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Stephen King Bonus Ep:”The Mist” Recap

Episode 5 “The Waiting Room”

Plus: Our “Top 5 Scariest Stephen King Stories”

It’s episode 5 of the Stephen King’s The Mist TV series and in this special bonus ep of the Book Vs. Movie podcast Margo D. and Deana of the Twisted Philly podcast offer their weekly recap of the Spike TV production.

This episode is titled “The Waiting Room” as we now have a new location–the hospital. (Thankfully they ditch the church and mall in this episode!).

It’s one of the gorier chapters so far and had some genuine scares but unfortunately, they still have some pretty lame dialogue.  

Here are the basics of this episode:

The Hospital: Kevin (Morgan Spector), Mia (Danica Curcic), Bryan (Ozekie Morro) and Adrian (Russell Posner) arrive at the hospital just in time for Bryan to have emergency surgery for his bullet wound. The hospital has only 2-days worth of power and food left and people are becoming panicked.

Kevin sees his creepy brother Mike (Peter Murnik) who was attacked in The Mist and has some metal stuck in his abdomen. The doctors can’t operate on him so Kevin offers to do it even though his brother is being SUCH A TOOL. They have a contentious relationship due to the ever-sexy Eve (Alyssa Sutherland.)  

(More on that later.)

Mia looks for Bryan (who is in room 237) and another gentleman is in his bed. We are reminded that our Bryan has amnesia and assumed who he was based on the ID he had on him. Mia freaks out and leaves the hospital with their truck.

Adrian meets up with the jock from high school who has hassled him in the past and who drops the F word like a maniac. (Not the F bomb which is bleeped throughout the show.) Adrian kisses him, the jock beats the snot out of him and then they make out and have sex. Because, of course.

Mike operates on his brother and The Mist shows up bringing lots of blood and leeches. Kevin reluctantly kills his brother and runs away.

The Past:

Eve and Kevin have a very fraught relationship. When they move into their house he surprises her by setting up Alex’s bedroom as a little girl’s paradise. Eve tells him she has never felt this happy and yet less like herself. (Mixed messages, Eve?)

She has an awkward encounter with his brother Mike (did THEY have sex in the past?) and later has afternoon sex with Kevin which apparently never happens. This is when we learn she had a reputation in high school and Alex is not Kevin’s daughter. (Wut?)

Topics covered :

  • The reveal that Alex (Gus Birney) is NOT Kevin’s daughter!
  • The use of the “F” word both bleeped and not.
  • Mia’s mood swings!
  • What is it with sex and this show?
  • The “Room 237” reference
  • What is the deal with Bryan Hunt?
  • The leeches!!!
  • Is Adrian up to no good?
  • What are the rules of The Mist!

Plus, Margo and Deana each pick their “Top 5 Scariest Stephen King Stories!”

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