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Book Vs. Movie Podcast “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”

“But you ARE in the chair Blanche!



In this episode of “Book Vs. Movie” the Margos take on the 1960s classic novel and film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.” SO much juicy tidbits, gossip and trivia here including:

  • The hard task of getting the studios to invest in a movie with actresses considered out of their prime.
  • Did Joan Crawford and Bette Davis get along on the set?
  • Bette’s daughter B.D. and her life after getting married at the age of 16!
  • Throwing shade old-school Hollywood style.
  • The ongoing feud between the two stars
  • The awesomeness of Vitor Buono and Anna Lee
  • The eerie book it is based on

Intro: “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” original trailer

Outro: Bette Davis sings “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” & Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes”

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