—I want to hang out in a ski lodge by the fire. (My apartment is freezing right now!)

Cool workouts outdoors 001

“Spin to Slim” Shape asked Ruth Zuckerman of Flywheel Sports (a top-notch spin studio in New York City) came up with this routine you can do on your own. (photo)

Spins 001

“6 Clues to Your Heart Health” Cardiovascular disease is the top killer of women and not enough of us are cognizant of this fact. Shape has the exclusive excerpt from Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book on the six things you need to pay attention to in order to keep your ticker healthy. (photo)

heart piece 001

“Fast-Track to Fit” Jillian Michaels is back ladies & gentlemen and she offers us this butt-kicking workout based on Jillian Michaels Bodyshred.

Jillian Michaels workout 001

“Step & Repeat” Weeeee! Ms. Lorna Kleidman designed this workout based on her KettleX Step class which is based out of the Fitness Cell Collective in New York City. I have taken a class with Lorna and can verify her talents as an instructor. Now try this routine which requires a step and a kettlebell.

Lorna Kleidman 001

“Katy Perry” Billboard’s most recent “Woman of the Year” recipient talks about how she keeps such a fabulous figure while she is on the road.

Katy Perry 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Shape:

• “Your Skin, A to Z” Shape’s big beauty story rocks my world with all sorts of recommendations for lotions & potions that are good for your skin. (Good job picking out Juice Beauty by the way—they rock my socks off!)

“Intimate Appeal” I am a big believer in owning pretty underwear even if you are the only person who sees them. (Need to try out the brand Wocoal…)

• “Take That, Fat!” Simple (really simple) fixes to make your workouts more effective.

• “Give Your Desk a Check-Up” My desk is messed-up and gross right now. This article reminds me to get my crap together—stat!

“Help—I Can’t Sleep!” Having sleep issues on and off over the years—I always appreciate advice on how to get more zzz’s.

Follow Shape magazine online at:

Overall Grade: A! I have to hand it to Shape—they really brought the workout pages this month. Loved them all!

Have you read the January/February Shape yet? What was your favorite article? Let me know!

Ox ox,

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