Where’s Her Egg At? Episode #176

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 176

“Where’s Her Egg At?”

Hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to week 2 of quarantine. How are you all keeping? We have loads of Real Housewives talk for you (the RHOBH trailer/RHOA (Marlo is 43? B*tch, please!)/& Part 3 of RHONJ reunion); as well as multiple Netflix recs, including Tiger King & Lost Girls.

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Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix – Episode #174

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 174

“Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix”

Hey Neighbors! Is everyone staying healthy? This week, we’ve got a double-dose of Housewives, with RHOA & RHONJ reunion, Pt. 1. We also talk about a couple of docs (one on Zodiac, one on Hillary Clinton); a podcast rec; Oprah’s latest book club; the Kids in the Hall reforming; & a few book events. All this while trying to avoid Covid-19. Wash yer hands, guys!

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O.C. or OH NO?! Episode #155

Hey there, Neighbors! We’re back w/ another episode of the usual garbage fire that is the Real Housewives franchise. It’s OC Fashion week on RHOC, apparently–that’s a thing; On RHOD, we have the 15,879th party for Leanne’s infernal wedding & Cameron can’t grasp basic concepts, like school pageants. Also, Margo watched Eddie Murphy’s new movie, & Erin has a doc-rec–both on Netflix. All that and a lot more! 

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June, June, Hannah! Episode #144

Hello there, Neighbors! How are y’all spending these dog days of summer? We’re obsessing over Below Deck Med; Real Housewives of Potomac; Marrying Millions; 90 Day & Love After Lockup. New entries are NPR’s Tiny Desks (Check out Lizzo’s!) & an upcoming Oxygen special on the Manson Women (a subject we know way too much about). Come chat with us!

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Some Shenanigans – Episode #124

Spring has sprung-sort of? The Neighbors have loads to discuss–Margo saw Jordan Peele’s terrifying new movie, US; Erin shares two new Amazon Prime docs & a book rec, and both discuss RHONY, which will go down in the annals of people stealing food from a party they were never invited to. Don’t ask Sonja to leave the lobsters behind, “That’s just not who I am!” Noted.

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The Duke of Hurl – Episode #122

We snuck one in under the wire! Before Erin leaves for her business trip, we got one more episode in, where the neighbors talk about Leaving Neverland; All the Housewives—Bev Hills, NJ, Atlanta, AND NYC, as well as the usual podcast/show recommendations. Enjoy your week, Neighbors!!

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You Will Not ‘Per-sway’ Me – Episode #121

Hey there, Neighbors! How’s your week going? This week, we get right into our real Housewives business (Teresa’s malapropisms never cease to stun); Spielberg vs. Netflix; our post-Oscars wrap-up; Mulaney on SNL; lots of podcast & show recs; and why nobody puts Tabitha King in the corner. 

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Street Smarts! A Dark & Stormi Tale – Episode # 81

Welcome dear Neighbors to this week’s episode featuring Erin & Margo breaking down the latest with Real Housewives of Bev Hills; Kanye’s latest rant; Stormi Daniels on SNL; Junot Diaz; Seth Rogen’s Vulture interview, and a bright spot, the John Mulaney Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous. We have our usual dose of TV/podcast recs and a few shout-outs sprinkled throughout. Pass the Claritan, Spring is here!

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Cos You’re Guilty! Episode #80

Hey, hey, hey, he’s guil–ty! This week, the Neighbors cups runneth over with news, especially in the true-crime sector. First, Cosby found guilty on 3 counts and could serve 10-30 years in jail; then the capture of the Golden State Killer. We also break down the first two eps of Season 2 of the Handmaid’s Tale, and our usual helping of Real Housewives talk, including Kim’s rant on race–a real WTF moment. And to add some positivity, Margo talks about the Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Come on in and pull up a chair! We’ve got a lot to discuss!

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Carrie Underwood’s Face – Episode #77

Well, well, well, what have we here, Neighbors, a new episode where Erin & Margo breakdown The Real Housewives of Bev Hills, NYC, and even Potomac! Also discussed is the Lost in Space reboot on Netflix; Margo reflects on the Outsiders TV show, the Maylses’ doc Gimme Shelter, and Carrie Underwood’s new face (spoiler alert: it’s exactly like her old one). Erin recommends a book and two IG accounts worth checking out. Spring has finally sprung!

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