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The Piercing Gaze of a Serial Killer – Episode # 183

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 183

“The Piercing Gaze of a Serial Killer”


Hiya, Neighbors! Let’s get right to it, shall we? Are y’all loving Stoned Mauricio on RHOBH as much as we are? We’re also forced to attend Teddi’s event w/ the ladies (90 mins is too long to meditate!) & we’re not happy either! On RHONY, Luann drags out her old bf who apparently is funny in France; & Dorinda talks out loud to a gate. We also talk the HBO doc on Natalie Wood & Netflix’s Dead to Me, S2; a Disney + rec, & a new podcast to share. Oh, & a little 90 Day Fiance. 

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El-Buffo! Episode # 182

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 182

“El Buffo”

Hey there, Neighbors! So glad you (virtually) stopped by! We’ve got a lot for you. This week, we talk about the gift that is RHOBH, starring the new Cheech & Chong, Mauricio & Aaron; Sutton & Teddie, & Kyle’s bangs. But of course, the crown jewel is RHONY, & we’re at Fashion Week, we have Tinsley walking in a show & Sonja’s own fashion show, after a fashion. Also, God bless Seth Rudetsky & Stars in the House!   Hope you’re all staying healthy & well! 

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Eyes Wide Shut Party – Episode #180

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 180

“Eyes Wide Shut Party”

You ready, Neighbors? Let’s go-we’ve got a LOT to cover. RHOBH premiered this week! And it looks like this season (for the most part) is gonna be GOOD. RHONY delivered on all cylinders, with a weird Hamptons party & lotsa booze. So glad these ladies are back. We also have a few Netflix/Amazon & podcast recs, as well as the sweet story of Capt. Tom Moore out of the UK. We’re trying to help keep you entertained. Stay healthy & well, Neighbors!

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Bonus Ep with Grant’s Rant’s Grant Rutter! Bonus Ep #1

The Best Neighbors Podcast Bonus Ep 1

Special Guest Grant Rutter “Grants Rants Hollywood Talk!”

“The State of the Bravo Housewives Franchises & Some 90-Day Fiance Thrown in!

Hey there, Neighbors, we have a little gift for you. A bonus ep with the always insightful & hilarious Grant Rutter of Grant’s Rants! We’re doing a little State of the Housewives Union–who should stay, who should go, who’s our MVPs. We go through all the cities in the franchise, OC/Bev Hills/Dallas/Jersey/NYC/Atlanta and Potomac. It’s the feel-good episode we need right now. Stay well, everyone!

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Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix – Episode #174

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 174

“Benadryl & Mocha Don’t Mix”

Hey Neighbors! Is everyone staying healthy? This week, we’ve got a double-dose of Housewives, with RHOA & RHONJ reunion, Pt. 1. We also talk about a couple of docs (one on Zodiac, one on Hillary Clinton); a podcast rec; Oprah’s latest book club; the Kids in the Hall reforming; & a few book events. All this while trying to avoid Covid-19. Wash yer hands, guys!

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O.C. or OH NO?! Episode #155

Hey there, Neighbors! We’re back w/ another episode of the usual garbage fire that is the Real Housewives franchise. It’s OC Fashion week on RHOC, apparently–that’s a thing; On RHOD, we have the 15,879th party for Leanne’s infernal wedding & Cameron can’t grasp basic concepts, like school pageants. Also, Margo watched Eddie Murphy’s new movie, & Erin has a doc-rec–both on Netflix. All that and a lot more! 

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