A Reckoning for Bravo – Episode #188

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 188

“A Reckoning for Bravo”


Hey there, Neighbors, how’s your week been? With nicer weather here in Bklyn, our spirits are lifted a bit, but there’s still much going on in our world. But we take our comfort where we can, which is why we watch these human garbage fires like the Housewives! No Bev Hills this week (boo hiss boo) but we have RHONY. Our patience is wearing thin with Dorinda, but bye-bye Tins, we wish you well, even if these monsters don’t. We also talk about the new 30 for 30 on Bruce Lee; the latest Dirty John, and The 13th. We’re also thinking of having a film festival/club for our neighbors. Whaddaya think? 



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