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“Filmed in Brooklyn” for History Press. Based on several famous (and infamous) movies that were filmed in the greatest borough in the world, including:

  • “Saturday Night Fever”
  • “Goodfellas”
  • “The French Connection”
  • “Do the Right Thing”
  • “As Good As It Gets”
  • “The Warriors”
  • “Sophie’s Choice”
  • “The Intern”
  • “Moonstruck”
  • “Smoke/Blue in the Face”
  • “Dog Day Afternoon”
  • “The Landlord”
  • “Radio Days”
  • “Donnie Brasco”
  • “Brooklyn”
  • “Motherless Brooklyn”
  • “Requiem for a Dream”

If you have any photos or memories of movies filmed in Brooklyn, I want to hear about it! You can reach me at BrooklynFitChick at