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NEW Brooklyn Fit Chick Playlist: “I Lived” 50-Minute Ride 24


“I Lived” 50-Minute Ride

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I am back to trying to crank out a new playlist every other week which is a herculean task considering how many songs are in my repertoire—but I am up for it! My goal in 2017 is to branch out and listen to new artists and new kinds of music so if any of you out there have suggestions—hit me up in the comments.

In the meantime—take a look/listen to today’s playlist as I hope it inspires you for your next workout.

  • I Lived (Arty Remix): OneRepublic

I prefer this “Arty Remix” as it has some fast-paced intervals in there which makes for a great warm-up song.


  • Hell: Tegan and Sara

This is one of my favorite songs from Tegan and Sara because it has the right amount of happy energy and a good beat. The video, however, is just a wee but pretentious IMHO.


  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss): P!nk

P!nk is one of my favorite artists and this song always makes me want to sing along even though she sings in an impossible key during the chorus!


  • Long Road to Ruin: Foo Fighters

The Foos are my “go-to” for most rides as you can probably can tell by now. Therefore, I cannot believe this is the first time Long Road to Ruin has been featured on one of my playlists. (Bad Margo!)


  • Dangerous (featuring Joywave): Big Data

I love the bouncy beat of this song and how when it plays—my students bop their heads to the bass line. (So freaking cute!)


  • 2 Heads: Coleman Hell

My mother refers to this as the ‘banjo song’ which also makes her giggle every time she hears it. So now you know—you’re welcome!


  • I Am One: Smashing Pumpkins

My inner 90s rock chick needs to be listened to from time to time and the Smashing Pumpkins reminds of those fun days.


  • Starboy: The Weeknd

I am beginning to become a big fan of The Weeknd even though the spelling of his stage name is pretty lame. (Do you think he regrets it already?)


  • Gold, Girls, Guns: Metric

This is one of the best songs I use for sprinting intervals because it has an intense feel to it without being overwhelming. Try it for yourself!


  • Crabbuckit: k-os

If you love pop & hip hop music—give Canadian k-os a listen some time. You will thank me later!


  • 24k Magic: Bruno Mars

No—I am not sick of this song yet. Bruno knows how to create a funky beat that makes folks happy.


  • Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5

This is the song that made me like Maroon 5. I can’t help but start singing along to it.


  • Sara: Fleetwood Mac

Sometimes I just need to hear some old-school Fleetwood Mac to mellow me out after a tough workout and this song fits the job perfectly.


That’s it for me this time. I will be back soon with another batch of tunes to get you all kinds of motivated!


Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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Brooklyn Fit Chick Playlist: “Shut Up and Drive” Ride! 4


“Shut Up and Drive Ride”

"Yo Margo! Let's hang out at the Barclay Center!"

“Yo Margo! Let’s hang out at the Barclay Center!”

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

I love putting together playlists. The ability to be a coach while also indulging in my “secret DJ” side has brought me so much indescribable joy in my life that I could honestly when I hear a student say “I just love your music!” (Heart is beating faster and spirit is now soaring!)

So when I started to post them up on this here Blog I just sort of wanted to place to just PUT them. I honestly did not expect anyone to actually pay attention but have crazily formed relationships with instructors all over the world who have added some of my favorite tunes to their class playlists.

It makes this Fit Chick so happy to introduce Metric and Dear Rouge to other instructors and now I am asking YOU to send me your favorite song suggestions. Bring –em on and let us all dominate the world with one playlist at a time!

Let’s Go!

  • Shut Up and Drive: Rhianna

Rhianna is sort of a new obsession for me. I am just digging her style and grooving to her tunes as often as I can. This is a fun one to play at the top of the class to get their attention and get them focused on a high energy workout.


  • I Heard I Had: Dear Rouge

I am sort of obsessed with this duo from Vancouver who won a ton of radio competitions in the Great White North. Now I need to help them break big here in the States!


