Book Vs Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Replay)

Book Vs Movie (Replay)

It’s a Wonderful Life”

The Margos get out their hankies and talk about another holiday classic

“No man is a failure who has friends.” The Margos wanted to fit in one more holiday movie this year and what better way to celebrate than with the number one weepie of all time–It’s a Wonderful Life? (Yes, it was based on a short story The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern and you can read it for yourself in under 15 minutes.)

The Greatest Gift is the story of a man named George Bailey who wants to commit suicide. An unnamed stranger gives George his wish to see how life would be like if he had never been born. In the end, he chooses life. Van Doren Stern wrote this short story (which took him several years to finish) in 1944 and at first, he could not find anyone willing to publish it. Eventually, he self-published 200 pamphlets and sent as a Christmas card to family and friends.

Director Frank Capra eventually landed the property and decided to completely revamp the story to include George’s childhood and more. It is now considered a classic film but at the time it was a bit of a box office failure and Capra never really had the opportunity to see how his work influenced generations of storytellers for decades now.

In this show, we discuss the differences between the short story and the film. Which version did the Margos like better? Check out the link below to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss :

    • The backstory of author Phillip Van Doren Stern and how his holiday pamphlet turned into a beloved movie.
    • Director Frank Capra and his hard work getting the film made

Clips used:

    • It’s a Wonderful Life  trailer
    • George and Mary sing “Buffalo Gals
    • Mr. Gower hits young George
    • Clarence explains being “Angel Second Class”
    • George wants to live again

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