Brooklyn Fit Chick Notes: “Like Water for Chocolate” 6 Bad Habits Fitness Instructors Want Students to Drop NOw

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Brooklyn Fit Chick News & Notes:

 “Book vs Movie” Podcast Episode “Like Water for Chocolate”

“6 Bad Habits Fitness Instructors Wish Their Students Would Stop Now”

“The Ultimate Katy Perry Vs Taylor Swift Playlist”


Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

All right gang—where on earth did this month go? October is arriving this week and I have not made Halloween plans or changed out my summer wardrobe yet. What gives?

Part of it must be the fact that it is still so darn hot on the east coast that it’s hard to remember that the current season is, in fact, autumn. (Which reminds me—I really need to get another bike ride in before I pack away those padded bikes shorts for the year…)

Anyhoo—I have a few things to discuss today from my groovy podcast to my “Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift” playlist. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Brooklyn Fit Chick News & Notes:

Book Vs Movie Podcast News: Margo Porras of She’s Nacho Mama’s Blog and I co-host the “Book Vs. Movie” podcast (that you can subscribe to via iTunes at this link) and we just recorded one of our best episodes yet—Like Water for Chocolate (swoon!) This was the first time I had read the novel from Laura Esquivel and found it very moving.

Magical realism is not my favorite genre of fiction (I am normally a more non-fiction kind of gal) but this tale took me to a whole other part of the world and created a universe that fascinated me.

The film (which for some reason was NOT nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film that year—sheesh!) is a sun-soaked delight that takes the audience on a journey of love, sadness and magic. Check out the player below if you want to hear our latest episode.

Next time we plan to discuss the 50s classic The Bad Seed from William March. (And after that we will tackle The Silence of the Lambs!)

What are your favorite books to movies adaptations? I want to hear about them in the comments below!


Fit Bottomed Girls Articles: I am a NYC-based reporter for Fit Bottomed Girls which means I get to attend fun events and create the content that totally interests me. (Win/Win!) This past week I had two different articles posted and would love to get your feedback on them when you have a free moment.

1: 6 Bad Habits Fitness Instructors Wish Their Students Would Drop Now: This one was inspired by an experience I had recently with a student who habitually showed up late for my spin class. Let’s call her Sheila.

Sheila was a “problem child” for me due to the fact that she dropped in at least ten minutes late and then left early for every single class. Every. Single. One. Plus, she would space out during the ride and sit upright absorbed in her thoughts which distracted the students around her.

I would often hear after a ride ‘What is wrong with her? Why is she always late? Can you do anything about this because she is so distracting?!”

The problem is that she always arrived late and left early so when could I talk to her about this?

Then one morning she sauntered in 15-minutes late into the ride and just shrugged her shoulders at me. I had officially had enough and put my hand and said “Sorry but no, you are too late for this class.”

Sheila glared at me and left right away. Then she quit the gym for good. Suddenly my problem child had vanished and the overwhelming “thank goodness she is gone!” from her (former) fellow riders gave me the idea to write down the bad habits students can bring to class and why they need to stop it now.

Are any of you instructors? Have you ever had a “Sheila” to deal with in your career? What bad habits would you add to this list?

2: My second feature is The Ultimate Katy Perry Vs Taylor Swift Playlist which I was inspired to create after continually reading about a big time beef that the two reigning pop divas seem to be in. Not a big backstory for this one but there you go…

Do you think Katy and Taylor are feuding? Why on earth would they even bother?

Oh well, that’ all for me this week. I will be back soon with magazine reviews, playlists, reviews and so much more. Later gators!

(If you are reading this on a different site or a different feed than Brooklyn Fit Chick, it has been taken without permission.)

Until next time…

Ox Ox,


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40 thoughts on “Brooklyn Fit Chick Notes: “Like Water for Chocolate” 6 Bad Habits Fitness Instructors Want Students to Drop NOw

  1. I have never showed up late for class, but it always distracts me when others do. I have left early but I’ve always notified the teacher BEFORE class that I had to leave etc.. it can be really distracting when others do their own thing.. I mean.. why come to class if you don’t want to participate??

    • Sometimes it is a safety issue but more often than not it is a rude distractions. The workout has a pace to it and the buildup of energy is important. To work as a group throughout the workout. People who show up late, do their own thing and leave early hurt that energy.

  2. lol, John Mayer? could he have anything to do with it? 🙂 I don’t get class latecomers. I see it in BodyPump all the time. The instructor always glares but never says anything because she’s trying to teach! I don’t get people.

  3. I know so little about pop culture. I couldn’t begin to talk about the latest feuds.

    Silence of the Lambs was an amazing adaptation. Most of the Harry Potter books were pretty good on the big screen. Nine times out of ten, I prefer the books to the movies, but I will usually watch and read both.

  4. Hmmm posted a comment but it never made it! I loved Like Water For Chocolate. Another great one in that vein and also in latin america is the House of Spirits (I think thats the name in English) by Isabel Allende. Wonderful. Couldn’t care less about Perry vs Swift but if I am that late for class, I don’t go in. Super rude. You go girl for calling her out.

  5. This is amusing and I love it! It doesn’t bother me when people show up a few minutes late but I don’t let anyone in after the warm up. Our child watch line gets backed up sometimes so I understand. However, I do have someone who is on her phone the whole time and two ladies who talk so loudly and barely workout… annoying!

  6. Oh boy, it’s so frustrating when students don’t have any respect for you or the other participants! I’m happy she decided to take her training elsewhere so you can all focus on puttin’ in some good work from now on! 🙂

  7. I have no interest whatsoever in famous feuds. Makes me crazy. Late comers? Yep, they make me crazy too. It’s an interruption to everyone in the class. Am I being too harsh. #notmyintention

  8. I hate when other students don’t have any respect for anyone else. There is always drama when it comes to the rich and famous. What’s fall? I live in Florida now.

  9. Habitual lateness drives me insane. I admit that since having kids, I’m always barely on time, as opposed to the five minutes early I used to be, but it’s totally one thing to have a bad day, but all the time? I totally would have kicked her out too.

  10. I came here for a visit after I read that this blog is the favorite for 2015 in issues of urban fitness and it’s seems to be a correct decision. Thanks!

  11. Late comers has something to do with cultures and geography. In Germany no one will take you seriously if you are not ready at least 3 minutes before, but in Morocco, for instance, appointments are done in terms of day time (“morning”/”daytime”/”evening”/”night”), not of hours time.

  12. Being late is definitely a no-no. If I’m running late for whatever reason I’d rather skip class than disturb anyone, it’s so annoying, so I’ll make sure to be on time next round.

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