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Book vs Movie “Christmas With the Kranks” Vs “Skipping Christmas”

Book Vs Movie 

Christmas With the Kranks

Yes, the 2004 movie is based on a book!

The Margos have more holiday spirit than Luther & Nora Krank, the main characters of the John Grisham novel Skipping Christmas. Luther & Nora normally go all out during the holidays in equal zeal with their neighbors who seem to think Christmas celebrations are THE most important thing in the world. (One Margo liked the movie more than the other!)

But with their daughter spending the holidays in Peru for the Peace Corps, they decide to forgo decadent spending and take a vacation on a cruise instead. Mayhem ensues. 

The movie (titled Christmas With the Kranks) stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as Luther & Nora Krankd and even though the film has been out for 15 years now–neither Margo has seen it before! 

So between book & movie–which did we like better? Have a listen to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss:

    • John Grisham’s incredible life story and success in publishing
    • The basic differences between the book & movie. 
    • Our favorite scenes from the movie

Clips Featured:

    • Christmas with the Kranks trailer
    • Nora Krank gets the ham
    • Luther Krank surprises neighbor for Christmas
    • Outro music Run DMC Christmas in Hollis

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Brooklyn Fit Chick Weekly News Alert: Tips for Pole Dancing, Podcasting on iTunes and New EIC for Women’s Health

Brooklyn Fit Chick Weekly News

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Tips for Your First Pole Dancing Class, New EIC for Women’s Health

Plus: High-Five from Bowflex


(Check out the full story on Fit Bottomed Girls!)
(Check out the full story on Fit Bottomed Girls!)

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

How is everyone today? I am a little press for time this weekend and forgot to get my giveaway in order so that will have to wait until next week but I promise you will like it! In the meantime—let me get through some newsy stuff to start your week on a good note

  • Book vs. Movie on Stitcher Radio & iTunes!! Well it took us a few weeks but Margo of She’s Nacho Mama’s podcast and I finally have our Book vs. Movie podcast available on iTunes (I see one of our episodes there and hopefully the rest will be up soon) and the Stitcher Radio app so let us all just say “Huzzah!” I am so completely excited about this and it is my pleasure to announce our next book—The Firm by John Grisham. It should be ready for downloading this coming weekend. Look for it!

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  • Tips for Your First Pole Dancing Class: I recently came up with the idea on tips for your first pole dancing class as the thought of taking one terrifies me. Luckily I am a Fit Bottomed Girl so they will usually indulge my whims so here you go–Advice from the Pros for Your First Pole Dancing Class.
  • New Editor in Chief for Women’s Health: One of my favorite magazines is Women’s Health and I admit I was worried when Michelle Promaulayko left the top editorial spot to join Yahoo.com. Well there is no reason to fear because the smart people at Rodale promoted from within and gave Amy Keller Laird—congratulations Amy!
  • Bowflex Friday High Fives: Finally this week—I was thrilled to be included in the Bowflex Insider High Fives which featured my last playlist as one of their favorite Blog posts of the week. Thanks gang!

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