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What a Creep

Season 17, Episode 9

Megyn Kelly

Trigger warnings: Racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and debating the race of Santa 

Megyn Kelly & NON-Creep Nellie Bly – What a Creep

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Megyn Kelly wasn’t just one of the beautiful blond talk show hosts at Fox News. She was THE beautiful blond talk show host at Fox News. Her show “The Kelly File” was one of the network’s highest-rated shows, even beating The O’Reilly Factor.”

She left Fox News for a short-lived stint at NBC, where she was fired for defending blackface. Now she hosts a talk show and podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, that airs daily on SiriusXM. 

“Give me any opinion, and I can argue it,” she once said. I’m not sure that Megyn Kelly believes the ignorant crap she spews, and it doesn’t matter. She does it for the money, and that’s gross.

She’s an opportunistic pick-me girl and a racist. What a creep.

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