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Steaks & Strippers -Episode # 192

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 192

“Steaks & Strippers”

Welcome back, Neighbors! Both cities of Real Housewives are back–finally! This week on RHOBH, we see the rest of Kyle’s awful party, Kim’s awful boob restoration; Sutton’s trunk party, and Denise’s awful husband. On RHONY, we’re back in the Berkshires, and guess what? Ramona’s still a monster & Elyse still sucks! We also talk Dirty John  & HBO’s I’ll be Gone in the Dark. Also, if you recognize the song Margo sings throughout this ep, please get @ her. It’s driving her crazy. 

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Pregnant with what…Dust bunnies?! Episode # 186

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 186

“Pregnant with what? Dust Bunnies?”


Hi ya, Neighbors! We’re glad you’re here. Our world is on fire & we’re at a loss,  but want to try & raise a smile. So, with that said, let’s talk about the garbage fire that is 90 Day Fiance. RHOBH ladies are off to Santa Barbara to fight in different beach-side venues. RHONY is off to Newport to sully the landscape there with their drunken antics. (Oh Leah, we had such high hopes for you. Our livers ache after this episode.) We also have more recs for your eyes, including FILTHY RICH, the Jeffrey Epstein doc, the Kimmie Schmidt movie, & house porn, via Selling Sunset. Enjoy & stay safe! 

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Wig, Please! Episode # 184

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 184

“Wig, Please”

It’s Quarantine Week 10 & we’re starting to come undone. How are you, Neighbors? Amidst the pandemic, we talk about RHOA Zoom reunion; RHOBH (“Let the mouse go!”); the manna from Heaven that is RHONY (Dorinda pays her taxes!); and Hulu’s Normal People; F/X’s What We Do in the Shadows; some Netflix recs, a Twitter follow & a podcast rec. Oh, we also talk about the human garbage fire that is 90 Day FIance, so you don’t have to! You’re welcome. 

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The Piercing Gaze of a Serial Killer – Episode # 183

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 183

“The Piercing Gaze of a Serial Killer”


Hiya, Neighbors! Let’s get right to it, shall we? Are y’all loving Stoned Mauricio on RHOBH as much as we are? We’re also forced to attend Teddi’s event w/ the ladies (90 mins is too long to meditate!) & we’re not happy either! On RHONY, Luann drags out her old bf who apparently is funny in France; & Dorinda talks out loud to a gate. We also talk the HBO doc on Natalie Wood & Netflix’s Dead to Me, S2; a Disney + rec, & a new podcast to share. Oh, & a little 90 Day Fiance. 

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El-Buffo! Episode # 182

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 182

“El Buffo”

Hey there, Neighbors! So glad you (virtually) stopped by! We’ve got a lot for you. This week, we talk about the gift that is RHOBH, starring the new Cheech & Chong, Mauricio & Aaron; Sutton & Teddie, & Kyle’s bangs. But of course, the crown jewel is RHONY, & we’re at Fashion Week, we have Tinsley walking in a show & Sonja’s own fashion show, after a fashion. Also, God bless Seth Rudetsky & Stars in the House!   Hope you’re all staying healthy & well! 

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Eyes Wide Shut Party – Episode #180

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 180

“Eyes Wide Shut Party”

You ready, Neighbors? Let’s go-we’ve got a LOT to cover. RHOBH premiered this week! And it looks like this season (for the most part) is gonna be GOOD. RHONY delivered on all cylinders, with a weird Hamptons party & lotsa booze. So glad these ladies are back. We also have a few Netflix/Amazon & podcast recs, as well as the sweet story of Capt. Tom Moore out of the UK. We’re trying to help keep you entertained. Stay healthy & well, Neighbors!

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Bonus Ep with Grant’s Rant’s Grant Rutter! Bonus Ep #1

The Best Neighbors Podcast Bonus Ep 1

Special Guest Grant Rutter “Grants Rants Hollywood Talk!”

“The State of the Bravo Housewives Franchises & Some 90-Day Fiance Thrown in!

Hey there, Neighbors, we have a little gift for you. A bonus ep with the always insightful & hilarious Grant Rutter of Grant’s Rants! We’re doing a little State of the Housewives Union–who should stay, who should go, who’s our MVPs. We go through all the cities in the franchise, OC/Bev Hills/Dallas/Jersey/NYC/Atlanta and Potomac. It’s the feel-good episode we need right now. Stay well, everyone!

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Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix – Episode #174

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 174

“Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix”

Hey Neighbors! Is everyone staying healthy? This week, we’ve got a double-dose of Housewives, with RHOA & RHONJ reunion, Pt. 1. We also talk about a couple of docs (one on Zodiac, one on Hillary Clinton); a podcast rec; Oprah’s latest book club; the Kids in the Hall reforming; & a few book events. All this while trying to avoid Covid-19. Wash yer hands, guys!

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O.C. or OH NO?! Episode #155

Hey there, Neighbors! We’re back w/ another episode of the usual garbage fire that is the Real Housewives franchise. It’s OC Fashion week on RHOC, apparently–that’s a thing; On RHOD, we have the 15,879th party for Leanne’s infernal wedding & Cameron can’t grasp basic concepts, like school pageants. Also, Margo watched Eddie Murphy’s new movie, & Erin has a doc-rec–both on Netflix. All that and a lot more! 

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