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Book Vs Movie Podcast

“The Prestige”

The 1995 novel by Christopher Priest versus the Christopher Nolan film

Abracadabra! The Margos get a little magical in this listener-suggested book to movie adaptation that features sleight of hand, lots of dead birds, women in jeopardy and a twist ending you either did or didn’t see coming a mile away.

The book features a series of diary entries and family sleuthing which one of the Margos found rather dull. The movie is a strange mix of whimsy and sadness which the Margos enjoyed to differing levels.

So between the book and movie–which did the Margos like better? Check out the link below to find out.

In this episode the Margos discuss:

  • The numerous differences between book and movie
  • What the author really thinks about the changes in the adaptation
  • The amazing cast including an American-accented Hugh Jackman
  • The performance by the late, great David Bowie
  • How much a “wow” the tricks were on screen

Clips Featured:

  • The Prestige trailer
  • The “twist ending”
  • Outro Music Strange Magic  by ELO

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