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Stephen King Bonus Ep

“Castle Rock”

A Mid-Season Review



It’s time for another Stephen King bonus ep! SK superfans Margo D. and Deana of the Twisted Philly decided to take a look at the new Hulu series Castle Rock at their mid-season. So five episodes in are Margo and Deana impressed with the JJ Abrams produced show? Can they figure out the crazy plot? How many easter eggs can they find in each episode? Will they stick around for the whole series? (Well, I THINK we all know the answer to that one!)

You can listen to this episode by using the link below.

In this special Stephen King bonus episode Margo & Deana discuss:

  • The major King properties the show is based on
  • Our favorite cast members
  • Our own theories about “The Kid” and his abilities
  • The plethora of “easter eggs” for true Stephen King geeks
  • Plus our individual feelings about how the show is coming along so far


Clips used:

Castle Rock trailer

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

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