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What Did We Learn This Month? Women’s Health September 2014 Issue! 8

What Did We Learn This Month?

 Women’s Health

September 2014

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting photographed by Jeff Lipsky

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting photographed by Jeff Lipsky

Women’s Health Cover Star for September 2014: 

Am I the only person in the world who has never seen one episode of The Big Bang Theory? I guess so because it is one of the most popular sitcoms on TV right and the stars of the show just got HUGE raises according to Entertainment Weekly so what am I missing out on, people? Should I check it out?

Anyhoo— Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been on the show for eight seasons and is now married to pro tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Inside the magazine she talks about boosting your self-confidence, making quick decisions, “instant attitude swaps” and her complete devotion to all things pertaining to Jennifer Anniston.

In spite of super-busy the comedienne tells Women’s Health she is ready to get into the mommy-making business as soon as possible while also starring on the hit show (tough life!)

Kaley also stars in the Fall Fashion Guide in the back of the magazine which you can see here.

Womens Health back cover 001

So what else is in the September issue of Women’s Health

15-Minute Workout “Build a Hotter Body…”

Pat Matheny of SoHo Strength Lab in NYC created this “reverse pyramid” workout where you perform the hardest part of your workout at the beginning in order to build “mental momentum” and “finish strong.”

15 Minute Workout 001

 Fire Up Your Hidden Fat Burners”  

Expert trainer BJ Gaddour offers workouts for often neglected muscle groups (hips and shoulders) which can help increase fat burn and intensify your planks, squats and lunges.

Hidden Fat Burners 001

 “Grab a Hold of a Hotter Body”

If you are interested in rock climbing but think you need to get into shape for it—try these moves from expert climber Michelle Pollmeier.

Grab a hold 001

Fall Style Guide page that gives me the “I Wants!”

Women’s Health has several pages devoted of all of the fall trends and I like just about every damn thing on this page. (Now who is treating me to a shopping spree?)

From Surf to Turf 001

And now the rest of the best of this issue of Women’s Health:

  • “The Untold Dangers of Lyme Disease” Women’s Health takes a deep look at Lyme disease and manages to scare the hell out of. (Yikes!)
  •  “What Wealthy Women Know” Advice from women who know how to earn (and save!) big bucks so we can all get out of debt. (Yes, please!)
  • “I Survived a Violent Attack on Vacation” Once again—this magazine know how to get my attention! (Plus, tips to stay on while on holiday.)

Overall Grade:

A While I am most certainly NOT excited to leave summer behind—this issue has enough to keep me happy until September shows up. (Why, oh why must the summer go?)

You can check out Women’s Health online as well:

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What Did We Learn This Month? @SELFmagazine Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco! #fitfluential 3

What Did We Learn This Month?

SELF: January 2013

Kelly Cuoco photographed by Ben Watts

Kaley Cuoco photographed by Ben Watts

SELF Cover Star for January:

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley stars in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory (I have never seen it—should I check it out?) who is a big-time animal lover (just rescued her third pit bull—good on you Kaley as well as a spinning fanatic. (SELF doesn’t mention which studio she likes but it sounds like Soul Cycle to me.)

Check out Kaley’s “Theories on Life” right here at this link from

So What Else is in the January SELF?

“Look Dope on the Slopes”

I have not been on a pair of skis in almost 15 years but if I could wear something super-cute (say, one of the outfits below) you would see me covered in snow right away.

Groovy ski gear!

Groovy ski gear!

“Power Up!”

According to SELF readers, a whopping 93% of them need help raising their energy levels (changing my diet upped mine people—just sayin’…) Here we get advice on all kinds of ways to charge your own batteries.

Power Up 001

“Butt & Gut”

Ooh—I liked these pages! If you have an exercise ball handy I suggest you try out these moves from trainer Bernie Zurella of Gold’s Gym in. Zurella is a former kickboxing fighter and Army drill sergeant who has a waitlist for folks who want to take his “Butt and Gut” class.

Here is a link for his workout as well:

I ripped out this page to steal ideas!

I ripped out this page to steal ideas!

“Jump Start Diet (JSD)”

SELF has a six-day diet plan which includes one ditch day (which is why the model below is seen with ice cream, I guess?) Developed by Patricia Bannan, R.D. (Eat Right When Time is Right) you can sign up online to try the JSD and win prizes at

Jump Start Diet 001

“10-Minute Tone UP”

All you need is an exercise band to do these moves from Alexander Kaufman, creator of P.E.P.P.E.R. (Practical Exercise Personally Planned Equals Results) in New York City.

Inside workout 001

The Rest of the Best of the January SELF:

  • “Trapped at Work” A new year can mean a whole new beginning job-wise. If you are ready to make a career change—check out this article before you begin making the big leap.
  • “Why A.M. Exercise Rules…” I know for me—if I don’t exercise out of the way first thing in the morning I can wind up losing motivation as the day wears on. If you need advice on how to get your butt out of bed in A.M.—check out page 46.
  • “Feed Your Face” I love my beauty stories and this one is filled with “trendy nutrition boosters.’ LUV!

Overall Grade:

A- If you are looking for some 2013 motivation—check out SELF!

Have you read the January SELF yet? What was your favorite feature?What are your favorite winter workouts? Post a comment when you can!

You can check out SELF online at:

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