  • Swamp: Talking Heads

This is my opportunity to get just a wee bit self-indulgent and play one of the my favorite songs form one of my favorite concert films (Stop Making Sense) of all time.


  • I Will Wait: Mumford & Sons

Normally I am not a “banjo” kind of gal but this song is fun to get people moving their butts faster to keep up to the beat.


  • No Church in the Wild: Kanye West & Jay Z

I love, love, love this song so much and appreciate the Frank Ocean singing along with Kanye and Jay Z pretending to be bad asses.


  • Jingo: Santana

Okay gang—if you need a song to rev people up and push them—try this one from Santana that features a tribal drum beat that is off the hook!


  • Butterfly: Crazy Town

No idea what this song is even about but it is pretty damn great!


  • Chelsea Dagger: The Fratellis

I just got turned on t this band from Scotland and this tune makes me want to pump my fist in the air (in a good way, of course.)


  • Gold Guns Girls: Metric

This is another Canadian band I am determined to make more famous—one class at a time.


  • Poker Face: Lady Gaga

It’s been a while since I featured the shy and bashful LG in a playlist so why not today? (If you get a chance—go to You Tube and look up Christopher Walken reading the lyrics to Poker Face—it’s a gem!)


  • Tonight Tonight: Smashing Pumpkins

I like to use this song for a climb that finished with a big flourish—try it and see for yourself!


  • Heart is a Drum: Beck

A really dreamy tune and perfect for a cool down from the cooler than ever Beck.

That’s all I have today folks. Let me know about some of your favorite songs and radio stations. I am always looking for good tunes.

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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New “Ventura Highway” Playlist! 5


“Ventura Highway” 50-Minute Ride

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

This week’s playlist is a mixture of old and new styles of music for a 50-minute cardio workout that works well for indoor cycling, outdoor running and the elliptical. The pace is a mixture of easy resistance and a fast cadence to slower climbs requiring more muscle endurance.

Be sure to keep hydrated while you workout and as always—send me your favorite song suggestions!

  • Venture Highway (Deepsky’s Blizzard in L.A. Remix): America

I have used this song as a warm-up before and it always makes me feel happy. The mixture of dreamy orchestration mixed with the 70s hit makes me want to wear a poncho and stare at the stars at night.

  • Anything, Anything: Dramarama

OMG—I freaking love this song from the early 80s. The band broke up in 1994 but got back together after appearing in VH-1’s Bands Reunited.

  • Rumble and Sway: Jamie N Commons

This cute British boy is just 25 years old but rocks like an old blues artist.

  • Supersoaker: Kings of Leon

This song always makes me want to run faster and work harder. Perfect for sprints or running intervals.

  • Once in a Lifetime: Talking Heads

By far my favorite version of one of the best tunes of all freaking time!

  • Tongue Tied: Group Love

If you need something fun and poppy after a big mean climb.

  • I am One: Smashing Pumpkins

My inner 90s warrior chick luvs this band and this song in particular.

  • Blow Me One Last Kiss: P!nk

I think I have a problem when it comes to P!nk because if I do not hear her every single day—my world seems boring.

  • Tusk: Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac released a double album after their smash Rumors called Tusk and it contains exactly two decent songs on it. Can you guess the other one?

  • Bodysnatchers: Radiohead

This is a little gem from their In Rainbows CD you were allowed to pay whatever you wanted for it at the time.

  • Use Me (Live): Hootie & The Blowfish

Yes, I picked a Hootie song because this cover of Bill Withers’ hit kicks serious ass!

  • Love Runs Out: OneRepublic

Not sure why they do not have a space between “One” and “Republic” but I do like this tune.

  • That’s the Way: Led Zeppelin

The “Gods of Thunder” could write pretty ballads and this one always puts me in a good mood.

That’s all I have today folks. Let me know about some of your favorite songs and radio stations. I am always looking for good tunes.

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


Brooklyn Fit Chick

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